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Chinese pebbles


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Chinese pebbles

  1. 1. A Story about two pebbles with photos of China!
  2. 2. The difference between logical thoughts and “lateral” thoughts.
  3. 3. There was once in a small village a farmer who owed an large sum of money due to be repaid to a very ugly old man.
  4. 4. If the money was not repaid, the law said the farmer would have to go to debtor’s jail.
  5. 5. After a terrible farming season, the father did not have the funds to pay his debt.
  6. 6. However, the farmer had a very pretty daughter that the old lender was sweet on, so the lender proposed a deal:
  7. 7. He said he would cancel the debt if he could marry the farmer’s daughter
  8. 8. .Both the farmer and his daughter were horrified about this proposition
  9. 9. Seeing this, the old lender suggested chance should determine the outcome of his proposition. ..
  10. 10. He told them he would put two pebbles … one black and one white… in an empty money bag,
  11. 11. The daughter would then pick one, without looking …
  12. 12. 1) If she picks a black one, she must marry me And the debt to her father is eliminated…..
  13. 13. 2) If she picks the white pebble, she doesn’t have to marry me but the debt will still be cancelled.
  14. 14. 3) If she refuses to pick a pebble, her father will go to debtor’s prison…
  15. 15. While speaking, the old lender leaned forward and picked up two pebbles.
  16. 16. As he was picking them up, the daughter who had a sharp eye…
  17. 17. noticed he had picked up two black pebbles and put them in the money bag
  18. 18. But, she said nothing.
  19. 19. The old lender asked the daughter to pick a pebble out of the bag
  20. 20. This discussion was taking place on the road in front of the farmer’s house and the road was paved with pebbles
  21. 21. Imagine for an instant what you would have done.
  22. 22. What would you have suggested the daughter to do?
  23. 23. There are 3 possibilities :
  24. 24. 1) The daughter refuses to pick a pebble
  25. 25. 2) The daughter picks out both pebbles revealing the old lender cheated
  26. 26. 3) The daughter picks out a black pebble and sacrifices herself by marrying the old « coot » and saves her father from emprisonment
  27. 27. Take a moment to reflect on this situation
  28. 28. What should she do…?
  29. 29. This story means to illustrate a point…..
  30. 30. The difference between logical thought and so called “lateral”thought.
  31. 31. The daughter’s dilemma cannot be resolved in an equitable manner using traditional logic
  32. 33. Think of the consequences of each of the three possible options.
  33. 35. Here is what the young woman did :
  34. 39. She plunged her hand in the bag picked a pebble and, clumsily dropped it on the ground
  35. 40. Before it could be determined whether it was black or white, it mixed with other pebbles on the ground
  36. 41. Ah ! Sorry!... I sure am clumsy, said the young woman.
  37. 42. But no matter; if I remove the other pebble from the bag ….
  38. 43. we will know which pebble I had picked first, don’t you think?
  39. 44. Since the second pebble was black,
  40. 45. The first one had to have been white…!
  41. 46. . The old lender didn’t dare announce his cheating, ….
  42. 47. The young woman transformed a seemingly impossible situation
  43. 48. Into a very advantageous ending !
  44. 51. Moral of the story:
  45. 52. A solution exists for most problems
  46. 53. It’s just that we don’t always know how to examine all of the angles of the situation
  47. 60. END   M ay your 2011 be full of positive thoughts and wise decisions!