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Facebook Social Plugins: Best Practices for Content Publishers

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Facebook Social Plugins: Best Practices for Content Publishers

  1. 1. Facebook Social Plugins Best Practices on Content Sites Rahmin Sarabi / Future US 4-23-10
  2. 2. Home Page friend’s activity social plugin
  3. 3. Story Page like/recommend button
  4. 4. Home Page recommended content social plugin
  5. 5. Home Page “like” is the new vote friend’s activity social plugin
  6. 6. Story Page “like” is the new vote recommendation social plugin
  7. 7. User Page user’s can be “liked” too (similar to an entity)
  8. 8. Story Page like button recommended content social plugin
  9. 9. Entity Page like button allows Huffington Post to push items to a user’s news feed related to the entity
  10. 10. Entity Page like button they make entities for almost any tag they can imagine related to a story - must be editorial result:
  11. 11. conclusions • Facebook has minimized the LOE of introducing social plugins, making integration ROI net positive almost immediately • The “like button” is a no-brainer on an individual piece of content; easier for users than today’s “share” • Getting a user to “like” an entity or user is even more powerful; a publisher can then push content related to that entity/user to their news feed • Recommended content plugins have potential to help users navigate through additional site content with very low LOE
  12. 12. aside - chat bar sponsorable sponsorable
  13. 13. aside - chat bar expanded