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Purple cow 2012 (accident button)

  1. 1. 2012Accident 15pg
  2. 2. Purple Cow 2012 Value Proposition 2 More VALUE…Purple Cow gives you all 3 of today’s majoremployee benefits in 1 package, designedto provide multiple layers of protection: Group Life: P50,000 – P1,000,000 Group Accident: P50,000 – P1,000,000 Group Health: P10,000 – P200,000 You can get MORE benefits for ALL of your staff
  3. 3. Purple Cow 2012 EB Primer 3What are the most common EB? • Paid vacations, 75% • Health insurance, 61% • Paid sick leave, 59% • Disability insurance, 41% • Education reimbursement, 39% • Pension plan, 30% • Life insurance, 29% • Dental insurance, 24% - Small Business Poll on Compensating Employees (NFIB, US: 2003)All 4 insurance benefits are offered by Purple Cow
  4. 4. Purple Cow 2012 EB Primer 4 What makes Insurance ‘sulit?’• LIFE INSURANCE provides you with instant cash in the event of death or total and permanent disability; (.25% of population between 18-65)• ACCIDENT INSURANCE provides you with instant cash in the event of accidental death or disablement; (10% of inpatient & outpatient cases)• HEALTH INSURANCE (medical insurance or HMO) protects you from losing money in the event of sickness or accident. (10% inpatient / 300% outpatient) Insurance saves you from losing your money
  5. 5. Purple Cow 2012 Benefits 5 3 Major Employee Benefits LIFE – ACCIDENT – HEALTH 3a. MEDICAL HMO1. LIFE INSURANCE 3b. Optional DENTAL HMO 3c. Optional APE2. ACCIDENT INSURANCE 3d. WELLNESS PROGRAM
  6. 6. Purple Cow 2012 Benefits 6 Benefit Summary LIFE – ACCIDENT – HEALTH1. Life = 5x MBL 13. Access to Big 5 Hospitals & Healthway2. Terminal Illness = up to 50% of 5x MBL 14. 100% Pre-Existing Conditions coverage3. Total & Perm. Disability Income = 5x MBL 15. 100% Congenital Conditions coverage4. Accidental Death = 5x MBL 16. 100% Special Procedures coverage5. Murder = 5x MBL 17. Benefits on top of Philhealth6. Accidental Disablement = __% of 5x MBL 18. Pooled Employee utilization7. Assault = __% of 5x MBL 19. Separate Dependent utilization8. Medical = HMO buffet of benefits 20. Optional Dental = HMO buffet of benefits9. Combined inpatient & outpatient limits 21. Optional APE = choice of mobile or clinic10. Max. Benefit Limits per disability per year 22. Free Wellness Program11. HMO patient for no-cash-out 23. Same benefits for Dependents12. Private patient for HMO reimbursement 24. Access through Social Media
  7. 7. Purple Cow 2012 Benefits 7 2. Accident Insurance (worldwide) ASIANLIFE1. Accidental Death 5x MBL 3. Disablement _% 5x MBL2. Murder 5x MBL 4. Assault _% 5x MBL+Principals 18yo-65yo; Dependents 30dy-22yo / 18yo-65yo +Principals 18yo-65yo; Dependents 30dy-22yo / 18yo-65yo1. Accidental Death = 5x MBL, for death 3. Disablement = __% of 5x MBL, accordingfrom any type of accident; to a long schedule of indemnities;2. Murder = 5x MBL, in lieu of the Accidental 4. Assault = __% of 5x MBL, in lieu of theDeath benefit, for death not due to accident Disablement benefit, for disability not duebut murder (provoked or not). to accident but assault (provoked or not).Example: Example:If MBL = 20T, Accidental Death or Murder = 100,000; If MBL = 20T, Disability or Assault = __% of 100,000;If MBL = 40T, Accidental Death or Murder = 200,000; If MBL = 40T, Disability or Assault = __% of 200,000;If MBL = 60T, Accidental Death or Murder = 300,000; If MBL = 60T, Disability or Assault = __% of 300,000;If MBL = 80T, Accidental Death or Murder = 400,000; If MBL = 80T, Disability or Assault = __% of 400,000;If MBL = 100T, Accidental Death or Murder = 500,000. If MBL = 100T, Disability or Assault = __% of 500,000. Accident benefits are payable on top of Life & Medical HMO benefits
  8. 8. Purple Cow 2012 Benefits 8 2. Accident Insurance… LONG SCHEDULE OF INDEMNITIES1. Life (same as Accidental Death) 100% 14. Middle finger 6%2. Both hands or feet or sight of both eyes 100% 15. Ring finger 5%3. One hand and one foot 100% 16. Little finger 4%4. Either hand or foot and sight of one eye 100% 17. Metacarpals 1st/2nd - 3rd/4th/5th 3% - 2%5. Injuries resulting in being perm. bedridden 100% 18. Leg at or above knee 60%6. Any other injury causing Total Perm. Disab. 100% 19. Leg below knee 50%7. Arm at or above elbow 70% 20. One foot 50%8. Arm between elbow and wrist 50% 21. All toes on one foot 25%9. One hand 50% 22. Big toe 5%10. Four fingers and thumb of one hand 50% 23. Any toe other than big toe (each) 1%11. Four fingers 35% 24. Sight of one eye 50%12. Thumb 15% 25. Hearing - both ears 50%13. Index finger 10% 26. Hearing - one ear 25%+Multiple losses from 1 accident will be limited to the highest loss, not to exceed 100%. If a member suffered the loss of 1 hand/foot/eye prior to coverage, the benefit for a subsequent loss of the same will be ½. Losses refer to total and permanent loss of use or complete severance
  9. 9. Purple Cow 2012 Benefits 9 2. Accident Insurance… EXCLUSIONS1. Bodily or mental infirmity, hernia, ptomaine, bacterial or 12. War, invasion, act of foreign enemy or warlike operationviral infection (except pyogenic infection occurring with and (whether declared or undeclared), mutiny, strikes,through an accidental cut or wound) demonstrations, riots, civil commotion, conspiracy, military2. Disease, sickness, parasite, or disorder of the body/ takeover, state of siege, or any weapon or instrumentmind employing atomic fission or radioactive force whether in3. Poison, gas or fumes voluntarily or involuntarily taken time of peace or war4. Insect bites 13. Serving in the armed forces of any country, or5. Earthquake, volcanic eruption or tidal wave international authority, whether in war or peace6. Atomic explosion, nuclear fission, or radioactive gas 14. Entering, operating, servicing, ascending or descending from any aerial or submarine device or conveyance, except7. Pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage or any complications as provided under a passenger aviation provision8. Accident occurring while or because the Insured is under 15. Hunting, motorcycling or pillion riding, mountaineeringthe influence of alcohol or any drug which necessitates the use of ropes or pitons, racing of any9. Suicide or any attempted threat while sane or insane, or kind, other than on foot, ice or winter sports, water-skiany intentionally self-inflicted injury jumping and tricks, yachting beyond 5 km. off a coastline, underwater activities involving the use of underwater10. Participation in any brawl, or committing any crime or apparatus, or using woodworking machinery driven byfelony mechanical power other than portable tools, applied by11. Provoked murder / assault or attempted threat [waived] hand and used solely for private purposes without reward
  10. 10. Purple Cow 2012 Competitive Advantages 10 Why Purple Cow?3 Major Employee Benefits in 1 Plan: You get Group Life, Accident & Health (medical HMO, optional dental HMO,optional APE, and Wellness) – all in 1 plan. (Unlike most HMO plans)You get all the Employee Benefits you will ever need
  11. 11. Purple Cow 2012 Competitive Advantages 11 Why Purple Cow? Accidental Death Insurance:Your Accidental Death benefit is a doubleindemnity to your Life benefit, and covers death by accident only. (Unlike all HMO plans) Accidental Death = 10x MBL
  12. 12. Purple Cow 2012 Competitive Advantages 12 Why Purple Cow? Murder: Your Murder benefit is in lieu of yourAccidental Death benefit, and payable ifyou don’t die by accident, but by murder. (Unlike all HMO plans) Murder = 10x MBL, in lieu of Accidental Death
  13. 13. Purple Cow 2012 Competitive Advantages 13 Why Purple Cow?Accidental Disablement Insurance: Your Disablement benefit is based on a long schedule of indemnities. For example:loss of hand = 50% of Disablement benefit. Accidental Disablement plans) 5x MBL (Unlike all HMO = % of
  14. 14. Purple Cow 2012 Competitive Advantages 14 Why Purple Cow? Assault: Your Assault benefit is in lieu of your Disablement benefit, if you don’t get disabled by accident, but by Assault. (Unlike all HMO plans)Assault = % of 5x MBL, in lieu of Accidental Disablement
  15. 15. Purple Cow 2012 Summary 15 ♠ What’s in it for…Employees? EE Features EE BenefitsA complete Employee Benefits package You get more financial security fromthat can make you financially secure Purple Cow than from any other HMOLife INS, Accident INS, Medical HMO, You won’t need to get any moreOptional Dental HMO & Optional APE insurance benefits for yourselfNationwide Medical & Dental networks, You can use any accredited hospitalinclusive of all major hospitals & clinics or clinic for medical or dental treatmentChoice of doctor as a Private Patient for You can see your own doctor and getinsurance reimbursement at HMO rates reimbursed the rate of an HMO doctor100% Pre-Existing, 100% congenital, You are covered for existing illnesses,& 100% Special Procedures coverage natal conditions, & special proceduresEmployee Benefits on top of Philhealth You get full HMO + Philhealth benefitsAccess to benefit information through You can take charge of your ownC3 on www.purplecow.ph & Facebook health, and know before you go1 health card for every employee You can avail anytime, anywhere