Houston Labor & Employment Lawyers And Texas Wrongful Termination, Qui Tam, Wage Claims Law Firm


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The Solomon Law Firm in Houston offers labor and employment lawyer services for Texas businesses facing litigation or planning issues. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation on labor and employment issues such as qui tam, wrongful termination, wage claims, etc.

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Houston Labor & Employment Lawyers And Texas Wrongful Termination, Qui Tam, Wage Claims Law Firm

  1. 1. Houston Labor & Employment Lawyers AndTexas Wrongful Termination, Qui Tam, Wage Claims Law Firm www.thesolomonlawfirm.com
  2. 2. Labor and Employment LawClick Here to visit our Employment Law Information Center Understanding the complex nature of the employer – employee relationship, www.thesolomonlawfirm.com
  3. 3. Attorney Lee Solomon and other attorneys who work with the Houstonbusiness law firm The Solomon Law Firm, P.C. represent companies,executives and other individuals (both plaintiff and defendant) in laborissues and employment disputes in Houston and throughout Texas:• Overtime (Read our important Collect Your Unpaid Overtime article on our dedicated overtime law site)• Discrimination (age / race / sex / religion / national origin)• Harassment• Wrongful Termination / Discharge• Severance Agreements• Whistle Blower / Retaliation / Qui Tam Lawsuits (Federal Whistleblower)• Wage & Hour Claims• Restrictive Covenants• Training & Employee Manuals• Employment Agreements• Regulatory Compliance• Drafting & Auditing of policies and procedures www.thesolomonlawfirm.com
  4. 4. • Lacking the foresight to identify and correct potential labor disputes can be costly distractions for Texas companies, resulting in protracted litigation and substantial financial penalties.• The Solomon Law Firm, P.C. brings a unique combination of business and legal expertise, and works closely with clients to provide the kind of personal attention and client-focus that may be difficult to obtain from larger firms. www.thesolomonlawfirm.com
  5. 5. • Real-world experience serving private and public corporate clients throughout Texas and an emphasis on pro-active planning make The Solomon Law Firm, P.C. an ideal choice for corporate management teams that are looking for guidance, advocacy and strength at the negotiating table.• The Solomon Law Firm, P.C. also provides critical planning for corporate clients to develop and implement training and employment procedures as a means of effectively anticipating problems and helping to avoid litigation in the future. www.thesolomonlawfirm.com
  6. 6. Most important to the bottom line, The Solomon Law Firm, P.C. offersflexible, cost-effective fee arrangements that are tailored to the uniqueneeds of the individual client:Clients are responsible for expenses:• Fixed, Flat, Retainer-based or Blended Fee Arrangements• Contingent Fee Agreements• Mixed fee / Contingent Fee Agreements www.thesolomonlawfirm.com
  7. 7. • Business owners, executives, shareholders & corporate board members are invited to contact the offices of The Solomon Law Firm, P.C. today for a review of their ongoing labor & employment consulting needs.• A team member will return the inquiry promptly in order to schedule a complimentary initial consultation with an experienced Texas labor / employment lawyer. www.thesolomonlawfirm.com
  8. 8. CONTACT THE SOLOMON LAW FIRM, P.C. Main Office 510 Bering Drive, Suite 300 Houston, Texas 77057 Toll Free 888.777.6391 Fax to 713.358.5513 www.thesolomonlawfirm.com