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Food Education - Will Gen Edge bring us back to the kitchen?


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We've seen Gen Edge challenge a lot of what we expect from younger generations...but what about food? With a Vancouver non-profit that gets kids excited about healthy food, we explored what food-ucation looks like, and how it may change the way the next generation chooses to feed itself...

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Food Education - Will Gen Edge bring us back to the kitchen?

  1. 1. v PRIDE ? MY “How long does it take that avocado to get here?” “Watching a chef is like watching an olympic athlete” “Mom, do you know how to cook pak choi?” “I can grow food anywhere, even at home” “Just cuz it looks bad doesn’t mean it tastes bad! Try it!” “Mom, cupcakes aren’t a healthy snack” vs. Over kids’ heads Old Stan dards Safeisthenorm FOODISINVISIBLE No choice Hands off ENTHUSIASM CURIOSITY LEADERSHIP ADVENTURE AGENCY COMMUNITY INDEPENDENCE ...withENGAGED KNOWLEDGELED Food-ucation HANDSON FO ODISEMPOWERIN G