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Putting engineering tools in the hands of pilots. Here's my presentation which I gave at the Aircraft Commerce Flight Ops Conference at London Heathrow on the 28th November 2012

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No fault found

  1. no faultFOUNDPutting Engineering Tools in the Hands of Pilots 6th Annual Flight Ops Conference London – 28th November 2012
  2. Hello…. I’mPAUL SAUNDERS @conduce
  3. 1843
  4. 1843
  5. picture courtesy of Michael Denis
  6. this dirty finger print,faxed, paper bullshithas got to stop NOW!it is KILLING our industry….
  7. the solution?
  8. THE PROBLEMS expensive slow same old software limited battery life
  9. THE PROBLEMS expensive slow same old software limited battery life
  10. “…WE WANT IPADS” cheaper faster cool software all day battery life left brain appeal
  11. not withoutPROBLEMS
  13. its all about the use case
  14. do not assume comms will be problem free
  15. do not forget plan B
  16. …and plan C and D
  17. do get a decent case
  18. do make contextual apps
  19. the next solution?
  20. regulators likeEXTERNAL STORAGE
  21. THANK YOU @conduce
  22. more information >image credits:Most images sourced via Creative Commons Licenses on Flickr and Wikipedia.Most of the old images were taken from the Commons on Flickr via the Library of Congress PhotostreamThe images of iPads in use by airline staff were all taken from the airline’s own press releases.Thanks also to & for the other free backgroundsThanks to the following Flickr users: Baldiri and Mag3737 and to Michael Denis from InfoTrustAll logos and product images were taken from vendor websites. Icons used are from the Symbolicons icon set.The rest were screenshots or my own photos & images.source data:Most data for this presentation has come directly or indirectly from Apple Inc.Unless specific surveys or data sources were identified all information is anecdotal.Information sources include but are not limited to:Wired, Engadget, Gizmodo, Flight Global, Slideshare, Tech Crunch, TNW, United Airlines, PanasonicThis presentation is published with a Creative CommonsAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike LicenseYou are free to share, copy, distribute and transmit this work and you are freeto remix and adapt this work on condition that you attribute the work anddistribute the resulting work using the same or similar license.Thank you - Paul