UTLY Manager vs Leader


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UTLY Manager vs Leader

  2. 2.   Leadership is the art of getting some else to do something for you and they want to do it……… Dwight D. Eisenhower….
  3. 3. Exercise --  Think of three managers you have known. List the qualities of those you rate as being more effective managers  Do a separate list for three less effective ones.  What factors, or qualities, recur on each list?  Select four leaders from national or organizational life and list their qualities. Which ones keep recurring?  What factors match those for your effective managers?
  4. 4. Managers –vs.-Leaders The difference between a leader and a manager is ;the leader leads and themanager drives or controls— Tony Cross
  5. 5. How many of you by a show of hands are Managers ?How many of you are Leaders ?
  6. 6. Out of that number, how many of you have Children?
  7. 7. Principles to Remember  Parenting and Leadership is the same thing?  Leaders must be effective Communicators.  You don’t need a title to be a Leader (your ego will ruin your effectiveness).  You must be an approachable Leader.
  8. 8. Definition Manager- vs- Leaders  Definition of a   Definition of a Leader. Manager. A manager A leader is the is someone who process of social controls resources and influence in which one expenditures. Plan, person enlist the aid organizes. Follow and support of others formal policies, rules, in the accomplishment procedures, of a common task. regulations.   Can bring order from chaos.  Manages ,money, time, materials and people.   Gain voluntary compliance.  Gain compliance by use of threats or punishment.
  9. 9. What’s the Difference - Warren BennisManagers LeadersAdminister and copy Innovation and originalityMaintain DevelopFocus on systems & Focus on peoplestructure Inspire trustRely on control Long-range view - the horizonShort-range view - bottom Ask what and whyline Challenge the status quoAsk how and when Own personAccept the status quo Do the right thingsClassic good soldierDo things right
  10. 10. By definition which one takes inconsideration the human factor?
  11. 11. Manager -vs- LeadersPrinciple # 1  Parenting and Leading is the same thing?
  12. 12. Managers-vs-LeadersPrinciple # 2 Leaders must be effective Communicators. Obstacles to clear communication include: Lack of time and planning (incomplete message) Competing messages Difference in knowledge, perspectives, needs,expectations, priorities,statusculture and gender.Being a leader today is more difficult because you must master information age oftoday. Information use to be given only to leaders now everybody can getinformation.
  13. 13. Manager vs. Leader principle #2  Assumptions  Fears ( afraid to ask questions)
  14. 14. Managers-vs-LeadersPrinciple # 3  You don’t need a title to be a Leader. (your ego will ruin your effectiveness).  We grow up and go to school and study our chosen profession.i.e. Doctor , Attorney, Engineer. But we are not taught how to work with people once we get the job.Work = LogicalPeople are psychological ….  Management =hard part.  Leadership = soft part.
  15. 15. Managers-vs-Leaders  Principle #4  You must be an approachable Leader. “THE DAY SOLDIER STOP BRINGING YOU THEIR PROBLEMS IS THE DAY YOU HAVE STOPPED LEADING THEM. …..GEN. COLIN POWELL”…..
  16. 16. The Story of PFC. Rodriguez
  17. 17. Some Facts to KnowIn a 2004 National Study it was discovered that roughly 2.5 million collegestudents over the last 30 years graduated with a M.B.A.Unfortunately in that same study many of those same M.B.A students didgo on to be exceptional Manager of large Corporations but horrible leaders…i.e.Bernard Madoff, Stanford, Enron’s Kenneth Lay, Tyco, WorldCom… and others.
  18. 18. The Five Styles of Leadership  Abrasive and Abusive  Authoritarian  Passive  Servant Leader  Participative
  19. 19. Guiding Principles to Remember when dealing with your Manager  Don’t Give your Boss a Reason  Learn to Manager your boss. Manager up.  Understand that your boss is not going to change  Know that you don’t have to like your boss  Document ,Document, Document.  Everyone is someone’s difficult person  Don’t keep all this inside talk to someone.  Don’t push your boss’s buttons
  20. 20. Guiding Principles to Remember when dealing with your Manager  Know their favorite communication methods and style  Imitate those that are successful with this boss  Keep your comments about your boss to yourself.  Do not go to Human Resources . It will hurt you.  Have an exit plan.
  21. 21. Abrasive and Abusive Leader Bobby Knight
  22. 22. Authoritarian Leader.
  23. 23. What would you do with thisemployee if you were a part of theManagement Team and witnessedthis? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIiMt9GgyDY
  24. 24. The Passive Leader.
  25. 25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kfiCnYT01E
  26. 26. Participative Leader.
  27. 27. The Servant Leader.
  28. 28. Remember Leadership is ….  Notabout the position you hold in an organization, it is about the way you impact those around you. Leadership is about what you do and how people respond to your leadership. It doesn’t matter whether you are a middle manager or senior director; the same basic leadership skills are applicable…..Leadership is influence and influence is power…….