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Christchurch Earthquake


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A presentation about the Christchurch earthquake.

Published in: Education
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Christchurch Earthquake

  1. 1. The Christchurch Earthquake 2010
  2. 2. The Effects 1. Some peoples houses got totally wrecked. 2. Halswell school is probably going to be demolished. 3. Children from Halswell school will have to learn elsewhere.
  3. 3. Christchurch Earthquake 2010  Who  People all over New Zealand are helping to repair it all.  The countsell and the electricians are helping a lot of people.  Why  The earthquake happened because under the earth there are plates that can come apart and if they do they will make an earthquake.
  4. 4. What To Do If An Earthquake Strikes. 1. Make sure you have a table near you. 2. If you want a drink of water you will need to boil it. 3. You will need to keep food somewhere for you to eat if an earthquake happen’s. M a k e su re you do th e ru le s I h ave gi ve n you.
  5. 5. The End