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Purple cow 2012 (referrals button)


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Purple cow 2012 (referrals button)

  1. 1. 2012Referrals 5pg
  2. 2. Purple Cow 2012 Referrals 1 Purple Cow Referral Program:If YOU: 1) are an existing Client of PurpleCow, 2) have your own list of SME clients,and 3) would like to create an additionalincome stream that is passive & recurring(from referrals that build up yearly, withouthaving to start from scratch every January),give me a call! If our minds meet, it’s a ‘Go.’Spread the Good News of Purple Cow to SME Nation!
  3. 3. Purple Cow 2012 Referrals 2 Program Mechanics:The Purple Cow Referral Program pays out10% of GRA’s net commission every year –as long as your Client renews. Your referralfees will reflect their payment mode:annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly.If you build up a big block of business, youmay even get a 10% override on sub-agents.Spread the Good News of Purple Cow to SME Nation!
  4. 4. Purple Cow 2012 Referrals 3 GRA Backroom Administration:GRA will pay you checks directly. Whateverarrangement you make with sub-agents isup to you, but GRA will not pay sub-agents.GRA will process checks as-earned weekly,and will not allow referrers to get involved inservicing, billing & collections. GRA will alsonot process any cash advances for agents.Spread the Good News of Purple Cow to SME Nation!
  5. 5. Purple Cow 2012 Referrals 4 Purple Cow Marketing & Sales:Purple Cow will pursue referrals accordingto its own marketing and sales priorities,and will not allow referrers to get involvedin any of the sales and renewal processes.Clients will have the final say on their ownaccounts, regardless of what the Referrerwants, or what Purple Cow recommends.Spread the Good News of Purple Cow to SME Nation!