5 tips to increase conversion rates now


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5 tips to increase conversion rates now

  1. 1. Turn Leads into Sales Opportunities<br />5 Tips to Increase Conversion Rates Now<br />For many years, lead conversion rates depended on your sales team’s skill and experience. While the sales team is still critical, the 5 tips in this guide are proven to increase lead conversion rates by more than 25% without increasing training or compensation.<br />
  2. 2. Introduction<br />Sales conversion rates are one of the most important driver of revenue for your business. For years, these rates have relied on the skill, expertise and experience of your sales team. <br />The sales person is still a critical factor. However, there are now ways you can influence and dramatically improve your sales team conversion rates: No training required. No increased compensation. This eBook will show you how. <br /> <br /><ul><li>The results you can expect</li></ul> Increase your sales conversion rates by 25% or more<br /><ul><li>How this impacts top line revenue</li></ul> Increase top line revenue by 25% or more<br /><ul><li>How this impacts marketing ROI</li></ul> Increase marketing and sales ROI by 30%<br />2<br />www.theROMgroup.com<br />
  3. 3. 5 Tips to Increase Lead Conversion<br />Don't waste your sales team's time on stalled leads. Focus them on Class-A sales opportunities.<br /> <br />Here's how you do it:<br /> <br />Tip 1: Commit to nurturing<br />Tip 2: Stop selling<br />Tip 3: Personalize leads<br />Tip 4: Broker contact between the lead and sales<br />Tip 5: Use your SME's<br /> <br />3<br />www.theROMgroup.com<br />
  4. 4. Tip 1: Commit to Nurturing<br />Lead nurturing is the process of keeping in contact with a stalled lead (not yet ready to buy) for the purpose of remaining top-of-mind when the lead becomes ready to buy. <br /> <br />Lead nurturing helps you capture sales from the near 65% of leads that would usually never receive follow up. Less than 10% of leads are ready to buy today. These are the leads most of your sales force focuses on. The rest are labeled dead or cold. However, research has shown that another 40% will buy within 12 months. And another 25% within the following six months. <br /> <br />Despite these promising numbers, businesses have not made a commitment to lead nurturing. In fact, 60% of sales professionals report that lead nurturing is the most underfunded, unsupported sales activity within their companies. This is confusing when you look at the huge revenue opportunities being missed. <br /> <br />4<br />www.theROMgroup.com<br />
  5. 5. Lead Nurturing: Give Sales Better Leads<br />Lead nurturing does the heavy lifting, so when a lead is handed to sales, it is of better quality. The better quality the sales opportunity, the higher percentage of sales conversions. If you want to improve sales conversion rates, then committing to a lead nurturing program is a simple way to do it. <br />DO THIS > <br />Focus your sales team on sales-ready leads. Stop using your sales team to chase stalled leads. Move the stalled leads to a lead nurturing program. To learn how to design and implement your own lead nurturing program, read our eBook, "How to Increase Your Percentage of Sales-Ready Leads."<br /> <br />GET THIS > <br />Sales conversion rates improve a minimum of 10% simply because sales is no longer wasting time on stalled leads<br /> <br /> <br />To read more, get the complete guide here. <br />5<br />www.theROMgroup.com<br />