How mobile phones are helping farmers in India


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Technology has made life very simple! And this has extended even to agriculture. Know how cell-phones are acting as Indian farmers best friend these days. Explore this deck to know more.

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How mobile phones are helping farmers in India

  1. 1. How mobile phones are helpingfarmers in India
  2. 2. Farmers Say...Atul Bharve, a farmer from Marathwadasaid..."When the rains didnt arrive in earlyJune, I panicked. But that crucial SMSfrom Nokia was a lifeline of sorts formy family."
  3. 3. Kapil Mehta, a traditional paddy farmer fromSabakantha district in northern Gujarat –- Took up sorghum cultivation, which requires lesswater- This was in line with a voice message advisory fromIffco Kisan Sanchar, a joint venture between mobilecarrier Bharti Airtel and fertiliser firm Iffco.
  4. 4. When population is huge, and the agricultural spacefor feeding the population is very less, every farmeris concerned about:MonsoonsWeather reportType of seedsType of soilLand irrigation methods Time of plantation and many more attributes
  5. 5. The reason for the concern might be:The information inequality among the mass of thefarmers that lead to an asymmetric information andhence devious results in farming.
  6. 6. Hence to overcome the problems of communicationbarriers & information unavailability– Governmentdeviced the best solution for farmers.The solution is one of the best contemporarymedium of all times:‘Mobile Phone for Every Farmer’
  7. 7. How it helps???Through mobile technology farmers can now readilyavail information like the weather forecast, croppingpatterns, etc. which are critical to a good harvestThe farmers receive messages and information intheir vernacular language via handsetLeads to better informed decisionsBenchmarking in norms, calls and practices infarmingAdded benefits leading to crop rotation, and betteryield
  8. 8. How it helps???Lead to better farming methods, as attained throughsymmetric information on the attributes mentionedaboveFarmers are not dependent on the weather ormonsoon predictionThere is a reduction of time, and wastage of the fieldusageThere is a benefit to the microfinance companies, asthey would bundle calls, promotions, seedinformation through voice short messaging servicesor text messages
  9. 9. Can this lead to ‘Mobile Revolution’ inagriculture?
  10. 10. If some authentic sources are to be believed –Agriculture is already witnessing ‘Mobile Revolution’Government policies have made proliferation of#cell-phones & eventually technologyOutlook Business in its special issue of Oct 2008stated that --“Indian agriculture is ready for a makeover. Fourteenstories from the fields that show the way ahead”
  11. 11. Some InitiativesGovernmet & private service providers have facilitatedmany of the ‘agri-advisory’ services that aid farmersiKisan Kisan Mitra e-ChoupalNokia Life Tools
  12. 12. Technology has made life very simple!And this has extended even to agricultureIts a known fact that agriculture in India isvulnerable to natural as well as man-made factors,technology acts as a shield against such unavoidablesituationsConsidering the same, GOI has ensured that everyfarmer in the counrty is equipped with handsets,which is also essential to bridge a Urban-Ruraldigital divide
  13. 13. Thank You