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The Suit is a multi-trade business magazine with content similar to the economist. Our primary focus is world news and business, along with sections on green technology, education, Science and medicine. Now, for the August 2010 issue we are focusing on, new business trends, embracing a green vision and the role of entrepreneurship in a changing economy.

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Green final 36

  1. 1. Maintaining A Green Conscience April2010 April 2010 THE SUIT The Wonders of Nickel & Steel A Brave New World plus: Green StructureS LEED Efficient reArdonSmith reveAlS new Subterranean London Hotel AuStrAliAn nucleAr ASSociAtion Nuclear Energy in Australia SOIL CONSERVATIONIST THINKOM SOLUTIONS Green Conscience Go-Anywhere Communications
  2. 2. At Natures Organics©, our motivation is based on a philosophy of creating environmentally respon- sible products, of the best quality, at the lowest possible price. Not only to make them more readily affordable to Australian families, but to actually reward and provide incentive for people to do the right thing, in protecting our planet - and make the important shift to more eco-sensitive alternatives. To us, there is no sense (or value) in developing advanced products that ‘don't cost the earth'; then charging a premium that unfairly prevents anyone from purchasing and using them. Across our range of biodegradable laundry and dishwashing detergents, household surface cleaners and care- fully formulated hair and skincare offerings, our unwavering aim is to combine the best in Green attributes with product qualities that succeed in meeting users performance expectations. With every item we create, we look to optimize the balance between using natural based plant derived ingredients, with chemical components still deemed necessary for products to work effec- tively - and in turn, to progressively increase and improve the natural content ratio as quickly as newfound knowledge and technologies permit. At every sustainable step, we also act to minimise wastage of non-renewable resources; produce packaging from recycled materials and strictly ensure that the science behind all of our cruelty free All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. product formulas requires no animal testing or animal ingredients. © Natures Organics Pty Ltd. Inspired by Nature 100% Australian Made & Owned Please contact us by emailing to: Sales and Export enquiries: Phone: +613 9753 5577 Fax: +613 9753 5177 Head Office Address: 31 Cornhill St, Ferntree Gully, Victoria, 3156, Australia.
  3. 3. From The Editor THE SUIT ILLUSTRATED Editor-in-Chief Erwin Kantor Managing Editor Michael Gordon Creative Director Felix Badea Associate Editor Eric Daniels Editorial Letter Copy Editor Helen Potter Fact Checkers David Stein While the year has begun, and not without its chal- Art Director C.F.P lenges, it is time to focus on the future and kickoff Contributing Writers Gary Stevens, 2010 with a positive attitude and new goals to reach. Chizzy Igbokwe With this in mind we’ve included plenty of inspirational For customer Service, got to, thesuitezine. articles in our April 2010 edition, interviews that you com. You can also call 718-619-8520 will not find anywhere else. We bring you Robert Forenza, owner of Hugg-A- Planet, a trademark name. He is someone to watch LETTERS in the 21st century, he brings to you, “A BRAVE NEW Please send the letters to: WORLD.” We also have an exclusive interview with Stephen We regret that we cannot answer unpub- Barnett, CEO of The Nickel Institute a nonprofit orga- lished letters. Letters may be edited for nization that represents the interests of 24 companies length or clarity. which together produce more than 90% of the world’s annual nickel output. Stephen Barnett. If you’ve never If you are interested in telling your story heard of him, the time has come to get to know the please contact send inquiries to the Manag- leader in the future of stainless steel. ing Editor Michael Gordon at: info@thesuit- All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. Finally we lift your spirits with Michael Burke, CEO of Thinkom Solution, Go-anywhere communications, the The Suit Magazine has gone paperless in an latest fashion trends, the Purple Diva, and so much effort to help manage a sustainbale way to more. meet the social, economic and environmental Remember that The Suit Magazine is your new para- needs of present and future generations. digm to journalism marketing with stories that compel readers in a way the average advertisement cannot. ON THE COVER This issue will cover the future of alternative energy, the quest for solar power and energy efficient struc- HUGG-A-PLANET, A Brave New World. tures in 2010. Soil Conversation 2010 ThinKom Solution Erwin Kantor Energy Efficient Structures Publisher / Editor in Chief Nuclear Energy The Nickel Institute Erwin Kantor
  6. 6. Thinkom Solutions, Inc. 20000 Mariner Ave. #500 Torrance, CA 90503 310-371-5486
  7. 7. HUGG A PLANET A BRAVE NEW WORLD By Michael Gordon Eco-Green Entrepreneur: Robert Forenza Hugg-A-Planet Earth is a soft cotton fabric real The basic idea behind Hugg-A-Planet, says Foren- globe with labels identifying 600 places, includ- za, a University of Vermont graduate who created ing countries, bodies of water and islands that the product 27 years ago with his sisters, Patricia are drawn to scale and color-coded. According to and Lorraine. “If we want real peace, we have to Hugg-A-Planet president Robert Forenza, on the start with the children,” Forenza says, paraphras- Space Station they will use our globes during edu- ing Indian spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi. “I’m cational demonstrations NASA offers to schools connecting kids in early developmental stages to and science centers so students can interact with be passionate about the environment, geography the Astronauts. Which in turn will be beamed to and caring for the world, this early education lasts viewers on the real planet Earth via satellite, and a lifetime.” online on NASA TV. Students in classrooms all Putting savvy marketing behind his educational over the world will have an opportunity to see the outreach, Forenza got Hugg-A-Planets into arms Vermont-made globes in space and use it to learn of many influential people. He sent them to the about our planet’s place in the cosmos. Obama family just before the presidential inau- 10 • THE SUIT • GREEN ISSUE
  8. 8. Obama family just before the presidential in- auguration (one of six Presidents). He shared them with musicians at Pete Seeger’s 90th birthday concert at Madison Square Garden where all 80 performers received one includ- ing Bruce Springsteen and Dave Matthews. At a Vigil for Peace event in New York’s Central Park, Hugg-A-Planets were be onstage and passed around the crowd. They were even at a White House Easter egg roll, and a reporter took one to the first START treaty in the late 80’s, Forenza says. Now on the space station, the Hugg-A-Plan- et will make a circuit of our planet 16 times a day over 90% of the earth’s population for as long as the station remains active — until 2016, Forenza explains. “The one thing all of humanity has in common is our planet,” says Forenza. “Just hugging our earth has a em- powering affect, and by having generations of people hugging the world, they’ll take better care of it.” Toy companies are beginning to see green in a different light. Sunday is Earth Day, a good time to stop and take note of the world we live in. And yes, even in toy land there are socially conscious companies wanting to do their part. Hugg-A-Planet toys are Earth-friendly items that serve a dual purpose. In addition to being award-winning toys that teach children about the Earth and the solar system, they are envi- ronmentally friendly. GREEN ISSUE • THE SUIT • 11
  9. 9. STEPHEN BARNETT HAS MORE THAN THE BIRTH OF NICKEL He is the CEO and President of with The Suit, “The primary use of Nickel is the fifth most The Nickel Institute, based in nickel in stainless steel accounts common element in the Brussels, Belgium. The Nickel In- for some 60 percent of nickel use. Earth. But where did all this nickel come from? stitute is a non-profit organization Stainless steel can be used for Billions of years ago, nickel that represents the interests of 24 thousands of different applica- was created in supernova nickel companies which together tions worldwide, such as chemical All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. explosions. This is the only produce more than 90 percent of processing, food processing and place in nature where the temperature and pressure the world’s annual nickel output. transport, and is valued for both conditions were sufficient for the nickel atom to form. The Nickel Institute provides in- its physical properties and its aes- formation for a wide gamut of in- thetic values, as seen in structures dustries spanning architecture, such as the Chrysler building in automotive, chemical, energy, New York City and the Twin Tow- food and beverage as well as hu- ers of Malaysia.” Over 75 percent man health care and public health of stainless steel is recycled at the care in projects such as water pro- end of its long, useful life. The accompanying ‘false’ vision, two areas which are going Barnett is a nickel specialist, and color photo (above), to be of ever-increasing value in that has made him a nickel opti- compliments of the Lawrence Livermore the coming decades. The core of mist, as he eagerly told The Suit, National Laboratory, shows the industry, according to Barnett, “Nickel demand continues to grow the concentrations of nickel isotopes being expelled is the use of nickel as a primary in- with new applications continually from a star as it expands gredient in the production of steel. being developed – seven percent in just such a supernova Barnett said during an interview of all US patents feature nickel 12 • THE SUIT • GREEN ISSUE
  10. 10. ENOUGH NICKEL FILLING HIS POCKETS event. How interstellar every year.” “New uses of nickel of CO2 emissions. It is environ- nickel coalesced into solid objects and then in particular are low-carbon tech- mentally friendly. And nickel is a into planets such as nologies such as fuel cells, gas and green contributor not only with a the Earth is the domain of cosmologists and wind turbines and batteries for hy- clean process but a process which astronomers. But however brid cars,” he said. This gives he produces a product with longev- it happened, nickel has been an important part nickel industry a strong position ity. Barnett observes, “Nickel is of the Earth since its in the movement towards a green- corrosion-resistant and plays an beginning, well before life on earth began. er footprint. According to Barnett, important role in structures and nickel is the 7th most abundant el- materials such as alloys, plated ement on the planet, and 90 per coins and magnets, which last a cent of the world’s nickel produc- long time, or even forever”, he tion comes from Australia, Japan, explains. “Increasing demand for Russia, Brazil and Canada. Al- stainless steel will drive the nickel though 1.4 million tons of nickel market to continue to expand into is used globally every year, it is the 21st century.” responsible for only 0.1 percent By Erwin Kantor Reported By Michael Gordon Photo By: LAWRENCE LIVERMORE LABORATORY (SUPER NOVA) All images are the property of the rightful owners of The Nickel Institute GREEN ISSUE • THE SUIT • 13
  11. 11. ICELANDIC ECOSYSTEMS. THE CONSCIENTIOUS CONSERVATIONIST Al Gore, President of Iceland Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, Sveinn Runolfsson By Erwin Kantor He sits amongst high officials in government. He But remaining positive Sveinn said, “We do see advocates for the greening of our environment positive signs and indications that the economy and works on practical solutions to the problem will start to get better. The public is determined to of mounting greenhouse gases and global climate fight through this crisis even if they lost their life change. Sveinn Runolfsson, Director of the Soil savings. Runolfsson informed us that many Icelan- Conservation Service, in Iceland, has spoken about dic citizens want to develop new Aluminum plants public policy with prime ministers, diplomats and and thermo power stations throughout the country. All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. other world leaders, on a global level. It is a case of the citizens of Iceland wanting to do The government in Iceland has now decided to the right thing, but there not being enough money. cut down on green house gas emissions to 15% below 1990 levels by the year 2020, and Runolfs- Unfortunately, due to tight budgets important en- son proudly told us, from his office in Gunnar- vironmental issues are on stand-by. So Runolfs- sholt, ”Iceland will be free of carbon emissions son and others, out of their concern for Iceland’s and using 100% renewable energy by 2050.” He future, recently put in an application to join the sees rough waters ahead for the industry, in ris- E.U. In order to unite the European Union, Iceland ing fuel costs, and fertilizer. The economy needs needs to meet economic and political criteria such major restructuring.” Last year Iceland began im- as, a stable democratic government. Runolfsson porting workers from countries such as Chile and believes that there are a lot of benefits from join- Poland, which caused unemployment to rise by 7 ing the European Union such as, progress in the to 8%, and even the country’s banks went bank- import and export sectors of the country, particu- rupt. Runolfson said, “The country continues to larly in marine products and aluminium. Since struggle with sky rocketing fuel prices and budget negotiations were established with the Interna- cuts for the important soil conservation projects.” tional Monetary Fund, European countries such 14 • THE SUIT • GREEN ISSUE
  12. 12. ICELANDIC ECOSYSTEMS Former Iceland President Vigdís Finnbogadóttir ICELANDIC ECOSYSTEMS ICELANDIC ECOSYSTEMS as Norway, Germany and Russia have indicat- ed that they are willing to assist Iceland with BIOGRAPHY an economic bailout package. ”But”, he cau- As director of the Icelandic Soil Conservation Ser- tions,“ ”there has been much fear that the E.U. vice, Sveinn has played a major leading role in the fishing fleet will exploit our fishing grounds”, development of strategies for conservation of soil continuing, “our overall growth in the agricul- and vegetation in Iceland and improving conser- tural and marine industries are important to vation ethics. He has a keen interest in working at the development of the country and our de- the grass-roots level, promoting sustainable land voted conservation efforts. This crunch brings use and increasing public participation at all levels. great changes, and opportunity, to improve the economy as an official institution running as a He sees a great potential in carbon sequestration state,” Runolffsson continued, “An increase in as a financial incentive for restoring land health. tourism will help pump money back into the Emphasis has been on the landcare program Farm- economy, and fuel tax regulations which have ers heal the land, currently involving 30% of the been implemented by the government for en- sheep producers and facilitating the Better farms ergy efficient cars will be used more widely.” property planning program that aims at increas- ing land literacy and planning ability at the farm Runolfsson also believes in the use of carbon level and coordinating advice and actions of in- sequestration in order to reduce greenhouse stitutions and others working with the farmers. gas levels. He said, “Carbon sequestration in soil , re- vegetation and preventing desertifi- He has ties with various specialists in soil conserva- cation are extremely important to help reach tion strategies and land care, especially in Australia, the 15% mark of reduction in emissions by the New Zealand and various universities and UNDP year 2020.” Iceland, with professionals such in USA. Recently he has initiated cooperation/col- as Sveinn Runolfsson, is at the forefront of the laboration with the European Union in a Joint Re- greenhouse battle. search Commission on Soil Protection and a collab- Landgraeosla rikisins oration agreement on soil research with Ohio State. Gunnarsholti - n851 Hellu Simi: 488 300 Married 1973 to Oddný Sæmundsdóttir, who is a nurse and they have three sons. GREEN ISSUE • THE SUIT • 15
  13. 13. About USGBC The Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Green Building Coun- cil (USGBC) is a 501 c3 non-profit organization commit- ted to a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings.. With a community comprising 78 local affiliates, more than 18,000 member companies and organizations, and more than 140,000 LEED Professional Credential holders, USGBC is the driving force of an industry that is projected to contribute $554 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product from 2009-2013. US- GBC leads an unlikely diverse constituency of builders and envi- All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. ronmentalists, corporations and nonprofit organizations, elect- ed officials and concerned citizens, and teachers and students. Buildings in the United States are responsible for 39% of CO2 emissions, 40% of energy consumption, 13% water consump- tion and 15% of GDP per year, making green building a source of significant economic and environmental opportunity. Greater building efficiency can meet 85% of future U.S. de- mand for energy, and a national commitment to green build- ing has the potential to generate 2.5 million American jobs. U.S. Green Building Council 2101 L Street, NW Suite 500 Washington, DC 20037
  14. 14. Greening Structures in American Cities In an era where “going green” is becoming the ties alike can employ LEED green building rating norm, best practices to reduce carbon footprints system. Regardless of building type, the benefits are continuously encouraged. Actions, efforts, of green buildings are abundant. Economically and initiatives should adhere to standards of green speaking, a green building uses less because less living. Now, the space we occupy must also meet is being spent in turn savings increase. Green these standards. The experts on green building buildings save 8-13% of operations and mainte- assurance, the US Green Building Council are the nance costs and utilize 2-30% less energy con- creators of the LEED (Leadership Energy and En- sumption and most of the buildings use 40% less vironmental Design) certification system. It sets water. These are not just one time costs; the sav- the standards of human and environmental health, ings occur throughout the life cycle of the building. sustainable development, emission control, water Building sale prices for energy efficient buildings savings, energy efficiency, materials that are well are as much as 10% higher per square foot than emitting and healthier for building occupants, and conventional buildings. Green building occupants indoor environmental quality. are healthier and are said to be more productive. Marie Coleman, Communications Associate at It is often assumed, going green costs more money. the USGBC says, “a building should be holistically In the case of green buildings, the up front costs green not just focusing on one particular area.” are approximately 2% more, but results in sav- The process measures various elements of green ings of over 20% over the life cycle of the building. buildings. One must attain a certain number of The return on investment will be ten-fold. Green points from the following categories: buildings not only benefit our economy, but also Silver - Gold - Platinum our environment and community by enhancing the quality of air and water, protects biodiversity, There is no archetype of a LEED client. Various minimizing the strain on local infrastructures, and establishments that have undergone this rigorous improving occupant health and comfort. certification range from public property such as the Bronx Library in New York City (LEED Gold); It is feasible to convert later in the building pro- Education based institutions like West Brazos Ju- cess. It is never too late to transform your build- nior High School in Brazoria, Texas (LEED Certi- ing to meet the LEED certification standards the fied); and even retail organizations such as Chipo- pros certainly outweigh the cons. tle in Gurnee Mills, IL (LEED Platinum). A rigorous process it is, but also one that ensures accuracy. Commercial and residential proper- --By Chizzy Igbokwe GREEN ISSUE • THE SUIT • 17
  15. 15. ReardonSmith Reveals Unique Subterranean (London – 9 December 2009) A scheme for a the proposal respects and reflects this. Car park- unique, sustainable and innovative luxury hotel ing, which is currently above ground, will be re- and spa, designed by international hotel and re- located underground. The existing golf clubhouse sort architects, ReardonSmith, has been revealed and car park will be demolished and replaced by a by public exhibition prior to the submission of a new clubhouse integrated within the hotel. A ded- All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. planning application in the new year. icated new access road, carefully woven into the The proposed development, at Hersham Golf Club landscape, will better manage the flow of traffic in Surrey, is within London’s Green Belt and the onto the site. The proposal also includes provision architects’ response to the area’s strict planning for extensive on-site re-vegetation and improve- guidelines has been to place all 200 plus guest ments to local public footpaths to further enhance rooms underground around landscaped court- the site. yards, leaving just one level of public areas at “Our concept integrates hotel, spa and golf fa- grade. cilities into a single architecturally exciting and The proposal is topped by a living green roof that organic composition below and above ground,” mimics the undulating nature of the golf course explains Matthew Guy, ReardonSmith’s project and merges it into the surrounding landscape. In designer. total, the ReardonSmith scheme represents in the “The design fulfils the requirements of the brief region of one third less built-up hard surface than for a bespoke five star hotel while returning hard the existing club houses and car parking. Her- standing to the Green Belt and improving the sham Golf Club stands in an area of woodland and physical layout and visual attraction of the entire 18 • THE SUIT • GREEN ISSUE
  16. 16. Hotel Scheme for London’s Green Belt site. It represents a commercially viable solution to developing in the Green Belt and is, we believe, a Roof Plan world-first.” The two underground levels of the hotel comprise three “rings” of guest rooms, each built around large 800m2 garden courtyards, allowing light to perme- ate the fully glazed façade. Public spaces, including high quality restaurants, will be contained within a single level at grade. Contouring mimicking the un- dulating nature of the course will conceal this level and merge it with the natural landscape. The entire development is set back from the local residential area and is positioned within an enclave of existing woodland in such a way that it is hidden from view for local residents. Carefully framed views from all the hotel’s public areas of the golf course and wood- land will make for a unique dining, hotel and golf club experience. Notes ReardonSmith Architects The total area of the hotel and new golf club will be approximately 16,500 sq. metres. Reflecting on the ReardonSmith is Europe’s leading architectural practice specializing entirely in hotels and resorts. Its work en- implicit challenges of the brief, Patrick Reardon, compasses the master planning and design of new desti- executive chairman of ReardonSmith, says: “The nations around the world as well as the restoration and question was how to design a hotel of significant refurbishment of iconic hotels and heritage buildings and size that would not disturb the Green Belt envi- the complete spectrum of new business and leisure hotels. ronment. In fact, our solution attempts not only to Current projects include: The Savoy and The Four Seasons Park Lane, both in London; a new Four Seasons and a JW preserve the essence of Green Belt amenity but also Marriott, both in Baku; Travelodges in London and Spain; to improve it by the removal of existing and highly Porto Montenegro; Estrela Santiago Resort, Cape Verde; visible buildings and hard standing parking zones. and a new ski resort in Courcheval. For more information The process required to achieve this proposed hotel about ReardonSmith Architects, visit: www.reardonsmith. will be expensive. But, the client accepts this and is com to be congratulated for his willingness to invest in a solution which clearly responds to environmental, as well as commercial, imperatives.” The Arkin Group Both hotel and spa have been designed to minimise The Arkin Group is a major player in the international lei- their carbon footprint by using combined heat and sure and gaming industry and undertook its first property power generation, heat exchangers and ground development six years ago with the construction of the five star Colony Hotel in Northern Cyprus. Since then, the source heat pumps together with grey water recy- Group has gradually been building a land bank by acquir- cling and rain water harvesting. It is confidently an- ing prominent sites and properties with a view to expand- ticipated that the building’s resource demands will ing its development operation. The Arkin Group acquired be significantly reduced in comparison to conven- Hersham Golf Club in 2008. tional five star hotels. Mr. Cahit Atasoy, CEO of Ar- For more information about this release, please contact: kin Group, the owner of Hersham Golf Club, says: Gillian Cake or Su Pecha, ESP Business Development “Our vision is to create a stunning boutique hotel specha@espbusi- and spa destination that will be truly unique and prestigious. It will blend into the natural woodland +44(0)208 374 6320/4476 setting and enhance and increase the level of green landscape.” GREEN ISSUE • THE SUIT • 19
  17. 17. N uclear Power and Uranium A View from Australia By Erwin Kantor The Suit interviewed Dr. Clarence Hardy and asked him his views on nuclear energy in general and Australia’s role in the world nuclear industry. See his responses to a series of questions below. Dr Hardy has had a distinguished career for over 30 years in senior positions in three well-known national nuclear laboratories at Harwell in the UK, Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the USA and Lucas Heights in Australia where he was the Chief Scientist. He is currently the Secretary of the Australian Nuclear Asso- ciation, and Immediate Past President of the Pacific Nuclear Council which represents over 60,000 nuclear professionals in 12 countries in the Pacific region. He is Managing Direc- tor of a consulting company in Sydney and a director of two other companies in the nuclear field. He is prominent in giving talks on nuclear matters to wide ranging audiences in Australia and overseas. All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. Dr. Hardy has published two major books on nuclear energy Are the peaceful uses of nuclear energy in- world’s energy future. creasing worldwide. Nuclear power should play an increasing role in Yes, the peaceful uses are increasing worldwide the world’s energy future since it is a mature, eco- with the major increase being in China, Japan, nomic and safe technology for production of base- Korea, India and Russia and moderate increases load electricity with very low emissions of green- planned in the European Union, led by France, house gases. It is increasing replacing fossil fuels Finland and the UK. President Obama’s recent in many countries. encouragement of the US nuclear new build by giving substantial loan guarantees will help the in- What are the current and future challenges dustry develop and the President said “This is just of the use of nuclear energy and how will the beginning”. these shape the future growth. The current challenge is to build new nuclear pow- What role should nuclear power play in the er plants on time and on budget and to ensure that 20 • THE SUIT • GREEN ISSUE
  18. 18. they are built to the highest possible safety stan- benefits and risks of nuclear energy is essential dards. The future challenges are to demonstrate starting in the schools. I spend a lot of time giving that nuclear waste is minimized and can be dis- talks on these issues to a wide variety of audiences. posed of safely and all suitable nuclear products are recycled, so that plutonium in spent fuel is What role will Australia’s uranium play in used sustainably to produce electricity and any the next 10 years in the global market. potentially long-lived waste is burned up to mini- Australia currently has the largest low cost ura- mise its danger to future generations. nium resources of any country (about 40%) and currently produces over 20% of world production Are nuclear power plants perfectly safe and with every indication that this production will in- how can the industry dis- crease considerably in the next pose of nuclear waste. No 10 years. Therefore, Australia’s one can give an assurance that uranium will play a major role nuclear power plants are per- in the worldwide expansion of fectly safe and no accidents will nuclear power and help to re- ever take place. Nuclear power duce the amount of carbon di- plants are built to very high oxide emitted from fossil fuels. standards and closely moni- tored by regulatory bodies. The When will Australia build new generation of nuclear pow- nuclear power stations er plants being built have even It is ironic that Australia, with higher standards of safety than the world’s largest uranium re- previous generations as well as sources, has so far not built a being hardened to withstand nuclear power station. The main terrorist attacks by land or air or aircraft accidents. reason is simple to understand. Australia has very large resources of high quality coal located near All nuclear plant vendors and responsible govern- major cities on the east and south coasts and can ments are encouraging a high level of safety cul- produce base-load electricity at a cost which is well ture in operation of plants. below the cost estimated for nuclear power. How- The generally accepted way to dispose of radioac- ever, no account is taken of the very large emis- tive waste safely is to encapsulate it in carefully sions of carbon dioxide and if a cost was placed by selected containers and bury it deep underground government on emissions from coal, then nuclear in stable geological formations. There is an in- power would become more attractive. Nuclear creasing movement away from a once-through or power is economic in comparison with coal, gas “throw away” fuel cycle and to reprocess spent fuel and renewable sources in many other countries to recover and re-use valuable materials. Unwant- and this in one reason why nuclear power is being ed long-lived fission products and transuranium expanded in those countries and well as because of elements can be burned up and thus reduce the its very low carbon emissions and greater energy volume and toxicity of the waste to be disposed of security. underground. Are there any public perceptions and mis- To contact the ANA Committee please email conceptions about the use of nuclear en- ergy. Yes, there are many public misconceptions about Our mail address is: the use of nuclear energy. Some of these are that it Australian Nuclear Association is not safe enough, costs too much, is a prolifera- PO Box 85 tion risk and that the radioactive waste cannot be Peakhurst disposed of safely. All of these misconceptions can NSW 2210 be answered and better public education about the GREEN ISSUE • THE SUIT • 21
  19. 19. In A Tough Economy New Technology is King Y By Michael Gordon ama Dastgir Chief Ex- added, “for example, our trading ecutive Officer of Bee Technolo- markets are booming in tour- gies (Bee Tech) S.A., in Athens ism and shipping while the small Greece focuses particularly in businesses of this economy are the field of Intelligent Transport absorbing the impact for the rest solutions (ITS). of us”. The firm’s niche market has Dastgir said Bee Tech Inc. has drastically changed due to new been facing a number of new business trends. “Our goal is to challenges. He said his company be number two since we have has had to revamp the Electronic grown 20 percent up for the year Toll Collection (ETC) systems from third place as rated in the service and maintenance, and industry.” Dastgir said during a the maintenance of manual toll recent interview in late Novem- systems. ber. “In fact, policies in Greece are rapidly changing and they With these new challenges for are not business friendly,” he the upcoming year, Bee Tech- All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. added. nologies has managed the toll system software and hardware, The company provides network including turnkey products for solutions for highways, road network and database manage- tolling systems and operations; ment. “We focus on the funda- principally, in transport, infra- mental needs of our customers’ structure and system supply co- integrating toll and traffic system ordination. The projects include management with creative solu- post offices, the ministry of de- tions and flexibility,” he said. fense, Athens International Air- port as well as work with Pireaus Greece Bank, Dastgir said. “Greece has Nemeseos 6, Metamorfosi Athens not yet felt the financial impact Ph: +30-210-9885201 as the rest of the world,” he 22 • THE SUIT • GREEN ISSUE
  20. 20. Intelligent Solutions By Eric Daniels Michael Burke is the brain trust behind his intel- rated number 253, as one of the fastest 500 grow- ligence solutions business. And he believes that ing companies in the United States. The company in the world of high-tech innovations, intelligent has made great strides in “developing and manu- wireless broadband solutions have remained cut- facturing antennas that offer airborne and mobile ting edge over the years. communications solutions for both commercial He serves as the CEO of ThinKom Solutions, one and military use.” of the leading providers of innovative highly-af- fordable compact antenna and product solutions According to Burke, “the antenna is capable of for aeronautical, On-The-Move (OTM), and man- receiving internet connectivity throughout the portable applications. continental United States and south- ern Canada. This technology can be “These antennas are sleek, small used in the air, land and sea, with and dynamic making it cost effec- limited connectivity options.” tive and affordable for executives,” explained Michael Burke, President Established in 2000, and headquar- of ThinKom Solutions, Inc. “We have tered in Torrance, California, the created an innovative and unique company employs 35 professional design with capabilities in superior staff members. ThinKom has made performance.” an estimated $6 million annually. “The demand is there and we have It was back in March of 2009 when ThinkKom an excellent product,” Burke said. introduced the world’s lowest-profile antenna technology for affordable Ku-Band Satellite Com- munications (SATCOM) On-The-Move (SOTM) integrated antenna systems at the Satellite 2009 Thinkom Solutions, Inc. Exhibition which was held at the Walter E. Wash- 20000 Mariner Ave. #500 ington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. Torrance, CA 90503 310-371-5486 ThinKom has been featured in Business Week and Entrepreneur Magazine. The firm has been GREEN ISSUE • THE SUIT • 23
  21. 21. LIVING ON A NEW EARTH TACKLING THE FUTURE OF ALTERNATIVE ENERGY By The Suit Staff Writer The quest for solar power continues to thrive in example countries such as Denmark or Germany, the modern world, where technology and society they extract 95 percent of energy from fossil fu- are constantly advancing. The way we live our els and 20 percent of their electricity comes from lives is affected in a subtle and significant way by wind. Germany has constructed the largest solar the evolving technologies present. The future of park plant in the world, costing an estimated $48 alternative energy is relied heavily upon the nat- million US dollars. Germany demonstrates new ural resources that the earth provides. Civiliza- standards in costs-efficiency for solar power. Solar tion depends much on natural resources such as energy is at the cusp of a historic turning point. oil and coal in order to create the very energy to This is our wake up call because the future is clos- sustain humanity here on earth. The solution is er than you could imagine. The worldwide com- to begin investing and exploring more about the munity and its developments of electric-powered use of wind, solar and hydro power. Solar power vehicles and other important solar energy break- comes from a well known resource, the sun, that throughs in the solar industry are greater than ever. contains an infinite amount of energy. Solar, wind and Hydro power are the way of the future. It would require a well devised, costly and timely There are numerous benefits that come from using economic plan to be used by the nation’s leaders solar power as compared to the use of oil and coal. in order to properly harness and distribute this Solar energy is a renewable resource, although energy accordingly throughout major cities across we cannot use the power of the sun at night or on the United States. Scientists, while considering stormy and cloudy days, we can certainly count on many obstacles, also find that they have to jump the sun being there the very next day. Solar cells other hurdles in implementing solar power. This are totally silent and while extracting energy from factor thus demands that we come to either one the sun they also help keep noise pollution down. of two solutions; a government sponsored plan to All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. Solar energy is also a non-pollutant, this perhaps is install solar panels for all homes and businesses the most important aspect considering that when or an advertising campaign focused on turning a oil is burned it releases carbon dioxide, hazardous significant percent of energy used in the United greenhouse gases and carcinogens into the air. States into solar energy. There are already heavy amounts of advertising dollars that go into the This type of energy also eliminates the need for “green”, or environmentally friendly movement constant supervision and work. Energy is har- that strongly supports the construction of solar vested automatically and the home owners do not panels. A government plan would create a much operate these systems any more then they oper- better effect, but due to an increasingly volatile ate their oil, gas and/or electric heat. Solar panels political climate and down-turned economy, may also create new jobs for our economy. Thanks to not be as easy to accomplish. While it comes with tax credits and rebates people can now make in- its fair share of disadvantages, solar power is the expensive and simple decisions to use and install way of the future in the modern world. The future solar energy panels every day. With global warm- belongs to renewable energy and its reduction on ing on the rise, people are becoming environmen- pollution and the preservation of fossil fuels. tally conscious about the way they live. Take for 24 • THE SUIT • GREEN ISSUE
  22. 22. water is normally found in air and the air- flow measurement doesn’t work right because the weight of the air becomes heavier, which translate into high airflow,” he added. Ypenburg studied in Holland. The Dutch native had the opportunity to work for Phillips, studying quality of com- ponents, in South Africa he had the oppor- tunity to study wind flows inside cement chimneys 50 meters in diameter. “That’s when I learned about air flow, he said, ”I had the ability to play in wind tunnels and learn about airflow.” He adds, “Because wind and air is naked to the eye, which gave me the time to research and experiment with wind.” By Eric Daniels Frits Ypenburg, Owner of Safdy Systems Company, He said it took him a long time to understand a South African based company specializing in un- how air flow current travel,” But I learned derground airflow instruments particularly for the electronics and airflow dynamics in South Af- mining industry. “My instruments transform air rica because you cannot ask many people for speed to electrical currents, these mining compa- answers,” he said. nies use a telemetry system called SCADA which Tests were completed in the CSIR wind tun- measures the standard output of airflow,” he said. nels and that Vortex Airflow Meters will now Safdy was established in 1990, manufacturing the be sold to mining companies in CANADA. solid-state air flow systems used underground to help monitor ventilation for South African mines; which is so crucial for a healthy environment. All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. SAFDY solid-state airflow sensors were originally designed for the South African diamond and coal mining industries. This underground instrument determines whether enough air flows through the ventilation systems, making it crucial for human life functionality. “What is very often used for airflow measurement underground is the so called anemom- eter,” he adds, “This principal is to heat the resistor by an electrical current and the airflow cools it down. The end temperature is than a measure for airflow,” Ypenburg said. This airflow theory is widely used in many of the mining systems in South Africa to de- termine air flow ventilation. “That there is a large draw back especially in coal mines, for instance 26 • THE SUIT • GREEN ISSUE
  23. 23. William Manfredonia W All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. -- J. Michael Gordon illiam Manfredonia is the founder “Now I’m waiting six months to be paid for old work.” and President of Cost Calculations, Inc. A firm Manferdonia cut his teeth in the business and has specializing particularly in construction, cost es- come a long way, in the cost estimating industry. timating, cost control, management, conceptual cost estimating and insurance just to name a few. After college started working for an esti- He said, “The economy is tough, but the bubble mating firm and climbed through the ranks had to burst.” Manfredonia has been burned in the eventually finding his niche in the industry. cross fire of clients not being able to pay on time. His Currently Manfredonia handles commercial, clients have been put on a payment plan, he said, residential, institutional and specialty projects WWW.COSTCALCULATIONSINC.COM 28 • THE SUIT • GREEN ISSUE
  24. 24. Cost Calculations, Inc. such as, Diesel Construction, Morris Park Con- as an arbitrator in construction and insurance cas- tracting, Jeffery Brown Inc., A.J. Contracting es. He has also served as an expert witness for the and York Hunter just to name a few. Sitting at federal government in construction fraud cases. the helm for over 47 years, he said, “I’m a man who wears many hats,” he adds, “I know the Manfredonia said from his New Jersey business inn’s and out’s about general construction, car- office, “We perform estimates for many insurance pentry, drywall, acoustical ceilings and EIFS.” companies such as AIG, State Farm, Travelers and He serves as a cost consultant for the New York Prudential. Currently he is working on a 232 million State Department of Economic Development and dollar undisclosed project in New Jersey for 2010. “We are experienced in all construction projects.” GREEN ISSUE • THE SUIT • 29
  25. 25. NASEER AHMED: ON FIRE WITH A BUSTLING CAREER By Michael Gordon Naseer Ahmed serves as the Managing Director Ahmed explains, that it is very important to seek of 4PAL Ltd, a retail products and pharmaceutical out new acquisitions on a global basis. Recently company. Established in 2003 and headquartered having accepted a personal invitation of member- in London, the company has maintained strong ship with the Institute of Directors (IOD) based in ties in the Middle East and is currently planning to Pall Mall, London, he will now have the opportu- expand not only in the pharmaceutical industry, nity to network and forge strong alliances with a but also in the financial, banking and legal indus- myriad of world renowned conglomerates such as try as well as the investment holding sectors. With those listed on the FTSE 100 and its equivalents strong focuses on property investments and devel- globally. “I have been able to successfully fullfill opment particularly in the Middle East, 4PAL is my position even while simultaneously serving as All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. on the forefront for innovation and growth in the an Investment Advisor with the Kingdom Hold- international arena. ings,” Ahmed said. A position which he began in 2008 and still currently holds. The Kingdom Ahmed plays a key role in the business plan de- Holdings is a prestigious multi faceted investment velopment of the company for the long term and company with substantial holdings in all sectors, future of the organization. Ahmed said, “I fulfil ranging from finance to media. As an investment a motivational role, I motivate and mentor mem- Advisor he focuses on a core strategy through bers of the management team.” Ahmed leads the growth and research in investing in high perfor- company and strives to develop a positive corpo- mance companies and extracting value from un- rate culture and setting. He oversees all of the re- dervalued and under performing Assets. sources making sure that the company continues to maintain growth and profitability. He said, “I Ahmed takes time out of his day to work as a also oversee all company affairs, which include consultant for Chiltern Group, a civil engineering proper audit procedures, making sure the com- company where he specializes in accounting ser- pany doesn’t break any trade embargoes and deals vices to a broad range of companies. His current with the legalities of goods and services.” goals include taking his career to a new level in 30 • THE SUIT • GREEN ISSUE
  26. 26. the international arena where he would spend far more time travelling and connecting with other key companies with which he can establish mu- tually beneficial partnerships. Highly satisfied with his position, Ahmed is looking ahead to the future growth of the company and new business challenges in 2010. Ahmed’s future plans include searching for other companies which will share synergy and who will collaborate with 4Pal, Ltd, with efforts to expand both nationally and inter- nationally. His next imminent steps are to pursue dynamic avenues of growth and development in the area of Banking and Finance on a global turf. He credits his success thus far to his extraordinary ability to network and connect well with others, as well as his hard work and dedication over the years. The Suit: Are you optimistic about the economy? Ahmed: The economy has been through quite the down fall, due to over leveraged financial institutions together with bad leadership. Businesses and people have suffered greatly from an employment and monetary perspective to state the least, which in turn has affected people on a mas- sive level as the economies of scale shift. People assume which all waste will be converted into energy and trees be- the worst is over. Is it..? Well, different policies relevant to ing watered by treatment plants. Alongside the worlds larg- different countries around the world are brought about into est hydrogen plant. The vision is to play an active part in action relative to the individual statistics of that country in bringing about synergy in the different types of businesses aid to taking it out of ‘recession’. I believe its not something on all continents to collaborate their expertise and visions that will recover over night; as time and patience will be the to help restore and build a new infrastructure which will key to bringing about opportunity for new entrepreneurs allow for an energy efficient way of living. By implementing through good genuine leaders in the business world who the above I believe together a greener future is achievable. can set the stage for a brighter and more solid future. The Suit: How does the new green age affect both your The Suit: What is your vision on the new green age? business and your clients? Ahmed: We now know that what we’ve done over the past Ahmed: More often than not when people talk about 100 years has caused an astonishing amount of damage to green. The concept of money collides with the issue. As the the world. It can be believed that we did not know any bet- cost factor is inevitably an underlining issue affecting most ter, but now we do, and it poses a climatic problem to say people in becoming more green. The green age doesn’t re- the least. There are certain things we know will occur in the ally affect the business or the clientele of such on an imme- next 30 to 50 years. So we have to start acting now. Every diate basis, but is encouraged within and all the businesses marathon begins with a first step. From the likes of the west it collaborates with in order to see the bigger picture, in aid where extreme efforts are being made upon bringing about of a cleaner and healthier way of life. polices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by the year 2020, a reduction in the carbon content of transporta- tion fuels, to the east where, the building of ‘Masdar’, a city being built by Abu Dhabi with zero waste and zero carbon Naseer Ahmed ecology. Whereby residential homes, shops and businesses 37 Warren Street London, W1 6AD will be built and connected through capsule shaped pods United Kingdom Tel:+44 2085250214 made from recycled concrete, steel and aluminium, in Email: GREEN ISSUE • THE SUIT • 31
  27. 27. LEADING OTHERS TO THEIR HARVEST tation for excellence in her in- CASL™ designation, which dustry. For the past 12 years, in takes roughly 18 months to com- addition to advising thousands plete, has enabled Rosemary to of valued clients, she has been provide even more client-centric a national speaker conducting services to her mature clientele. various educational programs These services include age-based for other financial professionals. investment strategies, untan- gling the complexities of long- With a genuine interest in term and health care insurance, ROSEMARY CALIGIURI spreading financial literacy to understanding and streamlin- consumers, she regularly hosts ing the full range of older client She may not have entered the fi- educational seminars for pre-re- needs, and navigating the intri- nancial services industry the way tirees and retirees at local librar- cacies of estate planning. many advisors did, but that’s ies, churches, and senior citizen exactly how Rosemary Caligi- clubs in and around the Bucks “One of the biggest reasons for uri’s clients would distinguish County area, and she is sought our success is that we take the her from other advisors they’ve after by local media as a leading time to make our clients ‘edu- worked with – “Rosemary’s expert in the financial industry. cated consumers,” says Caligi- completely different.” Amidst her busy work sched- uri. “I teach our clients instead ule, you can find Rosemary on of talking at them, and when you After graduating with honors the airwaves hosting her weekly educate a customer first, they from Adelphi College, Rosemary radio show – “Financial Issues feel comfortable with their un- All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. spent the next 10 years living out & Answers” – which focuses on derstanding of their options, and a childhood dream in the medi- consumer education and perti- in my opinion, there’s no better cal field as a nurse, caring for the nent financial issues in today’s way to do business.” physical needs of her patients. economy. Her show is broadcast Rosemary has earned the Elite When her entrepreneurial spirit every Tuesday morning at 9:30 IRA Advisor designation from prompted her to move on, she set a.m. on WBCB 1490 AM, and lis- Ed Slott & Company – one of the out to care for people in anoth- teners can also access the show nation’s foremost IRA experts. er way – by helping them meet live through the Harvest Group Slott is host of the Public Tele- their financial health needs. web site at www.harvestgroupfi- vision Special “Stay Rich For & Ever with Ed Slott” viewed by Rosemary subsequently formed millions of Americans, and his Harvest Group Financial Servic- Rosemary has earned the Char- Elite Advisors are kept abreast es – an award-winning, compre- tered Advisor for Senior Living of the very latest tax law changes hensive financial services based (CASL™) designation through concerning IRAs, 401(k)s, and in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. the American College of Finan- other retirement accounts. Rosemary has earned a repu- cial Planning. The esteemed 32 • THE SUIT • GREEN ISSUE
  28. 28. Madeline C. Gerwick Contact: 877-524-8300 Madeline C. Gerwick is an internationally recog- strong finances. She has also provided many good nized and certified astrologer, specializing in busi- dates and times for contract signings, product in- ness and personal astrology. She has a BA degree troductions, new hires, facility changes, legal ac- with honors in economics, many years in indus- tions, web site launches, and many other impor- trial sales and marketing, and she’s listed in sev- tant business activities. eral Who’s Who books, including Who’s Who in the World and Who’s Who in America. Her unique Ms. Gerwick co-authored The Complete Idiot’s combination of credentials makes her an in-de- Guide to Astrology, and The Pocket Idiot’s Guide mand speaker regarding economic conditions and to Horoscopes, both published by Alpha Books, a business trends. She consults with individuals and division of Penguin Group Inc. She recently joined businesses of all sizes to guide them to higher lev- well-known authors Steven Covey, Tom Peters, els of prosperity by working in harmony with the Oprah, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Thomas Moore, Universe. Scott Peck, Robert Kiyosaki and many more as contributing authors to the new business anthol- Ms. Gerwick is heard weekly on The Dr. Pat Show ogy, Einstein’s Business: Engaging Soul, Imagina- on broadcast and internet radio. She writes a tion and Excellence in the Workplace. This book column for Promise Magazine and she annually is available through the Polaris store and in major writes The Good Timing Guide and Newsletters. bookstores and sites. Her 30+ years of astrological experience and study enable her to provide in-depth, multi-dimensional She has served on two Boards of the Washington insights and analysis. She also teaches prosperity State Astrological Association and is a past mem- training, Eight Keys to the Ultimately Prosperous ber of the Board of Trustees for the Kepler College Business, so businesses and individuals can learn of Astrological Arts and Sciences. She’s a member new ways to attract money, sales, and abundance. of the International Society of Business Astrolo- gers and the International Society of Astrological While working in business, she observed the syn- Research. She co-founded Polaris Business Guides chronicity of astrological cycles associated with LLC, originally Astro Cycles Consulting in 1995. sales, project development, marketing, manufac- turing, purchasing, legal issues, travel, contracts, and more. Her combined experience in both as- “When workplaces become “work-tribes” that trology and business led to the development of create nourishment for life and we learn how to this Guide, with the aim of providing better pro- partner with the Universe, our creativity and pro- ductivity for all types of businesses. Hundreds of ductivity will accelerate exponentially, and we’ll new companies have used her highly successful all live in a truly abundant Universe.” dates and times to start, ensuring high growth and — Madeline Gerwick GREEN ISSUE • THE SUIT • 33
  29. 29. HOUCK & ASSOCIATES, INC. INTERNATIONAl CORpORATE TROUblESHOOTER -- J. Michael Gordon Harold H. Houck , President of Houck & As- was entirely preventable through competent re- sociates, Inc. provides corporate troubleshoot- search prior to investment. Mr. Houck suggests ing services and asset assessment on a global in considering financial research, avoid anony- basis. His firm counters or resolves issues con- mous entities, check for licensor and status, ask cerning embezzlement, fraud and corporate es- for a contract, and finally, meet the responsible pionage. The firm’s success in international fi- person if possible. That person should be able to nancial research and creative problem solving knowledgeably answer your prepared questions. has earned Mr. Houck his unique reputation. Houck & Associates has provided an amalgama- All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. Mr. Houck related that the recent high profile tion of services to a variety of clients. Cases have Ponzi schemes have crystallized the truth of his ranged from the exotic such the currency crisis in fundamental beliefs: “every matter requires fore- Venezuela, or tracking priceless artwork, to more knowledge” and “knowledge is never too dear”. The ordinary such as a short term con or a conten- tentacles of fraud have indiscriminately targeted tious divorce. This is what Mr. Houck expresses individuals, businesses, banks and even state gov- he likes most about his business – ever chang- ernments. This has changed the trusting environ- ing challenges. Mr. Houck came to understand ment wherein only corporations conduct due dili- the need for his particular niche while serving gence. Clients are now more prudent, wanting their in naval intelligence and working for the FDIC own due diligence – a second opinion, if you will. and the FSLIC during the 1980’s banking crisis. Mr. Houck relates the most frequent regret ex- He has travelled globally on business, is an avid pressed by his clients is, “I wish I knew about reader, enjoys athletic fitness, is a government your services earlier.” Often, the client’s dilemma and believes the key to happiness is discipline. 10151 University Blvd, Suite 178 Orlando, FL 32817-1904 800-677-3307
  30. 30. Dynamic Financial Consulting -- Gary Stevens Managing Partner Pascal Vieilledente, as a principal in the dynamic Acquisitions companies in Spain. And that por- financial consulting company, Eurohold, has been tion of the business has been a key to their suc- able to steer his firm through the troubled waters cess over the past eighteen months, when world of our recent economic turbulence. His foresight financial markets have constricted and deals have has enabled Eurohold to continue to make deals been harder to make. Vieilledente, on the other throughout the crisis; the performance of Euro- hand, was able to complete ten deals in the fiscal hold serves as a lesson to other financial profes- year of 2009. That is an incredible rate of suc- sionals and serves as a reason for potential part- cess given the economic environment. The reason ners and clients to do business with Eurohold. As Eurhohold was able to have that success is a testa- opposed to many financial consulting firms, the ment to the insight and adaptability of Pascal and future looks bright for Eurohold, in no small part his partners. Instead of looking for mega-deals, due to the diligence of Pascal and his partners. Pascal instead concentrated on making smaller “Eurohold was established in 1989 with its head- deals that were highly leveraged. That enabled quarters in Spain and does extensive business him to put together financing, with smaller capital throughout the country,” he adds, “But over the requirements, while still providing the potential past twenty years I have helped Eurohold to devel- for large gains. Primarily using their own capital op a network of business partners that places the Pascal and his partners were able to cope with the company at the hub of financial activity in France, recent general down-turn in financial activity and the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, the Unit- create a very positive and profitable economic in- ed Kingdom, Sweden, Norway and Germany,” vestment model. Vieilledente said. With large clients such as Ma- Vieilledente said, “I am optimistic about the fu- daus, Kerry, Aegon and Indra, Eurohold’s key to ture, both for Eurohold and the world economy.” success has been the ability to maintain long-term He sees the current problems as a short-term relationships with quality firms in key sectors of anomaly in another-wise growing world market. international business. Those sectors include: In- With leadership that is able to discern profitable formation technology and telecommunications, pathways in today’s financial markets, Eurohold Pharmacy and Health, Food & Beverage, Distribu- is poised to become an even larger player in the tion, Business to Business services, Retail, Trans- business of international trade and finance in the port and Logistics, as well as the rapidly growing future. Pascal Vieilledente’s business acumen area of Environmental technology and consulta- and his ability to maintain trusting and profitable tion. The primary focus of Eurohold’s business long-term relationships with his clients, large and compass points in two directions: Mergers & Ac- small, is a big reason why Eurohold has enjoyed so quisitions, and Strategy Consultancy. Currently, much success. Eurohold is one of the most active Mergers & GREEN ISSUE • THE SUIT • 35
  31. 31. Dean Briggs President & CEO Briggs Engineering Inc. -- J. Michael Gordon Dean Briggs has an uncanny way of running his reports, studies, and drawing-out designs. He engineering company. But, one thing is for cer- said his projects are modified to clients’s specific tain: he garners big results and big returns as an concerns. “We are dedicated to performing the entrepreneur on the rise. In fact, Briggs Engi- best work possible – for our clients and for our neering Inc. operates a boutique company pro- organization!” he said. “After all, we are in the All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. viding a full-range consulting services in urban business of building dreams!” and land-use, said Briggs during an early morn- Briggs said his projects includes in all types of ing interview, ensconced in his office. “My father terrain, scale, land uses and jurisdictions for both influenced me greatly in my engineering career,” private and governmental section clients.” “BEI’s he said. highly trained survey department,” Briggs noted, The company offers comprehensive services “he has extensive experience in performing with which include the preliminary investigations, various boundaries, topographical surveys for reports, studies, and the preparation of design residential and commercial subdivisions develop- drawings and specifications. They consistently ers, government agencies, and private individuals provide professional project management tai- and organizations. lored to their clients’ specific concerns. One survey team uses CAD-based staky plans Briggs said his father schooled him well in finer and produces electronic coordinate files that can points of “drafting, printing, and I even worked be easily loaded into the data collectors, for the with a survey crew,” he added. Briggs noted that total station units and FPS receivers, for our field BEI Inc. included preliminary investigations, crews,” he said. 36 • THE SUIT • GREEN ISSUE
  32. 32. Just Bucket Excavating, Inc. -- Eric Daniels For more than twenty -years, Willie Davis Jr., has tions.” As a business professional, he manages literally worked in the trenches, hauling waste by business negotiations, handles contracts and req- the ton, earning a decent buck. As President of uisitions, and organizes marketing and strategic Just Bucket Excavating, Inc. said his company planning initiatives. Davis said he’s dedicated uses state-of-the-art equipment. “Just Buck- to the growth and development of the company. et Excavating, Inc. is involved in many aspects of excavating construction, including but not limited to, earth moving, culvert replacement, Davis is hopeful that President Barack Obama’s ecosystem restoration, and paving,” He said. health plan will change the way small busi- ness owners look at health benefits for em- ployees. “As an African American contractor Davis said he “retains overall responsibility for there is serious debate on the insurance and all facets of the company’s administrative func- health care system in this nation,” Davis said. GREEN ISSUE • THE SUIT • 37
  33. 33. CUSTOM BROKERS - FREIGHT FORWARDERS -- Eric Daniels Lall and Company Ltd. has established a dynamic and diverse team of thirty-five (35) members of staff, inclusive of two (2) Customs Brokers and one (1) Grade III Customs Clerk, who are highly trained professionals committed to delivering efficient and quality service. Percy Lall, Owner and President however we are stilling man- of Freight Forwarding Brokers aging to run the business with are no stranger to international a positive future on growth.” services, operating his business Freight Forwarding Brokers has with family. Based out of Trini- not made any major changes dad & Tobago, the company since the downturn and still offers a full range of services. maintains a full staff, unlike other companies who have had Grossing an estimated annual major layoffs and cut-backs over net income of 1.8 million dollars the last year. Lall says, “We are annually, Lall says, “Business has doing well enough to weather dropped a little due to this eco- the storm,” sitting at the helm. nomic down turn; but as a cus- He states, “Keeping clients sat- tom brokerage service we depend isfied is hard work, but my fam- upon the importers and export- ily has assisted in the day to day ers in the industry to stay in busi- operations to make things easier ness.” He comments, “This means on me.” Lall has one son and All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. over the next couple of months two daughters who are currently our income depends largely employed by the company, “we on the amount of work we do.” are a big family.” he chuckles. The company depends on the “We are stilling managing to work of other companies both keep aboard despite of the up’s private and individual on the im- and down’s in this volatile econ- porting and exporting of goods omy.” The Freight forwarding and services. He claims, that the Service Company will continue countries values have fallen sub- to do well and are keeping up stantially with clients importing with the demands in the market. and exporting less then what Lall expresses with confidence, they are accustom to do over “the business is moving forward, the years. Lall states, “income we are still managing to keep has fallen and continues to fall, alive in this economic fallout.” “Quality service never goes out of style!”
  34. 34. GREEN ISSUE • THE SUIT • 39
  35. 35. Colin M. Cameron Attorney at Law, ESQ PA All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. A True Gator -- J. Michael Gordon Colin Cameron is a practicing general lawyer debate about the insurance and health care cri- in the greater area of Okeechobee, Florida. He sis, although I’m, optimistic like the rest of us,” said, “My grandfather was a judge and my father he chuckles, “My clients are struggling to pay me was a lawyer, so I followed in their footsteps.” even though they are on a payment plan with me.” Cameron has been in the business for thirty years Cameron specializes particularly in property, now. This upside-down economy is creating entre- probate and divorce law. Since 1979 he has been preneurial opportunities, so long as you can deal a member of the Masons and Old Fellows Asso- with a situation about as stable as the stock market. ciation as well as member of the 5th and 11th cir- Even in finance, confidence and risk tolerance cuit court of appeals. Cameron achieved his Jurist are on the rise. Cameron said, “There is serious Doctorate from the University of Florida in 1978. 40 • THE SUIT • GREEN ISSUE
  36. 36. Kaleh Mana enterprises Dr. Ahmad Entrepreneurs tend to spot opportunity where others see Tabassi dead ends. One such person is Mohammed Dantata Ndus. Upon completing his studies (he holds a post-graduate Seasoned degree in Financial Management from the University of Petroleum Abubakar Tafawa Balewa and an M.B.A. from the Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria), Mohammed found Executive opportunity in the area of government policy, developing experience in that field over the course of thirteen years. Dr. Ahmad Tabassi, Chief Executive Of- ficer and Chairman of Persia Petroleum In March 2006, he established Kaleh Mana Enterpris- Services, has cornered the international es in 2006, and has been serving as Director ever since. market, particularly, in the oil and gas Today, the company is a specialized consultan- industries. Persia Petroleum Services cy firm for governmental policies and programs provides a range of “upstream services with an estimated $10 billion in annual revenues. to international oil and gas companies”, Located in Gomba Nigeria, the firm also offers local Tabassi said. The company’s primary and national government ministries financial manage- goal has been to invest and support “Ira- ment advice in such areas as communications, agricul- nian companies which provide equipment ture, banking and finance, as well as expertise in gov- and services to the Petroleum industry in ernment relations, policy, opinion research, strategic Iran”, he said recently from his office in corporate communications, organizational development Australia. and procurement to Nigeria with international clients. PPS has five subsidiaries in Iran. The com- pany focuses on seismic acquisition, drill- ing, geological and geophysical project management, procurement and supplies. Tabassi provides strategic leadership and guidance while at the same time, setting the tone on the day-to-day operations of We offer total project management and develop- the business. PPS works closely with the ment that will see you through the entire planning, National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). design and construction phases. This will preserve Tabassi has been in the oil industry for the integrity of your needs throughout the process. over twenty years. He was the co-founder of RBT Petroleum Associates in 1995, a Your project will come in at the right price, be- project management company, which he cause of our strong networks and strategic allianc- later sold to a United Kingdom firm. es allow us to put the right people on your project. We'll evaluate lean construction and design management In 1976, Tabassi left Iran before the 1979 techniques to better address your needs without over revolution, after graduating from Isfahan building, over budgeting or over extending your team. University, and later moved to Austra- lia in 1981. In 1996, he returned to Iran. Implement sustainable concepts to facili- Tabassi has a Ph.D in Exploration Geology tate both initial and long-term savings for you from Leeds University. He’s also a former while fostering a cleaner – greener tomorrow. Federal President of the Petroleum Explo- ration Society of Australia. “I am an en- 1615 West Shore Drive trepreneurial geologist”, he said. “I travel Delafield, WI 53018 to many countries; it is demanding work Phone: 262.244.7272 – but very rewarding”. GREEN ISSUE • THE SUIT • 41
  37. 37. Veteran Shooter and Professional Photographer -- J. Michael Gordon Bill Barley carries a Nikon around his neck as a The history of Photojournalism is very interesting. professional photographer. He’s taken over 5,000 According to the Rochester institute of Technol- rolls of film as a veteran shooter, capturing gritty ogy, “Photojournalism is the visual reporting of images for Life Magazine, and countless others, news for publication in newspapers and maga- during the 1960s, when New York had more news- zines,” they served as the eyes and ears, as true papers than candy stores. “That’s when the news- eyewitness and observer of history. In the old paper industry was booming and I made more days, “most photojournalists were not college- money than ever before,” he said. “I miss those educated. They became photojournalists by work- days.” ing an apprenticeship system. First, they worked The veteran shooter said he’s walked the streets as lab technicians in a newspaper’s darkroom and of New York as photojournalist. He worked with then being promoted to shooter.” All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. several news outfits in his time, including the New “That was the general rule,” Barley said, “photo- York Times, several tabloids, and a small stint journalists back in those days were not college ed- with UPI. “It was John Dusniak, the Photo Editor, ucated.” For years, many photojournalists worked who virtually extended my freelance contract for in an apprentice system. They labored long hours more than a year. That’s was a nice run,” Barley in the smelly dark rooms of newspapers across the said with a chuckle. Today, as chief photographer country, before being promoted to “shooter.” of Bill Barley & Associates, a company he founded in 1966, he specializes in commercial and industri- al photography. He provides “full-service cinema- They later earned the nickname “writers with the tography,” including advisements, lighting, and light,” because many of their photographs report- state-of-the-art camera equipment. Barley han- ed the news visually. As it turns out, photojour- dles corporate accounts, including special catalogs nalists were the great adventurers and interpret- for small and mid-size companies. Barley is even ers of history. That’s why Barley is honored to be proficient with a computer and handles graphic called a veteran shooter of his era. “I captured a lot design assignments. “I’ve been doing graphic de- of photos in my time,” he said with slight guffaw. sign for a long time now,” he said. “I did a lot of good photography.” 42 • THE SUIT • GREEN ISSUE
  38. 38. Jimmie R. Phillips President/Owner Washington Acoustics -- Gary Stevens Right out of high school Jimmie Phillips operated Phillips offers acoustic ceiling installation and in- a forklift. Thanks to his family, they cut their teeth terior finishes inhibiting surface growth of mold in the construction business. Washington Acous- and mildew. tics is a 3rd generation construction business These materials used in wall and ceiling in- which specializes particularly in home & business sulation provide excellent sound absorption. services. He said, “The economy can be challenging,” As a general contractor Phillips handles acousti- he adds, “people are not spending money.” cal services, ceilings, drywall as well as home re- modeling and businesses interior improvements. The struggle continues…… GREEN ISSUE • THE SUIT • 43
  39. 39. -- J. Michael Gordon A Golden Opportunity in The Sign business Alan A. Bartizal, a second-generation entre- preneur, who’s cut his teeth, watching his fa- ther runs the business, he said. He said he ad- mires his fathers’ business acumen. “It’s my dad’s work ethic that has carried me through the rough times as a business owner,” Bartizal said. Bartizal has worked hard since 1969, virtually build- ing a strong reputation as “The premier manufactur- er of electrical signs in the San Francisco Bay area.” He believes his success has been based on “Family- bred ethics, fair dealings and technical know-how.” The Oakland based company has grown and All other logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. evolved into what has become the Golden Gate Sign Company. As a family business, Barizal said, “We understand the consumers and utilize our many years of knowledge and experiences to pro- vide high quality products and affordable pricing.” For more then 40 years, Barizal said, “we have been providing outstanding services as we contin- ue to build our reputation and are looking toward the future as an integral part of the Sign industry.” Bartizal said, “He’s learned a valuable les- son in business: To respect three elders, who came before you. “My father taught me every- thing I know today. That stays with you for life.” Golden Gate Sign Company, Inc. 1455 Third Street San Francisco, CA 94107 510.336.3838