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Job Hunting = Getting Found


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Presentation done 10/9/12 from Chris Wellington aka “The Recruiting Guy” about modern job hunting techniques, tips and tricks to help you get found by professional recruiter, headhunters, HR and hiring managers. The World of Work has changed and so has the way in which we both look for jobs and recruit new talent. In this session, Chris talks to the job seeker about how to get found. He stresses that finding work takes work and a daily plan of action. He shares with us some of these examples and a daily plan example to make the most of your job search time. This is a must read / review for anyone who has not been in the job market for a while or has not been able to find a job using a different approach. Chris is available for questions either through LinkedIn or Twitter.

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Job Hunting = Getting Found

  1. 1. Job Hunting = Getting Found!
  2. 2. •Chris Wellington aka “The Recruiting Guy”•President of The Wellington Group•16+ years in recruiting covering: • Contract / temp staffing • Direct Hire • “Headhunting” • Outsourcing•Advanced education in science; drug development & clinicalresearch•Leading expert in current job searching and recruitingtechniques•Goal = Here to help inform you on both best practices forjob hunting and that opportunity that does exist•Please ask questions or seek me out for clarity
  3. 3. •In a New Position right now•Opportunity to Proactively seek a career change•But, “finding work takes work” • Approach it like a job, have a daily plan and goals • Don’t get tied up in the emotional highs and lows • Leverage your network – “Who Do You Know” • Do the work once, apply it to many resources•Utilize the resources you have such as LHH & ESC•Turn the news off, turn-up your favorite jams on and get to it • Number of Open Jobs in July = 3,700,00o • Number of People Hired in July = 4,200,000“If nothing ever changed, thered be nobutterflies.” ~ Unknown
  4. 4. • Have an open job opportunity to completed (fill)• Post the job both internally and externally• Search the database (tools)• May conduct online searches• Scan their network for a match• Review results based on ranking or comparison• Call and/or email potential match(s)• Common challenges in working with a recruiter • Too many searches too little time • Only interested in key words, no expertise • Many candidates for the same job • They want to quickly review for a match and move on • Need to have full access to your information • No time to chase you
  5. 5. •This is a tool, don’t get emotionally hung-up on it!•Most recruiters and Human Resources use tools to managetheir open jobs and applicants (resumes) • Don’t let your hard work get stuck in the black hole • No cutiesy formats • No PDFs, use Word 03 format • No pictures or overtly personal information•Insure the “objective” or intro matches the job•Repeat key skills and experience throughout • EX: “High-Throughput” • Intro • Each job – where and how much • Skills section•Clear, simple, easy to follow and understand
  6. 6. •What is your purpose? • Don’t think that hitting “send” will get you found! • Don’t over-apply to the same company or job • Don’t send or post your resume everywhere • Do highlight your niche skills and expertise • Do tell recruiters how to best contact you•Examples: • (free for recruiters) • • (free for recruiters) •**Not all Recruiters have access to these tools! Make surethey can find you on free tools and not just the big paid jobboards!
  7. 7. •Has revolutionized the recruiting and job search activities • Increased traffic and speed at which resumes are seen • Made it easier to be found • Careful what you post and say – research on you! • Reply to all inquires•Build 1 profile and leverage the content on all platforms • LinkedIn • Google+ • Twitter • Facebook (Market Place) • (BeKnown)•Ways for people to find your complete profile free & easy • •
  8. 8. •Has become the top tool of recruiters and job seekers • “It’s the new job board” • Networking = Key for success in job search•Best Practices • Get your profile to 100% complete ASAP • Helps your ranking and getting found • Insure your profile matches your resume • Invest in the “Job Seeker” option • Contact details = email and phone # • Professional photo•Groups • 50 main & 50 sub • 100 unique networks to join, all with Job Boards • Send an introduction to each new group
  9. 9. •What is it? • A daily mining of the internet on key search terms • Puts you know about new jobs instantly • Unique advantage in your proactive job search • Emailed to you; instant, daily, weekly, etc•Part of your daily plan•Be specific to target the skills, job titles, and geography•Tools: • • • (saved alerts) • (track a company’s job pages) • LinkedIn (saved search alerts) • Most major job boards
  10. 10. •Find out how/where to send your resume for your daily plan•Customize your resume as needed for that opportunity•Try to send your resume direct to any jobs you find • Get to the source and avoid being “lost” • Insure technology is not working against you•Use quick, targeted cover notes and not lengthy coverletters • Use bullet points to highlight your skills / experience match • How to contact you • When can you interview • When can you start • Your interest in this job/company and why•Call to insure your resume was received for that opportunity • Job boards and tools “hold” or house this data•Track all your activity on your daily plan
  11. 11. •#1 step to getting found and that next great career move•Don’t think that hitting “send” will get you found! • Find out who is the hiring manager or HR / Recruiter • Call and email the company • Send a LinkedIn In-Mail to them • Send them a tweet that you are interested in ABC job•Thank you notes • After every interview•Email notes • Sending people a nice, direct touch via email asking for their help or how you can impact their company•Calls… • “Pick up the phone” • Have a cell # - Try texting
  12. 12. •Make sure you are tracking where and to whom you sendyour resume to: • Which job boards is it on, when does it expire • What job(s) did you apply to and when • What recruiter and for what job or company•Turn this into a daily strategy for managing and followingup • Applies • Emails • Calls • Voicemails • Hand-notes • Social Media messages • Interviews
  13. 13. Job Date Contact Company Last Follow-up ActivitySr Scientist 10/12/12 Jane Smith ABC Pharma Sent resume Email her via Monster today call her tomorrowSr Chemist 10/14/12 Rod Jones MenoBiologics Phone call Give him a from him follow-up callLab Manager 10/14/12 Heather Ruiz Ruiz Recruiting Sent her my Email to resume for insure she her client received and get detailsPrincipal 10/22/12 Mike Mentz ? Did not write He called to Get hisScientist down see if I was number off interested (I my caller ID said yes) and follow-upSr Scientist 10/23/12 ? No Name Not listed on the Applied on- Google job posting – line search to see CareerBuilder who is the #128761 companyNext Next Next Next Next Next
  14. 14. •Q & A • What did you not hear or need to learn more about?“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build adoor.” ~ Milton Berle
  15. 15. For additional / future questions contact The Recruiting Guy: email @ phone @ 910-338-2795 ext 119 Connect with me: LinkedIn @ Twitter @ Facebook @ (comments and posts highly encouraged) MAKE IT A GREAT DAY ~ YOU CHOOSE 