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  1. 1. HOW TO MAKE A PAPER MAT by Amber.
  2. 2. MaterialsA pair of scissors.A piece of coloured paper.
  3. 3. Step:OneTake a corner and foldyour colourful paperdiagonally so you havethis. >
  4. 4. Step:TwoCarefully cut off therectangle so you have agreat triangle.
  5. 5. Step:ThreeOpen out yourtriangle so you have asquare.
  6. 6. Step:FourFold your square inhalf so you have acool rectangle
  7. 7. Step:FiveAfter that fold yourrectangle in half soyou have a colourfulsquare
  8. 8. Step:SixFollowing on, foldyour square into asmall triangle.
  9. 9. Step:SevenNow cut out alongevery side. Cool!!!
  10. 10. Step:EightOpen it out and you havean awesome place mat.Yay!!!
  11. 11. Step:NineLast of all clean upand put your scrapsin the bin.