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Forever Living Products Review


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Forever Living Products Review - FLP is a direct selling company that is based in Arizona, U.S.A and sells in more than 150 countries its bee...

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Forever Living Products Review

  1. 1. June 10th, 2012 Published by: tonypForever Living ReviewForever Living Products Forever Living Products Review –Review | Tony Penmans ProductsInternet Marketing Blog FLP has a wide range of products totaling over 200 that contribute to overall revenue of $2.6 billion as well as aJune 10th, 2012 distributor base of over 9 million people. Forever Living Products are divided into five categories as follows: • Drinks – Available in four healthy types of stabilized andForever Living is a direct selling company that is based in fresh Aloe Vera gel and includes Aloe Berry Nectar, AloeArizona, U.S.A and sells in more than 150 countries its bee and Vera Gel, Forever Freedom and Bits n’ Peaches. The mainaloe vera derived drinks, nutritional supplements, cosmetics ingredient of all the four types is pure aloe well as personal care products. • Nutritional supplement products – made from finestForever is the largest grower, manufacturer as well as ingredients that are gathered from some of the best sourcesdistributor of bee-hive and Aloe Vera-based products in the or grown and produced using the most superior These products include: Forever Kids, Forever ImmunoBlend, Forever ARGI, Nature-min, Absorbent C, Gin Chia, GarlicForever Living Products Review – Thyme, A-Beta-CarE, Fields of Green, B12 Plus, Lycium Plus,Company Calcium, Foever Pro 6, Forever Vision, Forever CardioHealthForever Living Products was founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan and Nature’s 18 among others.and is the largest private company in Arizona. In 1978, 43 • Weight management – Help in boosting energy andpeople were invited by Rex to attend the first meeting for managing weight and include Forever Fast Energy Bar,FLP in Tempe, Arizona and during the meeting; he revealed Forever Garcinia Plus, Forever Lite Ultra and Forever Lite.a customized plan that was intended to provide him and any • Bee products – These are 100% pure natural bee productsother person with financial freedom and better health. and includes Bee Pollen, Bee Propolis, Bee Royal Jelly and BeeInitially, FLP only started with Aloe Vera jelly, juice and lotions various West American States and within two years, its • Personal care products – are products for skin care,annual sales was over $30 million. In the first year, Rex with facial and body care. Some of these products includehis partners he had recruited sold aloe-based products worth Hydrate Shampoo, Volume shampoo, Hydrate conditioner,over $700,000 under the Forever Living brand name. Volume Conditioner, Forever Aloe MPD, Aloe Lips, RelaxationBy 1985, FLP had 500 employees and its revenue exceeded Bath Salts, Relaxation Massage Lotion, Veterinary Formula,$100 million, when it had over one thousand acres of aloe in Toothgel, Aloe Liquid Soap, Styling Gel, Aloe Scrub, Aloe FastTexas and also owned research labs and processing plants in Spray, and Aloe Heat Lotion among others.Dallas, a convoy of trucks as well as an official headquartersbased in Tempe. In 2006, FLP was ranked position 340 in thelist of Forbes of the 400 biggest private companies. 1
  2. 2. June 10th, 2012 Published by: tonyp It is also important to be able to generate a daily flow of leadsForever Living Products Review – to help with business growth. Many network marketer’s areBusiness Opportunity now leveraging the internet for lead generation using a provenForever Living Products provides people with an opportunity attraction marketing system called earn an income by selling their products and also recruitingother people into the company. The cost of joining ForeverLiving is FREE – how good is that?The multi-level marketing strategy of Forever Living Productsalso provides you with an opportunity to build up a residualincome over time and gives you the chance of becomingfinancially free.Forever Living distributors can earn income from both thesales of those they directly recruit, as well as from theirdownlines efforts.Distributors are provided with excellent education, supportand business tools to help increase the chances of success.Normally, distributors earn a commission of about 43% whenthey sell the products at retail prices.In addition, they also get personal bonuses of about 18% whenthey sponsor every new distributor and help them to makesales.As one develops their distributors into assistant managers,supervisors and assistant supervisors, they make a groupvolume bonus of about 13% on every team member.One can begin to earn leadership bonuses for each member intheir downline which starts at 2% and may go as high as 6%depending on their position in the organization.Forever Living Products also provides incentives to itsdistributors and these includes:• Paid trips on all expenses to Super Rally• Profit Sharing• Extra bonuses• Exotic vacations worldwide• Special Promotions where one can be able to earn trips, giftsas well as special recognition• Earned Incentive Program which supplies one with about$800 per month for a house, boat, car or any other asset oftheir choice.Forever Living Products Review –Success BlueprintTo be successful with any network marketing opportunity itrequires a lot of hard work, dedication, and a willingness topersevere, despite the hurdles that may come your way. 2