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The Art of People Development
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Global People Development - understanding emerging trends and preparing for the challenges ahead

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Global People Development - understanding emerging trends and preparing for the challenges ahead

  1. 1. Global People Development: Understanding Emerging Trends and Preparing for the Challenges Ahead NATALIA SHUMAN Indonesia HR Summit 2014
  2. 2. As global work and workers become more mobile and skilled, companies need to win and develop talent wherever it may be
  3. 3. Diversity: Educate about generational differences, Look for Natural connections Prepare your people for the future Forget Experience, Focus on Vision
  4. 4. STRONG LEADERSHIP & CLEAR VISION Leadership style and vision consistently rate above issues of personality and experience
  5. 5. STRONG LEADERSHIP & CLEAR VISION Important to connect vision with the employees’ work and skills, and understand how it contributes to the company’s success
  6. 6. GENERATIONAL DIVERSITY Recognizing and embracing generational diversity is a part of the development program and critically important to ensure business success
  7. 7. GENERATIONAL DIVERSITY Baby Boomers • Work is an Adventure • Interac/ve Style: Teams • Rewarded by: A Title Gen X • Work Is a Challenge • Interac/ve Style: Entrepreneurial • Rewarded by: Freedom Gen Y • Work is Fulfilment • Interac/ve Style: Par?cipa?ve • Rewarded by: Meaningful work
  8. 8. GENERATIONAL DIVERSITY To create strong leaders you need to give them a solid grounding in what makes the different generations tick
  9. 9. PREPARE, TRAIN & DEVELOP Strong desire for skills enhancement that will benefit both employers and individuals
  10. 10. Why do we spend so much to develop our people? We invest in them and then they leave us! What happens if we don’t, and they stay? PREPARE, TRAIN & DEVELOP
  11. 11. PREPARE, TRAIN & DEVELOP It is not just about promoting employees, but also providing people with the knowledge and capacity for the future
  12. 12. Developing people to compete in the global workforce is not an easy task – but is what today business leaders must master
  13. 13. Thank you Will be glad to connect with you on LinkedIn for any workforce solutions discussions
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