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Reflect network meeting (13/07/2012)


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Reflect network meeting (13/07/2012)

  1. 1.  Experience sampling system via smartphone platform Collection and delivery of information on subjective travel experience. Trials will feedback information to individuals  their own experiences  those of others Do these interventions change behaviour? 2
  2. 2.  Reduce travel emissions through behavioural change. Experienced utility vs. decision utility Does reflection on experience cause people to think differently about the journeys  … does this promote behaviour change Motivated by own wellbeing (optimal time-use), not environmental issues per se. 3
  3. 3.  Theories  Behavioural economics  Psychology  Technology acceptance Existing evidence  Transport behaviour change  Measuring subjective wellbeing App development and piloting Ethics approval
  4. 4.  homo economicus:- vs. homo (Homer!!) sapiens:- 5
  5. 5. Habit Seminar“Researchers came together from acrossthe UK and Europe to discuss habits at theInstitute of Health & Society at NewcastleUniversity on Monday 23rd April 2012”
  6. 6. Kassinen (2005) adapted TAM for mobile use:
  7. 7. Literature review: measuring subjective well-being
  8. 8. To this ...
  9. 9. And problems that hadn’t occurred to us before ... ‘smileys ‘ vs. ‘sliders’ vs. ‘numeric’
  10. 10. Automatic mode detection
  11. 11. • Iterative • Ensure all • Develop app to • Develop app to development of problems in pilot suit use better suit use better app to improve have been solved • What is the • What is the usability • What is the impact of feeding impact of feeding• Add/ remove impact of feeding back strangers back friends info? features back own info? info?• Recognise issues PILOT TRIAL 1 TRIAL 2 TRIAL 3• The user on his/ • The user on his/ • The user • The user her own her own interacting with interacting with• Interested in • Interested in persons not persons known to change? change? known to them them • Interested in • Interested and change? uninterested in change?
  12. 12. Sampling Traveller ExperiencesToolkit Architecture(1) Researcher Reflect Server Data Database (Trigger vision Question Manager Configures Network Handler Scripts, experience (UI) Sampled Interface survey Data) Rules/Conditi ons Manager (2) Deploy survey XML scripts to chosen user Mobile devices Sensor A Sensor B Sensor C (5) Send Aggregator Aggregator experience Network User Interface responses (3) Contextvision Prefs Context Managermatches surveytrigger condition Callback Handler Question Manager(e.g. arrived at a specific Display/Question location) (4) Appropriate question notification is displayed in-situ & response collected
  13. 13. Presented at “RCUK Digital Economy All Hands event”:Future Work ... Develop a common platform for storing journey data from participants for two EPSRC projects and two TSB projects. • build-up a repository of sensed data (GPS trajectories, journey times, journey experience samples, user- generated content) for travel applications • Minimise ‘cold-start’ problem for future participatory sensing & crowd-sourcing applications • Added-value for existing silos of sensed data REFLECT Driving Tutor Open Platform
  14. 14. Currently debating …feedback of journey experience
  15. 15.