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Social Media Marketing for Small Business


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Rich Brooks of flyte new media shows how social media marketing fits into a bigger strategic Web marketing plan. The presentation includes information on blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Social Media Marketing for Small Business

  1. 1. flyte school Social Media Marketing for Small Business Rich Brooks President flyte new media
  2. 2. Today’s Goals To understand... what is social media how to use social media to grow your business
  3. 3. Holistic Web Marketing Attraction Retention Conversion Measurement
  4. 4. Social Media What is Social Media?
  5. 5. Social Media The Business Case for Social Media Conversations Customers Competitors Cost
  6. 6. Social Media Services
  7. 7. Where Do You Start? Your Blog: Most established social media tool Hub of social media universe
  8. 8. What is a Blog? Blog (n) A simple content management system Blog (v) To post content to a blog
  9. 9. The Business Case for Blogs Why Blog? Search engine optimization Establish yourself as an expert Lead generation Better communication/Broader reach
  10. 10. The Business Case for Blogs The Three Faces of Blogs URL/Web Page Newsfeed Email feed
  11. 11. Blog Reach: URL
  12. 12. Blog Reach: Feed
  13. 13. Blog Reach: Email
  14. 14. Newsreaders iGoogle ( NewsGator ( Bloglines (
  15. 15. Social Media Categories: Social Networking Social Bookmarking Social News Microblogging Photo / Video Sharing Review Sites Social Publishing Platforms
  16. 16. Social Media The “Big Three” Twitter Facebook LinkedIn
  17. 17. Why Use Video?
  18. 18. Social Media Additional Sites: Digg Delicious StumbleUpon
  19. 19. Social Media Management Tools: (status updates) TubeMogul (video uploads) TweetDeck (Twitter & FB app) FriendFeed (for monitoring)
  20. 20. Social Networking Basics How to Have More Connections Complete your profile Upload your contact database Build contacts organically, over time Provide value
  21. 21. Social Media How Do You Start? SMO your site Blog Look. Listen. Choose. Act. * * Barbara Hall, A Summons to New Orleans
  22. 22. Social Media How Do You Listen? Google/Yahoo Alerts Technorati Search.Twitter.Com
  23. 23. Thank You For More Information: Rich Brooks flyte new media 136 Commercial St. Ste. 201 Portland, Maine 04101 207.871.7921