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Using images to inspire and engage online


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A webinar given by @dirktherabbit for Eye for Travel on 10 July on how brands can use imagery online to inspire and engage

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Using images to inspire and engage online

  1. “A picture shows me at a glance what it takes dozens of pages of a book to expound” Ivan Turgenev Leica M8.2 by Photoyong Image-sharing and online engagement Eyefortravel Webinar 10 July 2012
  2. On Instagram - My blog - On Twtter - dirktherabbit dirktherabbitSome of the places you can find me(and where I work -
  3. What I’m going totalk about• The importance of the “imagesphere” in social media• The networks to be aware of• Two examples of what we did for bmibaby (Instagram), and bmi (Pinterest)• What you should do about it• Some resources to find out more The Camera - Jose Paulo Carvalho Pereira
  4. “A noticeable trend this year is beautiful apps or websites. Its all part of a larger trend that Im calling The Visual Web, meaning that images and video are becoming an increasingly important part of what we consume online.” (Richard McManus, Read Write Web) “Welcome to the imagesphere” (Luminate)Images are an increasingly important partof online communications
  5. #airport - 300k #hotel - 301k #beach - images on images 471k images Instagram @diegobeyro @instafifini @gunjonEspecially in travel, photography evokes memories,emotions. It’s a powerful form of story-tellingAnd now, it can be shared with thousands with a single click
  6. Instagram is now the world’s argest (international) mobile social network at 56 million users Digital camera sales are down 29% over the past five years (Mintel) - especially hard hit, A year ago entry level cameras Pinterest accounted for 0.68% of social media referrals to e-commerce sites. Now it accounts for 26%This is happening - has your business caught up withthe trend?
  7. These should be on your radar Instagram - Flickr - still the Pinterest - the Tumblr - the world’s largest world’s largest social media story world’s largest mobile social photo sharing of 2012. Pin blogging platform, network, 56 network images from high visual + million users anywhere around accessible the web to boardsAlso Socialcam and Jux - new Tumblr Streamzoo and Viddy - alternative Tadaa- two niche ‘Instagram of Instagram video’ versions
  8. The bmi Pinterest lottery
  9. 2 - Users re- 1 - We created 3 - Every week we pinned up to six destination boards chose a winning ‘numbers’ (pins) and numbered number, which got to their own ‘pins’ free flights boardsThe bmi Pinterest lottery - how did it work?
  10.  “Considering the novelty of the social network and the fact that most images are automatically re- shared on the users’ twitter and facebook profiles, the level of engagement represented by these numbers is considerable, especially for a niche carrier like BMI.” (Simpliflying)The bmi Pinterest lottery - Outcome
  11. bmibaby MyEurope
  12. 1 - Challenges, 2 - Real world 3 - Visual launched by local ‘instameets’ inspiration guides influencers, where we brought on the bmibaby around bmibaby super-fans from site pulling in the destinations different countries challenge hash- together tagsMy Europe - how did it work?
  13. 1 - 50,000 unique pieces of visual content submitted 2 - Extensive media coverage, one of the most successful Instagram campaigns ever 3 - Award winning, 2x winners, 2x short listed digital industry awardsOutcome
  14. So what now?• Register your profiles, think about what you are going to do with them• Carry out an audit to see what your customers / passengers / guests are doing online now• Educate your staff so they understand the potential benefit of customer + smartphone camera• Positively encourage and channel customers to take and share images - for example via physical prompts
  15. More on those stats (see later)• @brideyrae’s presentation on My Europe europe-an-instagram-campaign-for-bmibaby• Digital camera sales down 29% sales-slump-as-more-944296• Socialcam and Viddy users - socialcam-vs-viddy-and-the-curious-calculus-of-picking-the-most-popular-app/• Tumblr to overtake blog as a search term - whod-have-thought-tumblr-to-soon-overtake-blog-on-google-searches/• Has Pinterest overtaken Tumblr? overtaken-tumblr-united-states/• Facebook posts that include an album have 180%+ engagement 2012/04/28/visual-social-network-infographic/• Six reasons why images are important - powerful-reasons-why-you-should-include-images-in-your-marketing-infographic-0185560#• Pinterest now accounts for 26% of social media e-commerce referrals http:// referrals.html
  16. Thanks for your time! Dirk Singer Twitter / Instagram - @dirktherabbit Rabbit -