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Workforce Attitudes and Innovation for IT Professionals


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Workforce Attitudes and Innovation for IT Professionals

  1. 1. 40% 63% say their level of job satisfaction is affected by their direct manager or supervisor of IT professionals surveyed changed employers within the past year. Here’s why they left: WORKFORCE ATTITUDES AND INNOVATION FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS THREE TOP WAYS a manager or supervisor can improve job satisfaction (aside from increased salary/benefits) are: 46% Clarified responsibilities, goals, and objectives 53% Training opportunities 37% More transparency with communications What do IT professionals want? changed jobs for advancement opportunities 27% changed jobs for better compensation 18% feel totally committed to their current employer—up from 31% in 2012. Less than half (45%) feel “valued to highly valued” by their current employer 33% ONE FACTOR that makes workers feel more committed, or engaged with their job, is “more interesting or challenging work.” FOCUS ON HONING SKILLS Not just for IT—the following skills now figure prominently in every worker’s requisite tool kit for success: Shifting demographics and a multi- generational workforce, global connectivity, smart machines (workforce automation), and new media are all helping to drive the need for worker “soft skills”—those necessary for success in any job. Cooperation and teamwork Active listening Verbal communication Organization; attention to detail Source: 2013 Kelly Global Workforce Index™ (KGWI) An Equal Opportunity Employer © 2013 Kelly Services, Inc. Y0885 1An innovative work culture 2Personal growth and development 3Meaning to their work 4Advancement opportunities 5Increased compensation and benefits 81% of IT professionals derive meaning from their work by their ability to excel and develop in their field; more than professionals in other fields (75%). THE INNOVATION FACTOR IT professionals greatly value a prospective employers reputation for innovation when considering a new job—more than even corporate culture or market presence. IT Professionals 81% Professionals in other fields 75%