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M&E Charter Presentation

  1. 1. Who We AreThe modern Morristown & ErieRailway traces its roots to theWhippany River Railroad, charteredin 1895 to connect Morristown, NJand Whippany, NJ.After over a century of operation, theMorristown & Erie remains dedicatedto service.
  2. 2. What We Do The Morristown & Erie Railway’s Passenger Car Services offers a complete first-class operation in luxury rail equipment combined with state-of-the-art technology. These cars have been upgraded and equipped to modern standards and are qualified to operate at 110 mph on Amtrak trains across the continent. However, even with their modern conveniences, the cars still retain the ambiance of historic rail travel.
  3. 3. What We Offer & Where We GoWe offer complete hospitalityduring your stay on our cars. Ourhighly trained staff ofporters, chefs, and car hosts cancater to your every need.Where we operate is simple;where do you want to go? M&EPassenger Car Services canarrange a nearly infinite numberof rail charter destinations acrossthe United States and Canada.
  4. 4. Where We Operate
  5. 5. The Private Car Fleet
  6. 6. Ohio River
  7. 7. Ohio RiverThe Ohio River was originally built by thePullman Company in 1926 as the Mt. Tom. Itserved in first-class service between Chicagoand Florida until it was purchased by theLouisville & Nashville Railroad in 1948. Thecar was sold to private owners in 1972 andresold again in 1982. The new ownersupgraded the car to full Amtrak and FRAstandards and repainted the car into itsLouisville & Nashville colors. The Ohio River is a fully-equipped private passenger railcar available for charter for trips and for events. Furnished to the highest standards of luxury, the Ohio River represents the pinnacle of American travel from a bygone era. The Ohio River can seat fourteen people during day trips in its lounge and dining room.
  8. 8. At night, the car’s four staterooms cansleep eight people comfortably. Eachpair of staterooms shares a bathroomwith a stall shower. The full-service kitchen allows for complete on-board food service, and the separate porter’s quarters allows a crew member to be stationed on the car - at your service at all times.
  9. 9. Alexander Hamilton
  10. 10. Alexander HamiltonConfigured as a coach-loungetype observation car withbar, this car can accommodatea total of 62 people during theday and is ideal for day trips andmakes a perfect companion carwith a sleeper car for largegroups as it brings up the hindend of the train with spectacular Formerly the rear car on the Pennsylvaniaviews. Railroad’s world famous Congressional train, the Alexander Hamilton is the epitome of 1950’s luxury stainless steel streamliners. The Alexander Hamilton is configured to accommodate 36 passengers in coach seating and is also equipped with booths that can accommodate 12 people to dine while having 14 additional chairs in the observation lounge.
  11. 11. Birken
  12. 12. BirkenThe Birken is a “table car”capable of seating 56passengers at 14 tables. Withwarming ovens andrefrigerators behind the barand buffet area, the Birken isan excellent venue for acocktail hour. Alternately, the Birken can be used with a dining car or another passenger car with a full kitchen to seat your guests for a full meal while rolling down the railroad. It is the perfect companion to any other private passenger car on the market, allowing you the extra space to expand your event. The tables are also removable, making the Birken into an excellent open space.
  13. 13. Morris County
  14. 14. Morris CountyThe Morris County is a 28-swivel seat buffet-lounge car.The car was overhauled in 2013with a new kitchen and foodpreparation area as well asrebuilt restrooms. This car is agreat companion for theAlexander Hamilton or a sleeperfor large groups on overnighttrips.The Morris County was built bythe Budd Company in 1947 as The Morris County was part of the famousa 56-seat coach for the New Chessie Steam Special in 1977 as well asYork Central System. This car The Erie Limited with Chesapeake & Ohiowas rebuilt in the 1970’s into its steam locomotive #614 from 1996-1998.current lounge configuration.
  15. 15. Penobscot Bay
  16. 16. Penobscot BayThe Penobscot Bay is aluncheon-café car perfect forserving lite snacks during aday trip. With table seating for32 passengers, this car is aperfect match with theAlexander Hamilton for daytrips or corporate outings. The Penobscot Bay is completely equipped with refrigerators, warming ovens, and hot trays to serve precooked meals. This car also a great setting for small gatherings and a great place to spread out and conduct business while on the road.
  17. 17. What Would You Like to Do?The first decision to make iswhat type of trip you arelooking to take:• Long Distance Overnight Trip?• Day Trip?• Weekend Trip?• Corporate Outing? Once you decide what type of trip you want, the second decision is decide where you want to go…
  18. 18. Where Would You Like to Go?While you can take a private railcar to any destination you’d like, these are the Amtrak and Via Rail locationsequipped for overnight private railcar parking (subject to approval by Amtrak/Via Rail).• Albany, NY • Los Angeles, CA • Rutland, VT• Boston, MA • Miami, FL • Sacramento, CA• Charlotte, NC • Milwaukee, WI • Salt Lake City, UT• Chicago, IL • New Orleans, LA • San Antonio, TX• Denver, CO • New York, NY • San Diego, CA• Ft. Worth, TX • Newport News, VA • Savannah, GA• Grand Rapids, MI • Niagara Falls, NY • Seattle, WA• Harrisburg, PA • Norfolk, VA • Spokane, WA• Houston, TX • Oakland, CA • St. Albans, VT• Huntington, WV • Pittsburgh, PA • St. Louis, MO• Indianapolis, IN • Pontiac, MI • St. Paul -• Jacksonville, FL • Portland, OR Minneapolis, MN• Kansas City, MO • Richmond, VA • Washington, DC • Whitefish, MT Canadian Destinations• Montreal, QC • Toronto, ON • Vancouver, BC
  19. 19. What Do You Need?Long Distance Overnight Trips Day Trips• How many people will be • How many people will be traveling? traveling?• Will you be sleeping on • Will you be serving food the car in the terminal? on board the train?• Will you eat meals on the • If so, what type of food car during your stay at will you be serving? your destination?
  20. 20. Contact UsNow that you’ve thought of everything you need, contact us for a quote! Morristown & Erie Railway www.mepassenger.com 973-267-4300