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Linkedin for Human Resources


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Linkedin for Human Resources

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  2. 2. Are YOU LinkedIn?
  3. 3. Get your ducks in a row.
  4. 4. Human Resources & LinkedInYou probably have the toughest role in yourcompany when it comes to social media, not just LinkedIn. Let me explain why . . .
  5. 5. First of all, this is not okay!The case of John Flexman: short- you can’t be fired for being active onLinkedIn and you can’t fire someone else for theiractivity.(unless it violates your social media policy orjeopardizes your company’s reputation!)
  6. 6. RecruitmentHere is some super awesome news for you!Basically, LinkedIn makes doing thelegwork a lot easier and far more accessiblethan ever. You can cut down on time spentsifting through emails, inquiries andapplications while fine tuning your searchfor the perfect candidate for employment.
  7. 7. You are going to have iteasier than this guy . . .
  8. 8. If you build it, they will come• Develop your network• Stay in touch with former valued and trusted colleagues for potential future employment relationships
  9. 9. Actively Search for Candidates Using Keyword SearchesPay attention to what is in your profile.Various fields hinge upon your use ofkeywords. These can include some or all ofyour sections i.e., skills, experience, awardsand so on. This also makes it practical tosearch for candidates that fit your criteria.Having said this, it’s time to-
  10. 10. Develop Your Companys Profile• Use keywords• People are interested in you too• Be professional and searchable• Take advantage of the job posting features- yes it has a cost but doesn’t everything?
  11. 11. Search Through References You TrustYou are more likely to find the right person for the job through a connectionyou know and trust. This can be a colleague, former respected employee,business partner or even a family member. It’s for you to decide!
  12. 12. Ask Your Current Employees to Reach Out on Their NetworksOnce you post a job on LinkedIn or even decideto use it in another way for recruiting, have yourvalued employees and business colleagues shareit with their network.Not only does this increase your companiescredibility, but it also allows you to reach agreater portion of the job seekers who utilizeLinkedIn.
  13. 13. LinkedIn TOOLS for HR Job Posting Job Seekers Recruiters Sales Professionals
  14. 14. Concerns-Employees writing each other recommendations-Employer paranoia-Employees seeking other forms of employment out in the open-Ideas, posts, links= credibility (OR NOT) be careful with what you post-Other companies headhunting your employees- it’s a harsh reality so don’t make yourself crazy!
  15. 15. Don’t have aSo what’s the answer?It’s your call- it’s your business!How do you address these concerns?See above!Is it worth it to dive into this world?Yes!
  16. 16. LinksThe Rising Challenge Of Social Business To HR Departments social-business-to-hr-departments/?partner=contextstory NLRB Cracks down on Social Media Policies National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Rules on Social Media Policy social-media-policy-concerted-activity-on-facebook-and-twitter/