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Social media stats of the month - January


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The second in a series of monthly social media stats round-ups, from Rabbit ( Dirk Singer, more details on his blog -

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Social media stats of the month - January

  1. 1. 10 things we learned in December Dirk Singer / Twitter & Instagram - @dirktherabbitStats of the month - January 2012
  2. 2. It accounts for 20% of Internet In fact, there are time. Social now morenetworking sites Facebook usersnow reach 82% of worldwide than the worlds Buddhistsonline population (Rune Leth (Comscore) Andersen)Social networking has become the world’s mostpopular online activity
  3. 3. "Social is running out of hours. Social is also running out of people" George Colony, Forrester Forrester says social media only slightly less popular than shopping and childcareAt the same time, social media may be reaching saturation point in many markets
  4. 4. As a result, the growth area for social remains emerging marketsAccording to Pew Research, out of 20 countries surveyed, the top three for the % of thetotal population on social media were Israel (53%), USA (50%) and the UK (50%)However, looking at the % of the Internet population on social media, the top three are : Indonesia - 86% Russia - 84% Egypt - 82%
  5. 5. But Twitter has Facebook may shaped the news have the numbers agenda Twitter was the most cited social network in the media in 2011, beating Facebook in 10/12 months -including Sept when Facebooks new features were launched (Highbeam Research)
  6. 6. The Internet isBritains 2nd biggestnews source• According to Oliver & Ohlbaum:• 75% use the TV for news• 68% the Internet• 54% newspapers• and 33% mobile
  7. 7. In the UK, 18% read a printed national newspaper less due to social media use. In Australia the figure is 21% and in the US it is 15% (Ofcom)Social media continues to chip away at traditional media use
  8. 8. 51% of 18-24 year olds in the UK, 53% in the US, 61% in France and 61% in Italy use social channels for breaking news (Ofcom)Younger and female users of social media use itas a prime news source
  9. 9. 38% of Internet 29% often discuss what theyconsumers have used a are watching on TV in real-social network to time online (Motorola)recommend a TVprogrammeSocial TV continues to grow in importance
  10. 10. Never mind how many Android vs iPhone handsets are sold:61% of European non PC Internet traffic comes from Apple iDevices, whilein the US 92% of mobile purchases were made via iPhones and iPads in Dec(Comscore / RichRelevance) Apple dominates the mobile web
  11. 11. Instagram on track to becoming the worldsbiggest mobile social network, overtakingFoursquare (SocialFresh)
  12. 12. CreditsImages -rich_w - Moes - Yourdon - Squid - and - Thomson - - - - - post with links is up at http://liesdamnedliesstatistics.comLast month’s stats presentation can be found at -