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Ez loader newsletter Nov 2011


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Published in: Business, Automotive
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Ez loader newsletter Nov 2011

  1. 1. December 2011NEW INNOVATIONS AND PRODUCTS FOR 2012 Happy holidays to our friends and Economy Aluminum Series. as the Retro Looking Cragar Mags that associates. Since July we have Where our custom trailer business are available in Chromed over Alumi- traveled to many national and local was 95% OEM direct, it is now 60% num in 18” and 20” sizes along with all shows. In almost every case, you our OEM and 30% dealer and 10% other new aluminum 14”-15” wheels. Re- dealers, have had the best buying including International. It seems that tractable Side Guides keep the trailer attitudes we have seen in the last four dealers are looking for the best value, legal as 102”wide where others are years. I hope it continues and your not only just price. EZ Loader has way outside that law. business sees more recovery over the added value to your organization with You can see all these and more in our next year or so. No, I still do not see what we have had over the last 2012 Trailer Information Catalog and the industry fully recovering for some decade, including finance programs, at our new website, time yet, but I do see new life in our new innovations, new trailer designs, existing dealers who are investing, and lots of new options that For more information on these call looking at alternatives and managing excite today’s buyer. Margo Gross at ext. 222 or for their business’s better than ever Look at what we have introduced this catalogs or literature, call Mary Fritz at before. We too have invested in new year, the new I-MAX and Phantom ext 236 or at products and programs and it is paying Aluminum Series. We have also off with new series of trailers like our introduced the new EZ Loader (See more pictures of 2012 products I-Max Painted Custom and Phantom Cushion Steps, and new wheels such on page 3) I-MAX Runabout I-MAX Ski Boat I-MAX Runabout Cushioned Steps Bullet Light 1
  2. 2. EZ Loader Custom Boat Trailers 800-553-7855 Why NMMA Certified Plus NATM Compliant? Gary Potter, EZ Loader VP and GM is the Boat Package. present President of NATM and former We know you have a choice but why Chairman of NMMA’s BTMA. He believes take the chance of buying from a non most dealers need to understand why they certified trailer manufacturer without should be buying trailers that meet NMMA having the backing of NMMA and Certification and chose to be NATM your industry? The industry, and we Compliant. First, and foremost, it is that it is the “right thing to do” at EZ Loader urge you to consider important because meeting these criteria is It is what keeps Americans safe on our buying what is safe for your and our the law of our Federal and State roads and highways. Safety is a boating customer, and look for the Government and it is the “right thing to primary goal of NMMA and NATM’s trailer NMMA Certification Inspection Logo do”. programs. In many cases not all trailers and the NATM Compliance Logo on Meeting NMMA Certification means that the are equal in quality and performance. the trailer. It is truly “the right thing trailer company has had a 3rd party Dealers know what is right and what is to do”. inspection of their manufacturing and wrong. Price and value are two separate product process. It meets the criteria for things especially in the economic times certification which is a guideline set forth by we are living in. Saving a few dollars our industry that meets federal code. None today, could cost so much more down the of us, at least I would hope, would want to road. manufacture a product that just is not Today, in order to be a member of the certified, safe or reliable to your customers. NMMA any trailer manufacturer must be We at EZ Loader, manufacture trailers that certified to meet the standards of our are safe and reliable and meet that criteria. industry inspection process. We are one of the few boat trailers Also, did you know, no trailer manufac- companies that are both NMMA Certified ture can be used as a PACKAGED and NATM Compliant. That is an additional TRAILER (including boat, motor and commitment and expense we take on to trailer sold direct to the dealer from make sure you and your customers are get- the boat company) if they are not NMMA ting trailers that meet and or exceed the certified trailer? This is very important and laws of state, federal and in some cases something each and every dealer must international governments because we think be aware of if they buy a specific OEM Shipping to Canada EZ Loader ships to Canada and other This was a law that very few EZ Loader is also EC authorized / countries on a normal basis. For years manufacturers and dealers knew compliant in regard to all trailers shipped EZ Loader has taken a lead in making sure existed. Today, in order to ship into to Europe. our trailers are not only certified for the US Canada Pre-Certification must be NMMA and NATM are working on this but also Canada. approved and an authorized importer of situations and will be offering Most recently, Transport Canada has taken record must be used that is also seminars and information on it as they a big role in the importing of American trail- approved by Transport Canada. receive it. NATM will be focusing on this ers into their country. They are making sure This has caused much concern and at their upcoming Convention in Ft. that the dealer or as noted, importer of confusion in the industry, but today Worth, Texas February 8-10th. Transport record is truly registered. Previous to this, EZ Loader has in place our importer of Canada will be presenting their guide- almost all dealers were the importer of record and our pre-certification and is lines in a seminar workshop at that time. record, but they are not allowing this to shipping into Canada according to their For more information, contact NATM at continue. laws. 785.272.4433 Ms. Allison Malstrom or
  3. 3. New EZ LOADER Website www.ezloader.comIn late November, the NEW EZ Loader Website found on this site to help drive sales forwas launched at The our will feature all the EZ Loader Please note that the parts pricing listed isproducts in both divisions. retail, NOT dealer pricing.The site is easy to navigate and the home page The “Find a Dealer” will help drive busi-features a slide show of the different products. ness to the locations and dealers listed.The left hand column has the product category Check to see that you are listed and thewith a drop down menu when the mouse is services are correct. Contact us atfloating over the picture. From there the user for anycan select a model with a spec page. Select a changes that need to be made.model and a pop up screen appears where The dealer advantage will be to be able to Find us on Facebook and Twitter!product features and trailers can be viewed. use this site to identify trailers for yourThe parts e-store links are located on the left customers. EZ Loader Custom Boat trailersbelow the trailer groupings. offers many options and features that will be CONGRATULATIONS Pokutapalooza TO THE MDCELauren Pokuta, the daughter of EZ Loader support. TOP 100 DEALERSSales Rep, Michael Pokuta was involved With the help of a wonderful commu- Each year, Boating Industry magazine in a serious car accident nity, numerous friends and family fund sends applications to more than 3,000 and was airlifted to South raising events have taken place to help boat dealers asking a series of quanti- Bend Memorial Hospital support the care Lauren will need. EZ tative and qualitative questions August 2, 2011. She has Loader Custom donated an utility trailer focused on a different aspect of a suffered a brain injury in the colors of the Chicago Cubs that dealer’s business. After months of along with a broken was raffled off at one of the events. evaluations, the editors of the clavicle, cheek bone, To keep up with Lauren’s progress go magazine revealed their final pelvis and a collapsed to selections at a black tie gala inlung. Lauren and her family need laurenpokuta or to donate to her care Orlando, FL in Nov. 2011. And yes,everyones encouraging prayers and visit EZ Loader was there in support! New 2012 Wheel Choices Phantom Economy I-Beam Aluminum Welded Adjustable Trailer 14”-15” Dealer 18” & 20” Aluminum Standard Aluminum18” & 20” Chromed over 20” Illusion Aluminum 3 Aluminum
  4. 4. General Manager/V.P Gary Potter x227 Sales Margo Gross x222 Warranty Dept. Mike Horberg x239 Parts Dept Rex Rea x254 Credit Dept./MSO Cathy Beard x224 Engineering Dept. Mike Crow x255 800-398-5623 - EZ Loader Adjustable Sales Corporation Order for Boat Shows NOW!THEY ARE RIGHT AROUND five weeks so now is the time to placeTHE CORNER! your order. Avoid the worry of notDon’t know what to order yet for having them when you need them.Boat Show? Feel free to call Margo Last day to order for the end of theGross at Ext. 222 and talk to her year shut down, for guaranteedabout your needs. Have them in delivery in December under thestock and don’t miss any sales existing prices, is December 1st.opportunity. Boat Shows start in Holiday Shut Down Offices will be closed Dec.16-30 EZ Loader Custom Boat Trailers P.O. Box 270 6533 Hwy 126 North Midway AR 72651 870-481-5138