Six Shifts to Turbo Charge Your Leadership and Gain Accelerated Results - Part 2


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Gain unity around your values, visions and goals: We build collaborative goal oriented cultures
saving endless hours in problem solving.

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Six Shifts to Turbo Charge Your Leadership and Gain Accelerated Results - Part 2

  1. 1. Six Shifts to TurboCharge Your Leadership and Gain Accelerated Results
  2. 2. Align your people with your organizational goals by giving them what they want.You can’t move in the right direction unless you have a complete understanding of your current position. Weknow people beat out strategy any day, so we pause to take the pulse of your employees, are they engaged,are they ready and aligned for success or do a few adjustments need to be made to create the highperforming teams we need for success? For example the latest employee engagement studies indicate thatthere are ten drivers of employee engagement. Are you providing them? Senior management’s sincere interest in employee well-being. Opportunities to improve skills and capabilities. The organization’s reputation for social responsibility. Opportunities to provide input into decision-making in the employee’s department. The organization’s ability to quickly resolve customer concerns. An individual employee’s own readiness to set high personal standards. Excellent career advancement opportunities. An individual employee’s interest in challenging work assignments. McLaughlin McLaughlinFan
  3. 3.  Employees’ relationship with their supervisors. The organization’s willingness to encourage innovative thinking.Build the Behaviors Needed for Success.CEO Debora McLaughlin combines over 20 years of experience in sales, coaching and consulting with anexpertise in psychology and neuroscience to get results for her national client organizations. As a nationallyrecognized top sales performer in high tech sales in NYC and Boston she knows how to drive sales resultswithin organizations and how to help businesses stand out from their competition. Her expertise in cognitivebehavioral psychology, neuroscience and neuroleadership offers a unique understanding of how to motivatepeople, bring calm and collaboration to chaos and how to achieve the highest levels of employeeengagement. As a certified executive coach she knows how to unleash the highest potential in the leadersshe works with and helps them to identify their authentic way of leadership so they become the leaderothers choose to follow.To motivate your people, to super charge your performance results leaders and leadership cries for evolvedleadership. The old command and control model no longer is effective. Today’s leaders need the skill setsthat promote and align with employee engagement. The Renegade Leader offers executive coaching,leadership breakthrough programs, assessments, leadership development training, professional assessmentsand mastermind renegade leader roundtables to create the shifts needed in behaviors and the mindset toachieve success. McLaughlin McLaughlinFan
  4. 4. Create a Culture of Collaboration and Creativity.In the forthcoming book, The Renegade Leader, Ignite People, Performance and Profits, author DeboraMcLaughlin outlines the I.N.F.L.U.E.N.C.E. Framework. Founded upon proven employee engagementstrategies, psychology, and neuroscience principles, the framework offers actions you can take to reignite thepassion in your people, to create a culture of collaboration and achieve overall high performance. TheRenegade Leader devotes one chapter to each letter of the acronym I.N.F.L.U.E.N.C.E. while engaging you inthe fable of CEO Jim Saunders as he faces the challenges of a merger, low employee engagement and tryingon new leadership skills within his organization. As a result his business prospers and he also creates anorganization that has inspired leadership, is built upon a foundation of trust, fosters leadership at all levels,listen and tunes into its employees, customers, investors and vendors. Its culture unleashes the full potentialin its people, invokes collaboration through transparent communication and develops a new respect for thebrilliance of each individual.How to Change Course:The effects of people-centered leadership on your bottom line are eye-opening. Performance isn’t the onlything that soars; profits also soar. With increased engagement, teams function better, tasks are performedwith ease, little time is wasted, and there is greater commitment to improving the bottom line in all areas.Engaged employees perform 30% more than disengaged, 87% of them remain loyal to their company.Engaged employees arrive committed to their work, are aligned with the shared values of the organization.As a matter of fact, 68% want a stake in reducing costs and improving the bottom line and 72% of engagedemployees believe they impact service delivery and client retention. McLaughlin McLaughlinFan
  5. 5. Imagine a company culture in which the positive energy was palpable. Imagine your team working togetherto share ideas and synergy, to create new solutions and new paths to reach successful outcomes. Imagineleading a team that embraces change. Imagine working in an environment where success is contagious,everyone is committed to a shared vision, your vision.Now…Imagine this being YOUR Company, YOUR Team...• Able to perform at the peak of their potentials.• Connected to the company and to its vision.• Motivated to go above and beyond perfunctory performance.• Responsible concerning their role in the company.• Passionate about the success of the company and the actions they can take to ensure that success.Imagine what that would feel like. McLaughlin McLaughlinFan
  6. 6. Learn How to Unlock the True Potential in Your People, Organization and Discover Your True LeadershipCapability and Ignite Your Organization.It doesn’t matter if you are looking to gain results in your organization, department or even within your owncubicle we can support your goals. We love to work with Renegade Leaders, leaders who have it in them tosucceed, who strive to get results, who are open to new ideas and are willing to try what might even feelforeign but promises big returns. We are a bit driven ourselves, sometimes we are so committed and excitedabout your success we leave a zest of energy behind, right after you might have felt like you were drinkingfrom the fire hose. We don’t work with the faint of heart, those leaders who blame others, who blame theeconomy for every result in their business or those who feel so defeated they continue to swirl down thedrain (the title of my next book perhaps!).We invite you to take a real look at your organization, your department, your leadership style and to measureit against what might be possible. It’s your time to choose to be a Renegade Leader. McLaughlin McLaughlinFan
  7. 7. The Six Shifts Needed to Turbo Charge Your Leadership and Gain Accelerated Results:1. Illuminate: Many organizations are so busy that they fail to take the time to put the spotlight on their current situation. They lack the courage to shine the light into the darkest corners. The Renegade Leader Coaching & Consulting Group purposely shines the light—on your organization, its leadership, teams, products and service. You can’t move in the right direction unless you have a complete understanding of your current position. We know people will beat out strategy any day, so we pause to take the pulse of your employees, are they engaged, are they ready and aligned for success or do a few adjustments need to be made to create the high performing teams we need for success? Do your leaders have the adaptive skills of Renegade Leader’s INFLUENCE Framework, skills that align with key employee drivers?2. Generate: Once you know where your organization stands you can widen your beam of light, making it as large as it needs to be to generate the biggest vision possible. At this stage in the IGNITE process you’ll ask yourself questions like, “What does my vision look like?” “How will it affect employees, customers, and market position?” and “What will it take in leadership to get there?” We often stand together with leaders and expand the vision, put it up on the big screen and add surround sound and even stretch it a bit beyond comfortable. We know you can do it. Then we look at what it’s going to take to get there and create the map to get there with measurable mile markers along the way. McLaughlin McLaughlinFan
  8. 8. 3. Navigate: Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, once said that all you need to see is as far as your headlights to keep moving toward your destination. At this stage in the process, you’ll determine which road you’ll travel to get to your destination. I know what you’re thinking! There are so many options—assessments, coaching, and consulting, training, leadership development. To further confuse matters there are workshop-based trainings on neuroscience, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, appreciative inquiry, employee engagement . . . you get the picture. I could go on and on! Which of these truly work? The short answer is that all of them work. The long answer is that not all of them will work for your situation. Knowing which tools are right for your people, your organization, and your goals is an art form. During this integral stage of the IGNITE process, you’ll learn the importance of choosing a roadmap that will result in positive organizational changes that stick.4. Integrate: We customize our trainings based upon what we have learned about your organization and its goals and the leadership needs of your people. Once you select your roadmap, we will focus on sharing your roadmap with employees at all levels, effectively integrating the solution into your organization. McLaughlin McLaughlinFan
  9. 9. 5. Translate:In a recent article in CLO Magazine, Stephen Parker, vice president of consulting for Blessing White, discussedwhat he considers to be the some of the common pitfalls and short comings of leadership developmentprograms. He notes that at the end of the day these shortcomings mean that there is very little benefit fromleadership development. Parker believes that leadership development programs are ineffective becausethey:• Often focus on getting something done quickly instead of taking a full plan approach• Are focused on the latest trends and fads and not on how leadership development will help address theorganizations strategic issues• Do not engage participants and they do not walk away with a desire to make changes• Let the CEO dominate the conversation thereby limiting participation and open sharing of ideas and issues,and finally• Dont encourage each participant to take a good long look inside and acknowledge that he/she needs tomake significant changes McLaughlin McLaughlinFan
  10. 10. What happens when workshop training ends? While many employees leave workshops excited to implementchanges, the truth is that what they’ve learned—and you’ve invested—is soon lost. As a matter of fact,Harvard Business Review states that training is lost within months. Is that worth your investment? We don’tthink so. That is why we won’t provide training all by itself. Not when your results are tied to our reputation.We are too committed to your success as well as our own. Instead we work with your people to translatewhat they learned into day to day behaviors, behaviors needed for the success of your goals, your vision. Weanswer the questions, how do I make this work with my team? With my co-worker? For our objectives?While we do guarantee that people will feel motivated and inspired at the end of our trainings and coaching,that’s not enough, we are looking for long term results.6. Evaluate: Like any journey we note the mile markers along way and assess where we are at any given time. As behavioral and mindset changes occur, you’ll be able to see measurable improvements in unity, engagement, performance, and profits. Now we’re picking up speed and cruising down the road, and you’re starting to get the results you’re looking for! We invite you to get started, to claim the results that are rightfully yours. Are you ready for a new work experience? A shift in team performance? Unprecedented numbers on your financial statements? McLaughlin McLaughlinFan
  11. 11. Visit to get your FREE REPORT! Six Shifts to Turbo Charge Your Leadership and Gain Accelerated McLaughlin McLaughlinFan