If you measure it will they come


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  • Social Media is important. This little girl preached the gospel to me when I worked at the Cape CVB. Some of you may know her—as Beth Conway. However, how do you measure it? How do you prove to your board it’s worth investing in? How do you tie it back to the bottom line?
  • If you have a crack team on analytics you can track the social referrals all the way to conversions (actual sales/bookings on your website). You can also put tracking tags on ads you run on Facebook—but that is advanced! Website custom audiences.
  • Research, demographic, focus groups.
  • FACEBOOK FANS: VIPs. You may not be able to reach them anymore organically—but since they fanned up—you know they are interested in your messages. Turn those fans into actual leads—by continuing to ping them. Same thing on Twitter. LEADS: Tailored audiences from Twitter—ping your own email database on Twitter. Remember—multiple touches equates more likely to travel and more likely to extend stay.
  • NPR. Good Judgement project—3,000 people. But also, if you take a large crowd of different people with access to different information and pool their predictions, you will be in much better shape than if you rely on a single very smart person, or even a small group of very smart people."The wisdom of crowds is a very important part of this project, and it's an important driver of accuracy," Tetlock said.
  • If you measure it will they come

    1. 1. If you measure it will they come? If you measure it will they come? Missouri Travel Council Workshop April 9, 2014 Stephanie Lynch PR & Social Media Manager H&L Partners @theslynch
    2. 2. 500 Chief Marketing Officers Unsure • 94% of CMOs surveyed believe big data analytics will be crucial to their companies’ performance • 82% believe their companies still don’t know how to analyze big data; that figure is actually higher than 2011, when 71% said they felt unprepared. • 66% of CMOs surveyed said their companies are unprepared to handle social media • Asked about their plans over the next five years, 94% of CMOs expect to introduce advance predictive analytics, 94% mobile applications and 89% more digital customer relationship management tools. Source: MediaPost http://j.mp/1nF7nLH
    3. 3. Social Media Impact Missouri Division of Tourism smari.com 12.3% 5.6% 10.7% Any Social media Social Only Facebook Impact of Social Media
    4. 4. Media Overlap Missouri Division of Tourism smari.com 2.9% 10.8% 13.5% One to two media Three media Four+ media Impact on Travel of Multiple Media • Impact is clearly evident • Incremental travel grows with three or more media
    5. 5. Travel Indicators • 2011: Those who interact with the state via social media would be expected to be more likely to visit the state, participate in more activities while there, and spend more. • 2013: Social media by itself reaches fewer people than traditional media, but in synergy with other efforts it supports the advertising and public relations and increases the level of incremental travel. Missouri Division of Tourism smari.com
    6. 6. The Consumer Journey
    7. 7. Marketing Mix / Consumer Journey Dreaming Social Media Print TV Online Website Planning Social Media Email Website SEM Travel Guide Requests Booking Agent In Trip Social Media Mobile Website SEM Loyalty/Advocacy Social Media Loyalty Program
    8. 8. Measurement Tactics • Website visits (social referrals) • Tracking and tagging • Attribution models • Engagement rate • Reach • Fans/follower counts • Research (demographics, beta testing, focus group)
    9. 9. GA Is a Friend Not a State 
    10. 10. Resources Dashboards/Tools • TrueSocialMetrics • SharedCount • Cyfe Reading • Vocus: http://j.mp/1iYvoYM • Random blog: http://j.mp/1idQkJA People • Intern? • You.
    11. 11. Thank you! @theslynch slynch@handlpartners.com