Why Get A Mac


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A fun presentation about why buying a mac is best computer decision you will ever make.

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  • Why Get A Mac

    1. 1. Isn’t This BeautifulLet me show you something else I think is beautiful.
    2. 2. The Purpose❖ “If you spend more time trying to get your computer to work and less time doing what you want, it’s time to get a Mac.❖ Because Apple makes both the software and the hardware, everything works together, just as it should.❖ That’s why people who get a Mac, love a Mac. And why you will too.”❖ Apple.com
    3. 3. Quick History by Jeff❖ What’s happened in the computer industry the last 20 years?❖ Apple develops a GUI interface for computers, Mac OS.❖ Microsoft “borrows” the technology❖ Microsoft develops and “borrows” technology for office applications Word, Excel, Power point, Access❖ Linux hosts Microsoft’s web sites❖ Apple comes out with OS X, and the world is amazed. Mac on Unix.❖ Apple comes out with iLife and iWorks and the world can do more, faster❖ Apple graphics are amazing on a home computer!❖ Microsoft comes out with its 6th or 7th OS❖ Apple is changing the world with the iPod!❖ Apple comes out with amazing laptops!❖ Microsoft cancels an OS before (couldn’t make it work) Windows 7
    4. 4. Hardware❖ Intel❖ Memory❖ Video❖ Fonts (visual affect) more appealing
    5. 5. Operating Systems❖ Mac http://www.apple.com/getamac/whymac/❖ Windows http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ explore/default.aspx❖ “Having computer trouble? Chances are you’re dealing with a common PC glitch. The good news is that you can fix most of these things yourself. Here’s how.” - Windows.com – (home page)❖ Glitch - a sudden, usually temporary malfunction or irregularity of equipment❖ What is the blue screen of death?❖ “It looks like Target’s website.” Brianne Stahura
    6. 6. Software❖ Apple❖ Windows❖ Open source❖ Proprietary software is easier to program for windows because of the lenient guidelines and rules.❖ What if our roadways had less rules and less people to enforce them?
    7. 7. CustomerNeeds and Wants ❖ Fast, easy, fun! ❖ Surf the Internet, create documents, spreadsheets, powerpoint’s ❖ Open and read every thing ❖ The argument isn’t if Apple is the best, it’s who has a cheaper computer ❖ Do you want the cheapest computer to help you get some of the things done? ❖ Do you want the best computer to help you get things done better, faster and easier?
    8. 8. Order and Learn How Use Your New Computer and❖ Apple.com❖ Windows.com❖ Microsoft.com❖ Dell.com❖ HP.com
    9. 9. Pre-Conclusion❖ Apple gets copied on every ❖ Apple wants to support innovation because they you and they do (Jeff ’s are the best! story)❖ Apple has amazed ❖ Windows wants you to everyone, even pro- figure it out for yourself. windows users. Why? (Too many problems for them to deal with?)❖ Windows admits it has glitches! ❖ It’s in your best interest to save money and time, so
    10. 10. In SummaryGo to the Apple Store at the Gateway Mall! or Go to Apple.com and have some fun!