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Purple cow 2012 (dental button)


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Purple cow 2012 (dental button)

  1. 1. 2012Dental 8pg
  2. 2. Purple Cow 2012 EB Primer 2What are the most common EB? • Paid vacations, 75% • Health insurance, 61% • Paid sick leave, 59% • Disability insurance, 41% • Education reimbursement, 39% • Pension plan, 30% • Life insurance, 29% • Dental insurance, 24% - Small Business Poll on Compensating Employees (NFIB, US: 2003)All 4 insurance benefits are offered by Purple Cow
  3. 3. Purple Cow 2012 Benefits 3 3 Major Employee Benefits LIFE – ACCIDENT – HEALTH 3a. MEDICAL HMO1. LIFE INSURANCE 3b. Optional DENTAL HMO 3c. Optional APE2. ACCIDENT INSURANCE 3d. WELLNESS PROGRAM
  4. 4. Purple Cow 2012 Benefits 4 Benefit Summary LIFE – ACCIDENT – HEALTH1. Life = 5x MBL 13. Access to Big 5 Hospitals & Healthway2. Terminal Illness = up to 50% of 5x MBL 14. 100% Pre-Existing Conditions coverage3. Total & Perm. Disability Income = 5x MBL 15. 100% Congenital Conditions coverage4. Accidental Death = 5x MBL 16. 100% Special Procedures coverage5. Murder = 5x MBL 17. Benefits on top of Philhealth6. Accidental Disablement = __% of 5x MBL 18. Pooled Employee utilization7. Assault = __% of 5x MBL 19. Separate Dependent utilization8. Medical = HMO buffet of benefits 20. Optional Dental = HMO buffet of benefits9. Combined inpatient & outpatient limits 21. Optional APE = choice of mobile or clinic10. Max. Benefit Limits per disability per year 22. Free Wellness Program11. HMO patient for no-cash-out 23. Same benefits for Dependents12. Private patient for HMO reimbursement 24. Access through Social Media
  5. 5. Purple Cow 2012 Benefits 5 3b. Optional Dental HMO (nationwide) HP DENTAL (790 dentists, 659 clinics) EXCLUSIONS1. (1) permanent filling 1. Dental procedures not included in the list of 10 benefits2. (2) oral prophylaxes 2. Reimbursements for seeing your own dentist3. Unlimited consultations4. Simple tooth extractions if indicated5. Temporary fillings when indicated6. Gum treatment except for alveolectomy/gingivectomy 17. Simple adjustment of dentures +Access to HP Dental-accredited clinics in SM, Market2, Festival, Robinson’s, Shangrila, and ATC malls.8. Re-cementation of fixed bridges/crowns/jackets/inlays/onlays +Dental card and booklet provided, as well as an9. Treatment of pain/lesions/wounds/burns orientation and an annual utilization report.10. Emergency dental procedures if necessary +Discounts available on procedures not included in the dental HMO plan.+Appointment preferred (unless emergency) Optional Nationwide Dental HMO: +/- P300 Optional Dental HMO benefits are covered on top of Medical HMO benefits
  6. 6. Purple Cow 2012 Competitive Advantages 6 Why Purple Cow?3 Major Employee Benefits in 1 Plan: You get Group Life, Accident & Health (medical HMO, optional dental HMO,optional APE, and Wellness) – all in 1 plan. (Unlike most HMO plans)You get all the Employee Benefits you will ever need
  7. 7. Purple Cow 2012 Competitive Advantages 7 Why Purple Cow? Optional Dental HMO Network: You can get 1 permanent filling, 2 oral prophylaxes, and 8 other benefits from 790 dentists and 659 clinics nationwide. (Unlike some HMO plans)You can go to SM/ Market2/ Festival/ Robinson’s/ Shangrila/ ATC
  8. 8. Purple Cow 2012 Summary 8 ♠ What’s in it for…Employees? EE Features EE BenefitsA complete Employee Benefits package You get more financial security fromthat can make you financially secure Purple Cow than from any other HMOLife INS, Accident INS, Medical HMO, You won’t need to get any moreOptional Dental HMO & Optional APE insurance benefits for yourselfNationwide Medical & Dental networks, You can use any accredited hospitalinclusive of all major hospitals & clinics or clinic for medical or dental treatmentChoice of doctor as a Private Patient for You can see your own doctor and getinsurance reimbursement at HMO rates reimbursed the rate of an HMO doctor100% Pre-Existing, 100% congenital, You are covered for existing illnesses,& 100% Special Procedures coverage natal conditions, & special proceduresEmployee Benefits on top of Philhealth You get full HMO + Philhealth benefitsAccess to benefit information through You can take charge of your ownC3 on & Facebook health, and know before you go1 health card for every employee You can avail anytime, anywhere