You're doing it all wrong


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Here's my Aviation MRO Tablet Strategy Masterclass presentation which I gave at AVM Summit in London on the 9th of November 2012

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You're doing it all wrong

  1. you’re doing itALL WRONG An MRO Tablet Strategy Master Class AVM Summit London – 9th November 2012
  2. Hello…. I’mPAUL SAUNDERS @conduce
  3. pilots love iPads
  4. pilots love iPads…but what about engineers?
  5. everyone wants iPads somebut most companiesaren’t sure whatto do with them
  6. This isROGER
  7. This isROGERfather
  8. This isROGERfathergrandfather
  9. This isROGERfathergrandfathertech-retard
  10. we have entrustedthe future withpeople who do notunderstand the present
  11. …so what is being done“ALL WRONG?”
  12. BUILDING TABLET business cases
  13. DISCLAIMERI am NOT an iPad guru …I might be completely wrong about this!
  14. hardware
  15. step 1buy an iPad
  16. step 2look at the options
  19. HARDWAREis the least of your worries
  20. its all about theUSE CASE
  21. software
  22. messaging & communications data acquisition eLEARNING performance & optimisationTECH PUBS eTECHLOG business intelligence working smartercharts & navigation EFB utilities & productivity CRM in-flight entertainment passenger apps
  23. messaging & communications data acquisition eLEARNING performance & optimisationTECH PUBS eTECHLOG business intelligence working smartercharts & navigation EFB utilities & productivity CRM in-flight entertainment passenger apps
  24. tech pubs
  25. why tech pubs? weight saving time saving simpler & cheaper distribution zero day amendments improved efficiency & safety simpler to use tried & tested to make use of metadata
  26. United Airlines say they will save16 million sheets of paper and326,000 gallons of fuel per year
  27. option #0: mro systems
  28. option #1: managed content
  29. option #1: managed content
  30. option #2: library apps
  31. tech library cloud storage device storageoption #3: improvise
  32. option #4: next gen formats
  33. data acquisition
  34. why data acquisition? improved data quality reduced admin cost improved turn round times reduced maintenance time time saving quicker & easier to use weight saving
  35. data acquisition today
  36. data acquisition today limited asynchronous use-cases paper form replacement on-ground transmittal commissioned 3rd party apps uni-directional integration or online only (duh?!!)
  37. data acquisition +1 year
  38. data acquisition +1 year full asynchronous capability desktop software replacement in-flight transmittal vendor developed apps bi-directional integration web 3.0 capability loads of metadata
  39. build your own software?
  40. it can’t beROCKET SCIENCE
  41. it can’t beROCKET SCIENCE
  42. it can’t beROCKET SCIENCE
  43. businesses shouldonly make their ownsoftware if they arealso prepared to maketheir own aspirin
  44. the magic triangle SWEET SPOT user goals
  45. vsstandard UI
  46. vsclarity vs brevity
  47. vsclarity vs brevity
  48. vsmore icons
  49. vschunkier buttons
  50. security
  51. iOS passcode lock
  52. in-app security GoodReader
  53. find my iPhone
  54. MS Exchange
  55. deployment
  56. iPad deployment options App Store hand out and hope….! iPhone Configuration Utility ok for a few iPads & BYOD Mobile Device Management enterprise deployments
  57. trainingSELECT * from Users WHERE Users.Clue > 00 rows returned
  58. training SELECT * from Users WHERE Users.Clue > 0 0 rows returnedremember this guy?
  59. approval
  60. attrition rates
  61. future proofing
  62. STOP future proofing
  63. prepare for shorterlifecycles
  64. what have we donein the past 2 years?
  65. in that time Apple have released2 iPhones, 3 iPadsAND lost their CEO
  66. achieving success
  67. 4 steps for tablet success hardware iPads or something else? software bespoke or wait for COTS deployment don’t underestimate it security not as bad as you think
  68. don’t forget to “KISSASS” keep itSIMPLE, stable,available, scalable & SECURE
  69. don’t forget to “KISSASS” keep it SIMPLE, stable,available, scalableSAUNDERSAPPROVED SECURE approved by Roger
  70. THANK YOU @conduce
  71. your questions
  72. more information >image credits:Most images sourced via Creative Commons Licenses on Flickr.All the old images were taken from the Commons on Flickr via the Library of Congress PhotostreamThe images of iPads in use by airline staff were all taken from the airline’s own press releases.Thanks also to & for the other free backgroundsThanks to the following Flickr users: Baldiri, Mag3737, Overges and jezarnoldAll logos and product images were taken from vendor websites or from the iTunes App Store.The rest were screenshots or my own photos & images.source data:Most data for this presentation has come directly or indirectly from Apple Inc.Unless specific surveys or data sources were identified all information is anecdotal.Information sources include but are not limited to:Wired, Engadget, Gizmodo, Flight Global, Slideshare, Tech Crunch, BGR, TNW, Forbes, United Airlines, PanasonicThis presentation is published with a Creative CommonsAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike LicenseYou are free to share, copy, distribute and transmit this work and you are freeto remix and adapt this work on condition that you attribute the work anddistribute the resulting work using the same or similar license.Thank you - Paul