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Practical ways for sales people to use social media to increase sales by Geiger CIO, Dale Denham. Facebook, Linkedin and even Twitter can be used by any sales person to strengthen relationships and gain new clients without being annoying.

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  • @therealdaledenham I must have misunderstood then because in class you had mentioned that the slides were going to be available to the attendees. My apologies.
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  • Hi Maria, I do not make my slides available for download, only for viewing online. You can get most PPAI handouts by visiting and clicking on the session you attended. If they have a handout, it will show in the details.
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  • Hi Dale I attended your seminar at the last PPAI event and in class you had said we could download the presentation using slideshare. I am trying tot download it now but it seems you have disabled the save function. Can you please tell me how I could get a copy of this presentation and of the other PPAI presentations as well
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Practical and tactical social media

  1. 1. Practical & TacticalSocial Media Dale Denham CIO, Geiger
  2. 2. Good Networker?Poor networker in person = Poor online networker
  3. 3. What we will cover• Reasons to be active• Facebook – Assumes strong personal use• LinkedIn – Assumes limited personal use• Twitter – Assumes almost no use• Tips for everyone• Fast paced, take notes!
  4. 4. #1 Reason Salespeople Should Use Social Networking Sites Warm Up Your Cold Calls
  5. 5. Improve your rank
  6. 6. Connect With Business Connections• Industry colleagues• Staff• Friendly clients• All clients, past and future• Do NOT try to connect with people you don’t know on Facebook
  7. 7. Targeting Your Posts• Lists – Close friends – Acquaintances – Restricted – Custom• Setting the defaults
  8. 8. Networking On Facebook – Personal Focus• Listen & observe – What clients/prospects are doing – Learn about families, interests & activities• Interesting pictures – Kids – Events
  9. 9. Networking On Facebook – Business Focus• Status updates at tradeshows – Pictures of cool products – Exciting products with broad appeal
  10. 10. Facebook Business Page• Not recommended• Why should I like your page?• Make page worth following – Unique items – Relevant articles – Easy to update• Vanity URL
  11. 11. Selling on Facebook• DO NOT SELL ON FACEBOOK• It’s about networking, NOT Selling – Slight exception for Business Pages
  12. 12. Advertise on Facebook!• As little as $10 a day – Pay per click – Pay per impression
  13. 13. Tip For Facebook• HAPPY BIRTHDAY! – Send cards, invite people to lunch. – Better yet, send a personalized gift!
  14. 14. LinkedIn• 4 key purposes – Expose credentials to customers – Expose your entire network to you – Find new customers – Learn more about your customers
  15. 15. Why Be Active On LinkedIn• Some people only connect with personal friends on Facebook• Gives you a professional profile• Referrals & introductions• Prospecting & research• Keeping up with job changes• Google/SEO
  16. 16. Getting Started With LinkedIn• Upload your picture, bio and full resume – Dedicate time• Vanity URL• Upload contacts
  17. 17. Recommendations • Strong testimonial • Get endorsements – Suppliers & clients
  18. 18. Endorsements • Showcase your talents – No need to request – Enter best talents • Stay top of mind – Endorse your clients – 1 skill per month
  19. 19. LinkedIn Business Page• Showcase products & services• Spend least time on this• Recommendations are nice, but best on your page
  20. 20. Prospecting On LinkedIn• Advanced search – Getting contact names – You may have connections
  21. 21. What To Do On LinkedIn• Read/Post status updates – Comment on others posts• Endorse skills• Prospecting• Investigative research
  22. 22. Social Media Connectors• Outlook social media connector• Gmail –
  23. 23. Why Tweet?• Google/SEO• Prospecting• Branding• Prospects can connect with you – As long as there is some reason• Most other won’t try – Spend the least time on this
  24. 24. Getting On Twitter• Create your profile• Keep SEO in mind – Vanity URL• Follow suppliers, @geiger, @daledenham, @mashable, etc . – Look who they follow & follow them too
  25. 25. Searching• Use “hash” tags (#PPAIEXPO) – Great for meeting people at events
  26. 26. Advertising
  27. 27. Getting Followers• You need at least 100 followers – Listen – Follow suppliers – Post a few good tweets – Follow a few smart people and RT them – Follow people who follow you – Follow people you want to connect with
  28. 28. Twitter Take Away• Get at least 100 followers• Follow every client & prospect• Retweet anything they say• Reply to any comments• Retweet interesting articles
  29. 29. Twitter Success Story• Single order from NPO in 2008 – No reorders – Could not get past gatekeeper• Followed all her clients – ReTweeted their tweets• June 2009 got Direct Message – Ordered $5k, $4k & working on $2k
  30. 30. Speed Round
  31. 31. Google+
  32. 32. 7 Things You Don’t Know About G+• +1 boosts your rankings• Active G+ users improve rankings• Good for reputation management• Gives you more space to post• Is going to be around a long time• Is a great place for personal pics• Cool video conferencing
  33. 33. Pintrest• Find cool promotional items ON YOUR SITE and pintrest them
  34. 34. Klout• “Measures” your social “clout”• Not critical, but worth signing up for
  35. 35. SlideShare• Great to advertise your success• You never who might download your presentation• Great for SEO (Google)
  36. 36. Hootsuite• Great for posting to multiple sites
  37. 37. How Much Time?• First starting out – ~ 4 hrs (4 wks)• Getting comfortable ~ 2 hrs (2 wks)• Comfortable ~ 15 min a day Use your mobile device!
  38. 38. Rules To Follow On All Sites• Do not sell• Be relevant & transparent• Live as if your mom is watching• Have fun!
  39. 39. Key Points To Remember
  40. 40. Parting Thoughts• LinkedIn is significantly underrated• Practice, Practice, Practice• Personal, light- hearted, interesting, funny, timely and photo- driven content• The more you sell, the less you sell
  41. 41. $ales
  42. 42. ???
  43. 43. Thank