Client and Family Relations


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Jackie Desrochers, Coordinator of Client and Family Relations, discussed how the family is involved with the recovery process.

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Client and Family Relations

  1. 1. Coordinator Client and Family Relations • Liaison • Clients and Families/Caregivers • Gather information on patient care • Feed back to Management • Quality Improvement Initiatives
  2. 2. • Patient experience • Support of patients and their caregivers • Key to best health and ensuring the future of our health care system • Everyone involved in delivering health care has a role to play in quality of system • Professionals working together to ensure quality • Patients confident the their health care system is providing them with excellent care
  3. 3. ECFAA What we do in response • Establish a Quality Committee – Monitor quality – Quality Improvement Initiatives – Scientific evidence to guide best practice – Annual Quality Improvement Plans • Surveys • Patient Relations Process
  4. 4. Client Statement of Values • The Royal’s Core Values and Vision for Person‐Centred Care • As a leader in specialized mental health, The Royal believes in including the client voice at the decision-making table. As a result, it is one of the few organizations in Canada that has embedded that philosophy into decisions on care, treatment and research since 2006. Clients are represented by a client empowerment council that supports, advises and advocates in the interests of clients with management and clinicians. • We at The Royal believe that true client engagement and consultation is key to providing quality, person-centered care. The Royal is proud and committed to delivering on our Client Statement of Values. • Core Value One: Being Heard Clients and families are provided with a way to safely and respectfully express their opinions, positive or negative, about their health care without fear of repercussion. • Core Value Two: Dignity and Respect Clients and families are treated with dignity, compassion and respect. • Core Value Three: Engagement and Participation Clients are active participants in their safety, health care and health care decision making. • Core Value Four: Informed Decision Making Clients have access to reliable and current information about their health care options, in order to support informed decision making and active participation in care. • Core Value Five: Quality Care Clinical care is evidence‐based, high quality and meets or exceeds legislative, regulatory and professional standards. • Core Value Six: Privacy and Confidentiality Clients have the right to privacy and confidentiality as well as security of their personal health information. • Core Value Seven: Recovery Clients receive care in a therapeutic environment that supports hope and recovery.
  5. 5. Patient Relations Process • Every health care organization must have one • Info about the process available to public • What is the Patient Relations Process – CEC/FC – Coordinator of Client and Family Relations – Client and Family Feedback System – Surveys, suggestion boxes
  6. 6. Surveys • Client Experience Survey of in and out patients – At least once every fiscal year – Information regarding overall satisfaction – Annual Report • Family Satisfaction Survey – Throughout the year – Annual Report
  7. 7. Client and Family Feedback System • On OREO • Accessible to all staff • Complaints/concerns/compliments • Feedback Managers (Directors) • Trending