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FringeStream: Food India


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In FringesStream: Food India, we understand the latest movements impacting eating habits, ingredients and food occasions. Check this piece out to find out how India is exploring regional cuisine, reviving a more spiritual outlook towards food consumption and much more.

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FringeStream: Food India

  1. 1. Appetite For Conviction thesoundhq.comFOOD: INDIA
  2. 2. THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD 2 WHAT IS FRINGESTREAM? FRINGESTREAM is a new way of thinking about mass behaviors and values INTRODUCING FRINGESTREAM... FRINGESTREAM IS THE NEW MAINSTREAM. The Sound explores cultural fringes to illuminate how emerging ways of being are shaping mass culture and changing the human condition LIVING O FF THE GRID
  3. 3. THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD 3 MAINSTREAM CULTURE In the pre-digital and pre-globalized world, mass culture dominated. In India fringe cultures existed only for the postcolonial bourgeoisie and the new urban middle classes who had the luxury of experiencing counter-cultures of the West through travel. The boundaries between fringe and mass culture were highly defined by the economic divide and access to information. WHAT MAINSTREAM USED TO BE… MASS CULTURE F RINGE FRING E FRINGE FRINGE FRINGE used to represent the majority story…
  4. 4. THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD 4 NOW, THINGS ARE changing Living in a globalised and digital age, mass culture is now heavily influenced and shaped by fringe behaviours. The boundaries between the fringe and mainstream are now beginning to blur. In India, Digital media acts as a great leveller between social classes. With growing digital exploration, the concept of mainstream ‘normal’ is beginning to give way as fringe cultures begin to infiltrate mainstream behaviours. THE MAINSTREAM NOW MASS CULTURE F RINGE FRING E FRINGE FRINGE FRINGE
 AFFECTED BY LIFESTYLE DISEASES Grappling with rapid changes taking place in their lives, they seek direction and advice when it comes to making food choices A GROWING PACKAGED 
 FOOD INDUSTRY Once a welcome convenience, packaged food is now viewed with increasing wariness. The industry must look at ways to overcome this, and find new ways of connecting with people FRINGE FOODIES At the forefront of fringe food movements, they look for communities, brands and products that can help in building and expressing their identities through food FRINGE FOOD NOW
  6. 6. THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD 6 …popular media is highlighting how eating more packaged and processed food has contributed to the deterioration of health across the nation… ADOPTING PACKAGED FOOD although… …that everybody is posting about the same recipes and restaurants… INDULGING IN FOOD PORN TO STAND OUT despite the fact… …the food industry is not showing and talking about easily available ingredients and food… VENERATING FOOD SHOWS even if… …the media is talking about how Western food, diets and way of life do not suit Indian minds and bodies… LOOKING UP TO WESTERN LIFESTYLES while… WHILE THE MAINSTREAM IS FOLLOWING conflicting trends BY… …it results in lonely eating and take away/delivery food… SEEKING URBAN LIFESTYLES AND INDEPENDENCE though… FRINGE TRENDS
  8. 8. “Urban Indian consumers are increasingly drawn to 
 the idea of cooking unconventional meals, building customized furniture & organizing parties from the comfort of their homes, instead of getting them sourced from outside.” - Anurag Avula,Chief Executive Officer & CoFounder at Shopmatic Group THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD 8 FRINGE TRENDS MIY: MAKE IT YOURSELF
  9. 9. THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD BREWING BEER is an e-commerce company providing support and ingredients to brewing enthusiasts. Craft beer can now be found across pubs and microbreweries in the country. Knowing how to brew your own allows not only helps you explore taste nuances but also gives you bragging rights. HOW TO CHEF THE PARTY Magazine Street Kitchen courses cater to the rise in interest for ingredients. It’s not just about learning how to cook but also about looking at how each component is made: pasta dough, sauces, etc. This enables foodies to go beyond being regular home cooks, URBAN GARDENING IFFCO launched Urban Greens to help people grow their own vegetables and plants in cities. Zorba (in Delhi) conducts workshops on hydroponics, horticulture and urban gardening. 
 Helps foodies to know and be a part of the story behind the ingredients. 9 IDENTITY IN THE MAKING MIY Preparing meals from scratch to using ingredient-kits, fringe foodies are learning the A to Z of food. Be it pasta from the dough or beer from the barley, the fringe is bypassing industrialised food to make its own. Going beyond just sourcing local and fresh ingredients, the fringe is standing out from the mainstream by being self sufficient. FRINGE TRENDS
  10. 10. “I started my vegan dabbawala services when I became aware of how our dairy industry was involved in cruelty towards animals.” - Samir Prasad, Vegan Bites THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD 10 FRINGE TRENDS REVIVED SPIRITUALITY
  11. 11. THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD AYURVEDIC BALANCING Rujuta Diwekar writes books, organises workshops and health holidays about the benefits of Indian age-old traditions around food and eating. As the country consolidates its identity, the conversation around the benefits of local ingredients, yoga and Ayurveda has been revived. WHOLE BODY NOURISHMENT A space for enthusiasts to practice yoga as well as eat healthy. The Yoga House food concept is a combination of cutting-edge macrobiotic recipes, ancient dietary wisdom and traditions. At Yoga House one can select a dish on the menu based on desired physical and psychological outcomes. VEGAN AND NON-VIOLENCE Local food start-up Vegan Bites provides healthy vegan tiffins to people in Mumbai. Awareness of food production methods and the long-standing belief in non-violence are pushing more people to give up animal- derived food products. 11 PUTTING THE OM IN NOM Revived Spirituality A revival of ancient traditions connecting the body and soul has begun. The fringe is going back to age-old Indian food traditions that helped us survive and live healthily over generations. The fringe is demanding ‘swadeshi’ food that doesn't harm. FRINGE TRENDS
  12. 12. “We will see the return of the multi-cuisine concept with an inclination towards building a family dining space. Casual dining will be the way ahead and we will also be seeing bars serving more old-style, comfort food.” - Chef Jatin Mallick of Tres in New Delhi THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD 12 FRINGE TRENDS HYPER FLUID FAMILIES
  13. 13. THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD UNITING STRANGERS Bonding over loneliness that stems from migration for work/education through ordering home-cooked meals/mom-chef masterclasses, or creating new ‘family’ through connection over food, via supper clubs and pot-lucks. For example, The Bohri Kitchen serves a ‘thaal’ to share between strangers. REAL MEN COOK Indian homemaker and actress Medha Gokhale runs a no-frills cooking class for men to challenge traditional gender roles. Men moving abroad, married men, widowers & food lovers learn to cook daily food. Some gain the comfort and confidence to feed themselves or families, while for others it’s a great way to impress friends or romantic interests. HAT-TIP TO HERITAGE A contemporary Bengali pop-up that whips up traditional dishes, but with the finesse and techniques of a modern kitchen. Auroni Mookerjee combined his love for Bengali and European cuisine to create new innovative dishes that keep his late-grandmother’s recipes alive. 13 NEW BONDS Hyper Fluid Urban living has seen the decline of traditional family structures and the rise of new family units, including singles living alone, DINKs, etc. 
 For Indian families, food has always been the means of means of bringing families together over dining tables. Indian family units may be changing, but still use food to build new stronger and more meaningful relationships. The Fringe is overcoming alienation and gender tensions by connecting with friends, acquaintances, strangers over food and reversing cooking roles in the kitchen. FRINGE TRENDS
  14. 14. “Indian food... regional cuisine is going to get established, smaller cities like Rajkot and Raipur will take a lead in the cuisine scene; International influences like South American cuisine is going to take over along with Korean food.” - Ranveer Brar, Celebrity Chef THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD 14 FRINGE TRENDS BEYOND GLOCAL
  15. 15. THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD REGIONAL AND FAMILY RECIPES Gitika Saikia has introduced Assamese and north- eastern recipes to people in Mumbai. In a country with diverse food cultures and palates, foodies are excited to try authentic regional cuisines as much as global ones. Doing so enables them to enjoy novel preparations but also connect to different cultures within India. NICHE FOOD CLASSES Food Salon organises classes to teach diverse food related skills ranging from healthy middle eastern cuisine to how to grow micro greens and use them in salads.
 For foodies, this is a great way to diversify their knowledge and skills, while connecting with like minded people. UNDERGROUND FOODIES The Secret Supper Project is a supper club where foodies meet and connect over a meal. All that’s needed is an excitement and interest in food. And the meals are not just about great food, but also meeting new and interesting people. 15 CONNECTING OVER NICHE Beyond Far from just necessity, food in India is serving as a catalyst to connect regional, local and individual food cultures. The fringes are not only bridging geographical distances but also changing the way we experience food in big urban centres. They draw ingredients and recipes from across India and the globe and find new ways of reaching out to hungry and curious foodies. FRINGE TRENDS
  16. 16. “Nearly 10,000 people have already turned farmers in the city, growing everything from spinach to curry leaves to tomatoes.” - Meera Bhardwaj, The Indian Express THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD 16 FRINGE TRENDS LIVING OFF THE GRID
  17. 17. THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD GROW FOOD WITH CONFIDENCE With a huge following in India, My Green Space offers detailed tutorials, recommendations and reminders to grow and maintain your own food garden. GREEN SCHOOLS MUMBAI Working with children in Mumbai schools, to create a sustainable kitchen garden using local resources in and around the school. Green school Mumbai hopes to create a community where children, teachers and parents interact and work together to grow food sustainably. EDIBLE ROUTES An environmentally-friendly, socially-responsible business that creates farms, farm products and helps build farming communities. Edible Routes also educated people on interesting techniques that they have devised for e.g. growing basil and tomatoes in the same pot makes tomatoes sweet. 17 GIVING EVERYONE A GREEN THUMB Living Off The Grid People are looking to new plentiful food sources that don’t rely on the industrial food ‘grid’. There is a rise in the demand and supply of fresh and local organic food and many fringe brands and companies now have nutritious and wholesome product offerings for the foodie community. Alternative options of sustainable food are being chosen over industrially-packaged and fast foods in this fringe movement. FRINGE TRENDS
  19. 19. ‣ Making people more aware and being accountable in the process and science behind 
 cooking and eating ‣ Engaging people in displaying unique food skills through online activities ‣ Highlighting benefits connected to defining and expressing identities through food THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD 19 CALL FOR ACTION SUPPORT THE MAKE IT YOURSELF MOVEMENT and foodies as they express their unique identities MIY
  20. 20. ‣ Offering local as well as Ayurvedic ingredients ‣ Communicating ancient food wisdom ‣ Bridging the gap between food, body and a stress-free mind helping foodies achieve the body-mind balance they seek through food THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD 20 CALL FOR ACTION DEVELOP OFFERINGS IN LINE WITH REVIVED SPIRITUALISM… Revived Spirituality
  21. 21. ‣ Connecting people who think alike and are hungry for community driven food experiences ‣ Providing support to new families where cooking responsibilities are shifting ‣ Represent new ‘families’ and the role of food for them them in communication and make meals a unique and warm community experience THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD 21 CALL FOR ACTION HELP NEW URBAN ‘FAMILIES’ CONNECT… Hyper Fluid
  22. 22. ‣ Being actively involved in producing and distributing niche ingredients ‣ Organising special events and occasions to share niche cuisine ‣ Collaborating with technology partners to provide the tools/know how to prepare unique recipes ‣ Sharing reliable information from food experts ‣ Tracking global trends to find new product opportunities THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD 22 CALL FOR ACTION CATER TO HYPER GLOCAL NEEDS… Hyper Glocal and make available ingredients, tools and experiences that foodies find difficult to source
  23. 23. ‣ Collaborating with them on food production and distribution to make wholesome and healthy food accessible to all ‣ Address suspicions and concerns by making packaging clear and simple, and providing clear nutritional information
 - a great example of in the west was the initiative taken by McDonalds to answer consumer questions transparently, even taking them behind the scenes into a photo shoot THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD 23 CALL FOR ACTION ENGAGING WITH PEOPLE LOOKING FOR ALTERNATIVES Living Off The Grid who are aware that eating packaged and processed food is affecting their health
  25. 25. THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD 25 BOLD FRINGE BRANDS HAVE ENTERED THE MAINSTREAM AND WISE MAINSTREAM BRANDS ARE ENJOYING first mover advantages Few mainstream brands have been brave enough to address the fringe trends changing the nature of our relationship with food. Others have now become mainstream because they addressed important fringe needs. Consider taking inspiration from these examples to be the change ‘FringeFoodies’ are calling for. FOOD SPECIALIST EVENTS 
  26. 26. THE SOUND FRINGESTREAM: FOOD 26 ANSWER THE CALL As urban India goes through rapid lifestyle changes, it’s easy to think that we’re merely going to mirror the western trajectory of obesity, lifestyle issues, and panicked scramble for quick fixes to health. However, we feel that there’s a far more complex, and much larger opportunity space for brands to tap into. Removing artificial coloring or flavors, removing cholesterol or trans fat, is de rigeur. Checking the boxes of health and taste is passe. The call now is to have a strong purpose and philosophy around food. Who will dare to answer the call from the fringes? Get in touch at for more information or 
 a presentation!
  27. 27. V A N C O U V E R | N E W Y O R K | L O N D O N | T O R O N T O | C H I C A G O | M U M B A I W W W . T H E S O U N D H Q . C O M
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