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Ryan Marks Marketing Deck


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This is my online resume and sample portfolio. Thank you for viewing it!

Published in: Business, Technology
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Ryan Marks Marketing Deck

  1. 1. Ryan  C.  Marks  Public  Rela3ons  /  Strategic  Marke3ng  /  Mobile   Device  Marke3ng   Phone:  407.242.8548   Email:   TwiHer:  @theryanmarks  LinkedIn:    
  2. 2. Resume  Career  Objec*ve    •  My  goal  is  to  understand  a  company’s  marke3ng  frustra3ons,  address  those  concerns,  and  then  implement  valuable  and  crea3ve  marke3ng  and   public  rela3ons  solu3ons.        Professional  Summary    •  Strategic  marke3ng  by  understanding  clients’  businesses  •  Thrives  on  using  /  implemen3ng  new  technologies  for  clients’  successes  •  Big  picture  thinker  focused  on  quan3ta3ve  and  qualita3ve  metrics  •  Online  /  offline  marke3ng  expert    Professional  Experience      BROOKSLACAYO  Freelance  Public  Rela*ons            Jan  2012-­‐  Present    Clients:  JAXPORT,  The  KONA  School  at  Kona  Skatepark  Skills:  •  Sell  BROOKSLACAYO’s  marke3ng  services  •  Ar3cle  /  press  release  wri3ng  and  distribu3on  •  Copywri3ng  /  tagline  crea3on  •  Print  and  online  media  /  adver3sing  placement  •  Online  media  expert  •  Ac3va3on  /  experien3al  marke3ng  Result:  JAXPORT  •  Challenge:  On  behalf  of  the  Jacksonville  Port  Authority  (JAXPORT)  work  with  Carnival  Cruise  Line,  local  businesses,  and  professional  associa3ons  to   promote  Jacksonville  to  visi3ng  cruisers  as  Florida’s  vaca3on  des3na3on,  in  addi3on  to,  a  cruise  ship  port.    •  Created  CRUISE  JACKSONVILLE  tagline  “Florida’s  Vaca3on  Port”  •  Project  creator  and  manager  of  cruise  ship  passenger  loyalty  program.  Led  design  and  development  of  rear-­‐view  mirror  hangers  given  to  passengers   who  parked  at  the  cruise  ship  terminal.  Hangers  offered  passengers  incen3ves  to  visit  local  businesses.    •  Project  creator  and  manager  of  CRUISE  JACKSONVILLE  mobile  applica3on  (currently  in  project  development).  Met  with  stakeholders,  local  businesses   and  applica3on  developers  to  design  s3cky  mobile  app  for  cruisers.  Mapped  app  integra3on  for  loca3on-­‐based  search,  collec3on  of  user  informa3on,   payment  processing,  push  no3fica3ons,  and  analy3cs  segmenta3on.      
  3. 3. Lionize  Public  Rela*ons   Resume  President  /  Owner              Jan  2008-­‐  Jan  2012  Clients:  SEVEN  TIKI  Spiced  Rum  (Bacardi  USA),  Eastern  Surfing  Associa3on,  Plan  A  Public  Rela3ons  and  Marke3ng,  Brillo  Produc3ons  Skills:  Brand  strategy,  marke3ng  and  sales  •  Ar3cle  and  press  release  wri3ng  and  distribu3on  •  Annual  brand  ac3va3on  calendar    •  Print  and  online  adver3sing  and  marke3ng  placement  •  Social  media  •  E-­‐mail  marke3ng  •  Ac3va3on  /  experien3al  marke3ng  •  Media  coaching    Result:  SEVEN  TIKI  Spiced  Rum  •  Challenge:  Develop  a  na3onal  marke3ng  campaign  for  Fijian-­‐made  SEVEN  TIKI  Spiced  Rum  leveraging  the  quali3es  of  SEVEN  TIKI  Spiced  Rum  and  the   beach  lifestyle.    •  Achieved  more  than  200,000  online  page  views  annually  •  Organized  mul3ple  three-­‐day  sampling  events  for  more  than  10,000  consumers  per  event    •  Efforts  led  to  125%  year-­‐over-­‐year  product  sales  increases  and  250%  increase  in  product  sales  over  three  year  period  •  Oversaw  $225,000  yearly  marke3ng  budget  •  Public  rela3ons  efforts  valued  at  $65,000  in  annual  marke3ng  audit    •  Wrote  contracts  and  managed  brand  spokespersons  exceeding  $60,000  annually      Eastern  Surfing  Associa*on    Board  of  Directors                  May  2008-­‐  Present  Skills:  •  Marke3ng  CommiHee  member  •  Co-­‐Director  of  North  Central  Florida  District,  Co-­‐Director  North  Florida  District  Result:  North  Central  Florida  District  •  Challenge:  Amer  several  years  of  decreasing  membership  numbers  and  revenue,  implement  marke3ng,  on-­‐site  ac3va3on  and  business  rela3onships   to  stabilize  and  grow  the  district.    •  Established  direct  online  sales  channel  saving  $3,500  annually  •  Nego3ated  sponsorship  contracts  worth  $3,000  annually  •  Increased  year-­‐over-­‐year  district  membership  on  average  15%  for  three  consecu3ve  years      
  4. 4. Resume  Plan  A  Public  Rela*ons  and  Marke*ng  Public  Rela*ons  Director            Feb  2007-­‐  March  2010  Skills:  •  Brand  strategy,  marke3ng  and  sales  •  Business  development    •  Public  rela3ons  direc3on  and  execu3on  •  Copywri3ng  /  search  engine  op3miza3on  •  Social  media  /  e-­‐mail  marke3ng  Result:  Plan  A  Public  Rela3ons  and  Marke3ng  •  Challenge:  With  Plan  A  having  several  clients  in  the  hospitality  technology  sector,  grow  the  client  base  and  retainer  revenue  through  new  client   acquisi3on  and  project  execu3on.    •  Increased  monthly  retainer  clients  by  500%  •  Generated  400%  increase  in  Plan  A’s  monthly  retainer  revenue  year-­‐over-­‐year  •  Over  three-­‐year  span,  marke3ng  audits  valued  public  rela3ons  efforts  over  $200,000      Educa*on  BA,  Corporate  Communica3ons,  College  of  Charleston,  Charleston,  SC,  2001  BA,  Philosophy,  College  of  Charleston,  Charleston,  SC,  2001      Community  Involvement    •  Jacksonville  Chamber  of  Commerce  •  GLOBALJAX  •  Associate  Board  Member  KONA  School  •  Eastern  Surfing  Associa3on  
  5. 5. BROOKSLACAYO  Challenge:  On  behalf  of  the  Jacksonville  Port  Authority  (JAXPORT)  work  with  Carnival  Cruise  Line,  local  businesses,  and  professional  associa3ons  to  promote  Jacksonville  to  visi3ng  cruisers  as  Florida’s  vaca3on  des3na3on,  in  addi3on  to,  a  cruise  ship  port.    
  6. 6. SEVEN  TIKI  Spiced  Rum  TM Asher Nolan Challenge:  Develop  a  na3onal  marke3ng  campaign  for   Fijian-­‐made  SEVEN  TIKI  Spiced  Rum  leveraging  the  quali3es   of  SEVEN  TIKI  Spiced  Rum  and  the  beach  lifestyle.    
  7. 7. Eastern  Surfing  Associa3on  Challenge:  Amer  several  years  of  decreasing  membership  numbers  and  revenue,  implement  marke3ng,  on-­‐site  ac3va3on  and  business  rela3onships  to  stabilize  and  grow  the  district.    
  8. 8. Plan  A  Public  Rela3ons  and  Marke3ng   Challenge:  With  Plan  A  having  several  clients  in  the   hospitality  technology  sector,  grow  the  client  base  and   retainer  revenue  through  new  client  acquisi3on  and  project   execu3on.    
  9. 9. Ryan  C.  Marks  Public  Rela3ons  /  Strategic  Marke3ng  /  Mobile   Device  Marke3ng   Phone:  407.242.8548   Email:   TwiHer:  @theryanmarks  LinkedIn: