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BrandSound™ DVD sampler 1


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This is just one of the 10 questions Julian Treasure asked is marketing mastermind group of brand gurus. The full movie is one hour long, and the DVD also includes a complete explanation of BrabndSound™ with examples in audio and video and the potent exercises we use in our workshops for top brands! With this DVD you will be able to discover and develop your own BrandSound™, increasing your brand power and marketing effectiveness by up to 12 times!

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  • This is Question 1 of 10 that I asked to my Marketing Mastermind group. The whole film is an hour long, and makes a fascinating masterclass in modern branding.

    The BrandSound™ DVD (available at combines this movie with a BrandSound™ seminar including exercises with the powerful tools we use in our workshops with top brands, so you can define and develop your own BrandSound™ at home and at your own pace.
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