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The  New  Thought  Leadership	    {	     Establishing  our  Personal  Brand  in  a  Social       World	    #IMS12      	  ...
William  Simon              Was  Wrong  	#IMS12   	@dorieclark  
Personal  Branding  is  101	    	       Thought  Leadership  is                  201	#IMS12 	@dorieclark
What  can  you  offer  that       no  one  else  can?  	     	     What’s  your  narrative       arc?  	#IMS12   	@doriecla...
Build  Your  Credibility	      Brands	          Wingmen	          Causes	          Awards	          Subtle  Cues	#IMS12 	@...
Build  Your  Impact  	          Strategic  Laddering	          Making  Friends  with  the  Media	          The  Secret  of...
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Dorie Clark - The new thought leadership - IMS Boston 2012


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Social media provides unprecedented opportunities for executives to build their personal brands and develop a reputation as thought leaders. Drawing on her popular Harvard Business Review article and forthcoming HBR Press book, Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future, Clark will outline concrete strategies you can follow to create powerful content, leverage the power of the echo chamber, attract the notice of opinion leaders, and build an engaged following.

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Dorie Clark - The new thought leadership - IMS Boston 2012

  1. 1. The  New  Thought  Leadership { Establishing  our  Personal  Brand  in  a  Social   World #IMS12 @dorieclark
  2. 2. William  Simon       Was  Wrong   #IMS12   @dorieclark  
  3. 3. Personal  Branding  is  101 Thought  Leadership  is   201 #IMS12 @dorieclark
  4. 4. What  can  you  offer  that   no  one  else  can?   What’s  your  narrative   arc?   #IMS12   @dorieclark
  5. 5. Build  Your  Credibility Brands      Wingmen      Causes      Awards      Subtle  Cues #IMS12 @dorieclark
  6. 6. Build  Your  Impact        Strategic  Laddering      Making  Friends  with  the  Media      The  Secret  of  Leadership  Roles      Start  Your  Own      The  Multimedia  Mix   #IMS12 @dorieclark