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Global Education Conference 2013


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Anime as a Catalyst for Global Collaboration
Presentation for Global Education Conference 2013

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Global Education Conference 2013

  1. 1. Anime as a Catalyst for Global Collaboration Presented by Michele L. Haiken, Ed.D. The Teaching Factor November 2013
  2. 2. Guiding Questions • What are the benefits for teachers and studentsto collaborate globally? • How can Anime be used as a catalyst for global collaboration? • What are other global collaborative projects to get involved with?
  3. 3. Global Collaboration is . . . Listening Expressing IdeasSpeakingResearching CreatingCritical Thinking WritingQuestioning Reading Inquiry Based Learning Building Empathy Compassion Collaboration EvaluationAnalysis Synthesis Digital Citizenship
  4. 4. Media Literacy Teaching Critical Theories of Gender, Race, & Class Pictures Courtesy of:
  5. 5. “Choose Your Own Adventure” Video on YouTube Students created a video segment discussing their critical theory as applied to the Disney princess films. The videos were then linked together to create a “Choose Your Own Adventure” deconstructing Disney on YouTube. Check out the videos at
  6. 6. Extending Ideas Across Cultures How are gender, race, & class presented in Japanese Anime? What are the similarities and differences among the anime and across cultures? Photos Courtesy of :
  7. 7. Communication & Collaboration 1. Digital Citizenship & Netiquette 2. Handshake & Introduction Choice Activity: Blog Post Video Post Voki 3. Collaborative Report and Analysis of films using one of the critical theories
  8. 8. Creating Successful Global Collaboration Projects Requires •Planning •Clear Goals •Ongoing Communication •Global & Cultural Awareness •Time and Commitment •Scaffolding •Modeling •Checklists •Rubrics Results •Interactive •Engaging •Revolve Around Real Questions •Promote Positive Digital Citizenship •Teach Empathy & Compassion •Global Awareness •Effective Communication Skills
  9. 9. Looking for a Global Collaborative Project ... The Global Classroom Project iEARN Global Read Aloud Japan Society Global Teacher Connect
  10. 10. Contact Me Michele L. Haiken, Ed.D. The Teaching Factor Blog - Twitter - @teachingfactor Email –