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Induce-Excellent Marketing System


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Therefore Consultancy introduces “Induce”, a perfect solutions that can keep customers engaged and at the same time track the efficacy of your marketing activity.
This is a must have solutions as every rupee spent in advertising has to be monitored, optimized and every connect leveraged

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Induce-Excellent Marketing System

  1. 1. Presenting Make Shopping Fun for your Customers
  2. 2. Power Your Ads with Simple Technology in this
  3. 3. You spend in local advertising to Promote Sales during Festival Season
  4. 4. You would “love to know” the impact of your ads well in time …. And Not wait till the last minute when your customers would have already bought from some where else or made up their mind
  5. 5. Make it Simple & Interesting for your customers to let you know that they “have seen your Ad” and they “want to shop from You”
  6. 6. *Target customers who are “Most Likely to Convert” through SMS Coupons from October to December Well ahead of your competitors and in a more engaging way
  7. 7. Some Examples of ‘Consumer Offers’ for INDUCING Customers to give Missed Call & Show Interest in your Ad Discount Coupons UP TO 50 to 75% OFF On your Products 1 in every 10 Callers Daily Prize Your Shopping Voucher Worth Rs 1000 Every Day Hourly Prizes Movie Voucher Worth Rs 500 Every Hour Weekly Prizes Shopping Voucher Worth Rs 5000 Every Week
  8. 8. Dashboards Coupon Redemption System Missed Call Number Range 08045381006 to 08045381017 Call back alternative to toll free number 08045383342 Demo For Testing
  9. 9. How should I use this demo ? 1. Click on the link “Dashboard”, this will open in a browser 2. Give missed call on the series of numbers mentioned above 3. The system will send a unique Coupon Code via SMS 4. Refresh the Dashboard link, count of missed call can be seen. All other charts and tables will be refreshed accordingly 5. Go another link with “Promo”, this will also open in a browser 6. This will have two tabs. Enter the mobile number from which the missed call is given in the first box while enter the promo code in the next box. 7. Redeem the coupon and refresh the “Dashboard” link see the charts and tables reveling information 8. Use multiple menu options for different charts
  10. 10. What does the Package Include ? Sr. No. Product Description Cost 1. “Induce” Promotional Management System • 3 Virtual Numbers • 5000 SMS Pack, post consumption of 5000 SMS Pack additional @30 Paisa per SMS • Promotional Management and Coupon Generating System • Web Based System • Coupon Redemption System with • Web Based System Rs. 7,000/- Per Month 2. Dashboards & Reporting System • Platform Integration Cost • Web Bases Dashboards with 6 Charts / Tables • 2 user Login Promotional Offer of Rs. 15,000/- for 3 Months
  11. 11. Thank You Call now – 080 45 38 38 38 Write to us –