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Industries Selling on Consumer Fear


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Presentation on how marketeers uses to fear to sell their products & fool the public eventually. It also exposes the fake products created by anti-radiation industry, using the element of fear.

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Industries Selling on Consumer Fear

  1. 1. Industries Selling onConsumer Fear
  2. 2. FearAn unpleasant emotion caused by the belief thatsomeone or something is dangerous, likely tocause pain, or a threat.
  3. 3. Use of Fear to ‘Sell’• Everyone is afraid of something• But regardless of what each individual might be afraid of,there is no doubt that fear sellsSaffola Vegetable Oil - Usesfear of heart diseases, if‘healthy’ saffola oil is notused
  4. 4. Use of Fear to ‘Sell• But few products actually solve a person’s fears but ratherplacate it temporarily• Such products play with the consumer’s mind, who think theywon’t be safe unless they keep buying the product• That’s how fear profits a marketeerYour kids won’t grow up tobecome - taller, stronger, sharperif they don’t drink Horlicks,
  5. 5. Some elaborated examples...
  6. 6. Beauty Industry – Fair & LovelyFair & Lovely invokes fear of darker skin,thus offering Fair & Lovely as the ultimate solution
  7. 7. The anti-germ industryConsumers’ paranoia about dirt and germs is so aggravated thatthings like anti-bacterial chopsticks actually sell
  8. 8. The Weight Loss IndustryIf you’re carrying around a few extra pounds, though, that doesn’tmean you’re unattractive. But the weight loss industry would likeyou to think you are.
  9. 9. Some companies which use fear tosell!• There are many companies ‘Fear’ as a Successful Marketing Tool• Be it security industry or insurance company, fear is indispensablepart of their Integrated Marketing Communication!• Hence, by successfully manipulating people’s emotions, industriestake a bite out of you by playing on your fear.
  10. 10. Solution – Their Products!
  11. 11. Industries that prominently use fear• The beauty industry• The anti-germ industry• The weight loss industry• Doctors• The children’s products industry• The environmental industry• The self-help industry• Advocay group• Fraudsters• Niche Experts• The mediaSource:
  12. 12. Ultimate use of Fear!Anti – Radiation Industry
  13. 13. Some quick facts about Radiation!• Many believe that cell-phone towers emit harmful radiation• However, the radiofrequency fields (RF) emitted from celltowers or antennas are mild and weak and so do not causeany damage to human health• Even international credible bodies like, WHO, ICNIRP & EUhave stated that Radiation are not hazardous as pictured bysome groups with vested interest• Niether there is any scientific evidence till date that weak RFrays is the reason for harmful and major health effects
  14. 14. How Fear helps the marketeers!• These groups, together state that cell-phone towerradiation is extremely dangerous, thus public needsto ‘protected’ – Solution – Their Products!PC GuardComputer Radiation ShieldATR-GLSAnti radiation Glass24K-ZodiacAnti Radiation Sticker
  15. 15. • These self-proclaimed experts make false claims thatif people use some anti-radiation products like –shields, anti-radiation clothes, mobile stickers, etc• They are imbibing the element of ‘fear’ amongst themasses• This fear acts to their advantage, and they achievetheir ultimate goal - PROFIT
  16. 16. Some elements used to provoke fearSeries of scary images are used to prove a point& invoke fear
  17. 17. Some Anti-Radiation Products AdsThere has been no explanation on how can a product work as a shiledagainst radiation & negative energies both
  18. 18. Some Anti-Radiation Products AdsMobile-chips are noting but mere piece of plastic,such claims are false & misleading
  19. 19. Anti-Radiation Products – Fake!• Such products make a false claim – the radiationemitted by cell-phone tower is so weak, that it canbe obstructed merely by a milk carton.• The main intention of the product is to sell – hencethe trick includes ‘make-to-believe.’• Marketeers clearly use the elemnt of puffery, theseproducts are neither standarized nor authorized.• Such marketeers disguise themselves as ‘Activist’ andpropagate anti-radiation agenda, to serve theirinterest.
  20. 20. Anti-Radiation Products – Fake!
  21. 21. Innocent people get fooled out of fear &marketeers do what they are best known for -
  22. 22. So would you still prefer to believe thefraudsters claiming to sell so-called ‘anti-radiation products’?Or woul you rely on facts & know that suchproducts are merely to fool you!Choice is your!
  23. 23.