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Social media stats of the month - December


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The 1st of a series of monthly presentations by Dirk Singer from Rabbit looking at 10 social media stats from the previous month.

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Social media stats of the month - December

  1. Stats of the month December 2011
  2. Year on year daily newspaper sales are down 600k - this is part of a long term trend which saw the UK print newspaper market shrink by 21% and the US by 30% between 2007-2009 (OECD)Print newspaper readers are becoming an extinct speciesLast year the equivalent of Glasgow stopped buying a national daily paper
  3. Trust in online media is rising at the expenseof traditional media trustSocial media trust - 36% vs 33%Print newspaper trust - 34% vs 46%(OFCOM - NB, pre hacking scandals)
  4. 77% 57% 62%Not only do more consumers now get their newsonline - they pay more attention to online news(% of an article read - online news / tabloid / broadsheet)
  5. 20% of media time is simultaneous - 16-24 year olds in Attention spans - particular fit 9.5 Computer use / hours of media gaming is high, time into 6.5 live radio and TV hours of actual is low timeMedia stacking means less TV ad eye balls + more runningcommentary on what’s being seen
  6. When it comes to deciding what to buy - onlineusers trust each other (For product info, 63% prefer consumerratings, 50% a company website, 15% a company’s Facebook page)
  7. Super-fans and advocates are: ◦ 70% more likely to be seen as a reliable source of information Increase conversions by 166% through content amplification and referrals ◦ Reduce the cost of overall product support by 60% ◦ Are 50% more likely to create content that influences a purchase ◦ Are 83% more likely to share informationThey may not trust your Facebook page, but they do trust thesuper-fans and advocates on it
  8. Socially engaged customers spendmore“Customers who engage with companies over socialmedia spend 20 percent to 40 percent more moneywith those companies than other customers.”
  9. In the ‘EU5’ women aged 45-54 spend twice as long on “Social moms” are more social media as their male likely to post a status update, counterparts, and show the comment or follow a brand second highest usage patterns overallWomen - especially mothers - are increasingly socialmedia power users
  10. When customers walkaround in-storechances are they arelooking at theirphones, not the P.O.S
  11. 2010 - US Red Cross 2011 - Hurricane says the expected Irene, JetBlue response to an manages responses in ‘emergency’ on social an average of 11 media is an hour minutes, Delta in 14The standard for replying to customers online is nowas low as ten minutes
  12. Any questions, get in touch! Dirk, Bridey or Cat @therabbitagency 0208 123 9541