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Darien Project: Solar Energy in the Wouman Village


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The Solar Biz aided an Indian Village in Panama by providing them with the materials needed and proper instructions to set solar panels and water pumps so that they have electricity and clean water! Learn more here.

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Darien Project: Solar Energy in the Wouman Village

  1. 1. Darien Project Wouman Indian Village Panama u t i l i z i n g r e n e w a b l e e n e r g y e v e r y w h e r e The Solar Biz
  2. 2. Village Location
  3. 3. 3.5 days in the jungle
  4. 4. Central PowerThe villagers built the solar structure, built a house for the central power station and batteries, and trenched over 800 feet!
  5. 5. The villagers cleaned a 1250 gallon water tank and carried it about 0.5 miles uphill in the jungle to the spring water source
  6. 6. Water Station Meeting
  7. 7. Water Station Solar
  8. 8. Transport• Joel did a great job with transport • “He was very flexible with situation. He really was great and deserves as much future business and recommendation as we all can provide.”
  9. 9. Project Completion • The village of about 100 people now has electricity! • 14 houses are wired with LED lighting and the rest have two rechargeable LED lanterns to use, which can be recharged at the central power station
  10. 10. • The villagers and the Rainforest Foundation workers will be able to charge cell phones, computers, and tablets to help implement their forest management plan for their property. • The refrigerator will store medicines and vaccines that the village needs • We installed a LED TV in the community building for educational videos and of course soccer games
  11. 11. • The water pump provides cleaner water • We installed a floating pickup screen in the dammed spring water pool, the pump, two stages of rusco spin-down filters, a UV sterilizer, and large water tank • The tank feeds a water pipe that runs down to the village, allowed running water for most of the houses • The running water is safer and cleaner
  12. 12. The Team
  13. 13. “This was an unbelievable experience and the lives of those folks will forever be changed. The hard work paid off and we would be happy to do it again someday. Until then, we will continue to do business with you whenever we can” Ryan Harkins NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional/Project Manager
  14. 14. Thank You Solar Biz “Tom, I’d like to thank you for the guidance you provided in the design and equipment selection for this unique application. Barb, thank you for getting the orders together and tracking shipments etc. This was a lot of effort for everyone involved.” –Ryan Harkins
  15. 15. The Solar Biz • Tom and Barb began The Solar Biz in 1969. They were one of the first Solar Panel companies. • Tom Duffy is an expert in understanding the function of electricity and wants to help everyone achieve the use of renewable energy. Contact The Solar Biz for questions about living sustainably: 888-826-0939