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Tips to keep your ecommerce site safe and secure

Keep your ecommerce site safe from hackers by using these security tips. Don't forget to share the knowledge.

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Tips to keep your ecommerce site safe and secure

  1. 1. Choose a Secure Ecommerce Platform Put your ecommerce site on such a platform that uses a sophisticated object oriented programming language. The programming language shall be activated by an internal authenticated network panel and should be kept away from public facing servers. Technology has its own advantages and disadvantages, merits and demerits. If used in the right manner then nothing can be more useful than it and if misused then it may result in disasters. These days’ hackers have become all the more smart. They don’t just prey an individual these days rather they try to ruin an entire mass related to a particular webpage or website. These days ecommerce companies are becoming victims of these fraud hackers. Let us see what can be done to prevent an ecommerce site from these kinds of security issues.
  2. 2. Use a Secure Connection for Checkout Use strong SSL (secure sockets layer) authentication for web and data protection. It can be a leap of faith for customers to trust that your ecommerce site is safe, particularly when web based attacks have increased over 30% since last year. Don’t Store Sensitive Data There should be no credit/debit card numbers, expiration dates and CVVs (card verification value) numbers stored online until and unless the place of storage is highly secure.
  3. 3. Employ an Address and Card Verification Enable an address verification system (VAS) and required card verification value (CVV) for credit and debit cards transactions to reduce fraudulent charges. There should be a clear track record keeping this scenario in mind. Set Up System Alerts For Suspicious Activity Set an alert notice for multiple and suspicious transactions coming through from the same IP address.