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DIY Solar Lights


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The Solar Biz gives a tutorial for how to make solar lights in your garden! Going solar is not only better for the environment, but it is more economically feasible also.

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DIY Solar Lights

  1. 1. Do-It-Yourself Solar Lights Garden Therapy . The Solar Biz
  2. 2. only 3 materials needed mason jars with rings! stake solar light! double sided foam, tape, or glue stake solar lights can be found on Amazon: ! VIBE E-ssential 4-Pack Solar Powered 9’’ LED Garden Stake Lamps
  3. 3. step 1: Make sure to find solar lights that have removable tops and mason jars for them to fit in. ! Make sure the mason jars have rings on them.
  4. 4. step 2: If the solar light is smaller than the mason jar ring, use a piece of double sided foam tape to make it a tiny bit wider so it fits perfectly inside.
  5. 5. step 3: Don’t remove the paper off the other side of the tape (so the light can be removed from the jar).! Glue the light to the top inside of the ring to make a solid cap that can be removed.
  6. 6. step 4: Set the jar in the sun for 4-8 hours (to charge it) and by night, they will light up!
  7. 7. Check it out for more Do-It-Yourself projects for your garden
  8. 8. By: The Solar Biz Helping people obtain solar energy since 1969!