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Natures Sunshine Review - Nature's Sunshine also called "NSP," is a producer as well as marketer of natural encapsulated health supplements including herbs...

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Natures Sunshine Review

  1. 1. June 11th, 2012 Published by: tonypNatures Sunshine Review NSP has operations in South Korea, the United States, Mexico,Natures Sunshine Review Japan, Venezuela, Brazil, Central America, Canada, Colombia,| Tony Penmans Internet Peru, Ecuador, the United Kingdom, Chile and Israel.Marketing Blog The company also exports some of its herbal supplements to a number of other countries, including Australia, Argentina,June 11th, 2012 New Zealand, Malaysia, the Russian Federation and Norway. Nature’s Sunshine also is the owner of Synergy Worldwide, which is a direct marketing business that also offers nutritional supplements. Products for the two companies are produced in a production as well as a research facility that is located in Spanish Fork in Utah. Natures Sunshine Review –Nature’s Sunshine also called “NSP,” is a producer as well Productsas marketer of natural encapsulated health supplements Nature’s Sunshine Company provides a wide range of productsincluding herbs, minerals, vitamins, Ayurvedic, Chinese and including:homeopathic remedies as well as other complementaryproducts.The company is located in Provo, Utah while themanufacturing facility is in Spanish Fork in Utah.Natures Sunshine Review –CompanyThe company was founded by the Hughes family in 1972 • Nutritional products – such as Super Trio, Probiotics,when they started to encapsulate capsicum inside their home enzymes, vitamins and minerals, children’s The family then realized they needed to touch other • Cleansing products – such as Cleanse Start Cleanse, Fiber,people’s lives using their products and managed to do this Cleansing and Detox.through direct marketing. • Weight management products – such as Smart meal andThis business model enabled them to educate end users supplementsregarding the products and also provided the sales teama chance to share in the company’s success. Today, their • Energy and fitness products – such as Solstic Energy andproducts are available in various countries and are represented supplementsby thousands of distributors. • Digestive health & Stress management supplements • Cardiovascular health & Immune system health supplements Other products include essential oils: single oils and oil blends, personal care products, home products and homeopathic products among others. 1
  2. 2. June 11th, 2012 Published by: tonyp • Enjoying company-sponsored meetings, educationalNatures Sunshine Review – seminars, conventions and conferences.Business Opportunity The Classic Compensation Plan permits participants to enjoyThe company offers a good business opportunity for people to Nature’s Sunshine’s highest rebates, of up to 30%, along withearn extra income by becoming an independent distributor. 30% sponsoring bonuses. This plan is perfect for individualsThe independent distributors in turn receive a commission who wish to be full-time or part-time health consultants ordepending on their individual sales as well as management desire to manage a herbal retail operation or shop.bonuses based on the sales of each distributor they have The benefits of Classic Compensation Plan include:sponsored. • Purchasing products at wholesale price and saving up to 33%. • Receiving rebates of between 10–30% on purchases of products (100 QV being the minimum order).To join the company, one is required to make a purchase of$40 in products in order to get a free one-year membership. • Earning up to 30% in terms of sponsoring bonuses.Membership benefits include:• Purchasing products at wholesale price and saving even more • Receiving 12% overrides on one’s first-level with product specials.• Receiving rebates of as high as 30% on your individual • Enjoying company-sponsored meetings, educationalpurchases. seminars, conventions and conferences.• Sharing NSP with other people and getting sponsoring Natures Sunshine Review – Successbonuses of as high as 40% Blueprint As with any network marketing company it requires hard• Receiving industry-leading overrides and commissions work, dedication, and a never-give-up attitude in order to be successful. You also need to be able to generate a sufficient• More than 600 quality products plus over 475 unique natural amount of daily leads for your opportunity.herbal formulas to choose from There are a number of ways you can generate leads online for• No inventory is needed. You can buy as much or as little as your business, many successful network marketer’s utilize ayou like. well known attraction marketing system to help do this, and without a doubt this is the most effective method available today.As an NSP Member, one enjoys company–sponsored businessand product training, exotic vacations all over the world andworld-class events.Nature’s Sunshine recognition program acknowledges everyperson’s efforts as they develop new talents and skills whilesharing improved prosperity and health with other people.Nature’s Sunshine compensation plan exists in two forms: thelegacy plan and the classic plan.The Legacy plan usually is perfect for creating a large businessand it offers a higher income possibility as the organizationcontinues to grow. Legacy pays through six ranks of Managers,and one percent infinity bonus.The benefits of Legacy Compensation Plan include:• Purchasing products at wholesale price and saving up to 33%.• Receiving rebates of between 10–20% on purchases ofproducts (100 QV being the minimum order).• Using the plan special 40% sponsoring bonuses.• It pays NSP’s maximum overrides on six ranks (and beyond). 2