Radiation Norms in India


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The deck highlights the concerns of people related to cell-towers in India today. The presentation directs people to authentic bodies like DoT which takes care of regulation & other radiation related public concerns. It acts as a guide to all the radiation related issues in India.

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Radiation Norms in India

  1. 1. Radiation NormsinIndia
  2. 2. India & Cell-Towers
  3. 3. India & Cell-towers• India has a wide telecom subscription base, subsequentlymany cell-phone towers installed• However, off late many people have been talking about theradiation emitted by these towers & consequent healthconcernsSome public concernsexaggerated by Media
  4. 4. Result of the concerns...• Eventually this public concerns lead to the‘fear’• Fear leads to inclination towards the somefake ‘Radiation detection products’• These products are neither authorized byGovt. nor standarized by any authentic body• They are just fake products sold by cleavermarketeers to fool the public
  5. 5. Do you use such products to testthe radiation levels?
  6. 6. If yes. Then you probably made awrong choice..... Because, the products are fake & not authorized bygovernment!Test conducted by DoT on Anti-Radiation Productshttp://www.slideshare.net/theradiationdoctor/nesa-radiation-detector-detex-189-faults-unleashed-by-dot
  7. 7. Are these concerns valid?• The claims are actually rubbish because the there areradiation exposure limits set by the DoT & its monitoring wingTERM Cell• All the cell-towers comply by the radiation limits specified byDoT & hence the weak EMF cause no harm• Hence, it zero’s down to fact that the radiation emission isunder permissible limits
  8. 8. Then, which source do we trust?Authentic government body – specially forradiation measurementDoTs TERM Cell!
  9. 9. TERM Cell• DoT and the Telecom Enforcement Resource and Monitoring(TERM) cells are sole authorities responsible for enforcingnorms as well as compliance with respect to cell-phonetowers and EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation levels• TERM Cells have carried out the testing of radiation levels for1770 BTSs and found that the radiations levels are incompliance of ICNIRP prescribed levels in all the tested BTSs
  10. 10. About DoT• Telecom services have been recognized the world-over as animportant tool for socio-economic development for a nation andhence telecom infrastructure is treated as a crucial factor to realizethe socio-economic objectives in India.• Accordingly, the Department of Telecom has been formulatingdevelopmental policies for the accelerated growth of thetelecommunication services.• The Department is also responsible for grant of licenses for varioustelecom services like Unified Access Service Internet and VSATservice.• The Department is also responsible for frequency management inthe field of radio communication in close coordination with theinternational bodies.• It also enforces wireless regulatory measures by monitoringwireless transmission of all users in the country.
  11. 11. Following are its Public SectorUnits• Telecoms Engineering Center (TEC)• Center For Development Of Telemetric ( C- DOT )• Telecom Enforcement ResearchMaintenance( TERM )• Telecom Regulatory Authority Of INDIA ( TRAI)• Telecom Dispute Settlement Appelet Treatment( TDSAT)• Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited MTNL• Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited BSNL
  12. 12. What does it do?• DoT does timely R&D on cell-phone towers &radiations• The TERM Cell tests up to 10% of new BTS sitesrandomly at its discretion.• Additionally, the BTS sites against which there arepublic complaints is also tested by TERM Cell.• The testing is done as per procedures prescribed byTelecom Engineering Centre (TEC) from time to time.• Also, before installation of towers, Service Providersare required to obtain necessary clearances fromconcerned Municipal Authorities / local bodies whereverrequired.
  13. 13. What if the site does not abide to thenorms?If a site fails to meet the EMR criterion, a penalty of Rs. 5 lakhshall be levied per BTS per service provider. Service providersmust meet the criterion within one month of the report ofTERM cell in such cases, after which the site will be shutdown.
  14. 14. Further Research on Radiations –Report by Sachin Pilot
  15. 15. Further Research on Radiations – Report bySachin Pilot• Further, to examine the effect of EMF Radiation from base stationsand mobile phones, DoT has constituted an Inter-ministerialcommittee consisting of officers from DoT, Indian Council ofMedical Research, Ministry of Health, Department of Biotechnologyand Ministry of Environment and Forest.• Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) in its report has indicated thatmost of the laboratory studies were unable to find a direct linkbetween exposure to radio frequency radiation and health;• Scientific studies as yet have not been able to confirm a cause-and-effect relationship between radio frequency radiation and health.• The effect of emission from cell phone towers is not known yet withcertainty. Further, the committee had also suggested certainsafeguards.
  16. 16. What can I do if I have a doubt about radiationemissions of the cell-tower near me?TERM Cell is the answer to all questions!DoT/TERM cell is the single point regulatorycompliance for EMF regulations & EMF relatedissuesThey will monitor the radiation levels in your area.And its just a call away!
  17. 17. TERM Cell Websitehttp://
  18. 18. • Lot of people panic when they hear aboutradiation & EMF• Hence, some anti-radiation groups play upon thepanic of people• Thus, they mislead them into believing thatradiation is emitted beyond certain level & isharmful• People should rather trust an authentic & credibleGovernment body like DoT which works in favor ofcommon manConclusion
  19. 19. http://theradiationdoctor.wordpress.com/