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IT Employment Outlook


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This info graphic summarizes latest employment trends for IT professionals.

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IT Employment Outlook

  1. 1. To discover a world of opportunities in IT, visit today. employment outlook for it professionals The second largest free agent segment, IT talent currently accounts for more than 23 percent of the free agent workforce. While the demand is great for experienced IT professionals, college enrollment is not keeping up, and the impending retirement of baby boomer IT professionals will quickly create a void. Career opportunities will be strong in coming years for IT talent, especially for those involved in application development, quality assurance, network, system analysis, system administration, end user support, as well as for database and data mining. Unemployment numbers for IT remain low—at or below three percent in the U.S., across all industries. This is all great news for IT professionals! Source: Talent Market Analyst™ is a powerful resource from Kelly® , built in partnership with Economic Modeling Specialists International® , a CareerBuilder® company. Kelly IT Resources® is a registered trademark of Kelly Services All other trademarks are property of their respective owners An Equal Opportunity Employer © 2014 Kelly Services, Inc. Z0780 8% more Job posting trends suggest demand for IT professionals is eight percent higher than for all other occupations Washington, D.C. +55,820 New York, NY +37,780 Boston, MA +28,884 Seattle, WA +26,609 San Francisco, CA +24,786 Dallas, TX +23,714 San Jose, CA +20,661 Chicago, IL +20,023 Los Angeles, CA +19,888 Phoenix, AZ +19,530 Top 10 locations These U.S. metropolitan areas will have the greatest demand for IT professionals: IT job projections through 2023: Top salaries The highest annual earnings for IT professionals are for these occupations: Computer/information systems managers Computer hardware engineers Software developers, systems software Computer/information research scientists Computer network architects Top 10 occupations Growth forecast for IT professionals: Software developers, applications +143,888 Software developers, systems software +116,521 Computer systems analysts +95,630 Computer user support specialists +94,921 Network/computer systems administrators +85,068 Computer/information systems managers +53,404 Computer programmers +37,613 Database administrators +30,542 Computer network architects +28,072 Computer network support specialists +27,975 19% growth 779,505 new jobs will be available for IT professionals $81,000annually The median income for IT professionals is twice that of general occupations ($42,000) 2023 $123,469 $102,149 $100,485 $100,464 $92,248