Theralase Expands Board of Directors with Strong Financing Capabilities


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Theralase is currently developing patented Photo Dynamic Compounds (PDCs) that are able to target and destroy cancers, bacteria and viruses when light activated by Theralase’s proprietary and patented laser technology.

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Theralase Expands Board of Directors with Strong Financing Capabilities

  1. 1. Press Release Theralase Expands Board of Directors with Strong Financing CapabilitiesToronto, Ontario – February 1, 2013 -- Theralase Technologies Inc. (TSX-V: TLT) announced thateffective today Mr. Matthew Perraton PFP, FMA, FCSI and Mr. Guy J. Anderson BA, CFP, CIM, FMA,FCSI, MBA have agreed to serve on the companys Board of Directors.Mr. Perraton and Mr. Anderson join Mr. Donald Moore, Mr. Randy Bruder and Mr. Roger Dumoulin-White on the board and will be instrumental in helping Theralase secure the financing required to fuelTheralase’s growth over the next 5 to 10 years.Mr. Perraton brings over 13 years of financial experience to Theralase, most recently as a FinancialPlanner for TD Waterhouse. Prior to his current position, Mr. Perraton held progressively higherpositions with BMO Nesbitt Burns and Bank of Nova Scotia.Mr. Perraton stated that, “I am delighted to join the board at Theralase, as I am absolutely convincedthat Theralase is on the right path for shareholder value with both their therapeutic laser technologyfor healing tissue and their Photo Dynamic Compound (PDC) technology for destroying cancer. Theirtechnology is far superior to anything I have seen on the market and properly financed I see greatopportunities for Theralase in the near term”.Mr. Anderson brings over 16 years of financial experience to Theralase, most recently as a WealthManagement and Personal Finance Advisor with the Investment Planning Counsel. Prior to his currentposition, Mr. Anderson held progressively higher positions with Franklin Templeton InvestmentsCanada, T.E. Financial and Bank of Nova Scotia.Mr. Anderson stated that, “I have followed the progress of Theralase over the last 4 to 5 years andhave been amazed that the company has been able to advance such cutting-edge technology on a shoestring budget. I join Matt in saying that properly capitalized there is nothing that stands in the way ofTheralase’s success. Their technology is not only the best on the market, but their management teamhas demonstrated an ability to survive in choppy markets and to advance the technology to the pointthat it is ready to grow in leaps and bounds”.Roger Dumoulin-White, President and CEO, Theralase Technologies Inc. stated, “I am pleased that Mattand Guy have agreed to serve on our Board of Directors. They both have broad experience in financialmanagement, regulatory compliance and strategic planning and both possess the vision and financialacumen to drive Theralase forward to achieve our full potential. I welcome Matt and Guy to the boardand am confident that both will serve the company and the shareholders well during their tenure.”Mr. Dumoulin-White also stated, “We are all saddened by the loss of our long time board member Mr.John “Jack” Murphy late last year and we would like to take this opportunity to express our profoundcondolences to Jack’s family. He was a strong member of our team, an insightful director and always apleasure to work with. His business judgment and knowledge will be sorely missed”.
  2. 2. Press ReleaseAbout Theralase Technologies Inc.:Theralase Technologies Inc., founded in 1995, designs, develops, manufactures and markets patented,superpulsed laser technology utilized in biostimulation and biodestruction applications. Theralasetechnology is safe and effective in treating pain, inflammation and for tissue regeneration of neuralmuscular skeletal conditions and wound healing. Theralase is currently developing patented PhotoDynamic Compounds (PDCs) that are able to target and destroy cancers, bacteria and viruses whenlight activated by Theralase’s proprietary and patented laser technology.For further information please visit , regulatory filings may be viewed by press release contains forward-looking statements, which reflect the Companys current expectations regarding future events. The forward-lookingstatements involve risks and uncertainties. Actual results could differ materially from those projected herein. The Company disclaims any obligation toupdate these forward-looking statements.Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchanges) acceptsresponsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.For More InformationRoger Dumoulin-WhitePresident & CEO416-694-7246 ext. 225rwhite@theralase.comKristina HacheyChief Financial Officer416-694-7246 ext. 224khachey@theralase.comArkady MandelChief Scientific Officer416-694-7246 ext. 242amandel@theralase.comGreg BewshDirector of Investor Relations416-694-7246 ext.