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Clark kokich - why ceos are terrified of new digital technology and what to do about it


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From the CEO to the CMO to the IT Department, it’s not just about marketing anymore. How do companies survive and thrive in a world where the old ways of marketing aren’t getting it done? Brand marketing didn’t change much for fifty years. We built an entire global marketing and advertising industry on a tried and true set of beliefs and practices. We created an entire class of “experts” — people who could reliably develop and implement programs designed to get attention, increase awareness, change minds, build brand personality, create preference, and in the end, persuade people to believe in our brands. In short– to create customers.
Clark outlines the challenges faced by the industry, presents some inspirational and successful case histories, and most importantly, presents a roadmap for succeeding in an ever-shifting media and consumer landscape. This session is a must-see for anyone who is seeking to understand where we have been, where we are now, and where we need to go in the future.

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Clark kokich - why ceos are terrified of new digital technology and what to do about it

  1. 1. MarketingSpecialty Commodity Force of Nature
  2. 2. Our job for 50years:Changeperceptions.
  3. 3. Our job now:Change reality.
  4. 4. Dosomething.
  5. 5. Three key challenges: • Redefine the definition of a “Big Idea.” • Reverse the process, from “Channel Up” to “Idea Down.” • Master the art of collabortion.
  6. 6. Big Ideas
  7. 7. Big Ideas
  8. 8. Ask a different question. •What do customers hate about our category? •What are the top three items on our c.e.o.’s agenda? •What deeper need can we satisfy?
  9. 9. Vail Case goes here
  10. 10. Reverse theprocess.
  11. 11. Channels
  12. 12. Big Idea
  13. 13. 2010 World Cup
  14. 14. CollaborativeInnovation.
  15. 15. Thingsto remember
  16. 16. ProductDevelopment
  17. 17. Big Ideas,but different
  18. 18. Idea down planning
  19. 19. Collaboration
  20. 20. Reality
  21. 21. More fun
  22. 22. Morerecognition
  23. 23. Moresatisfaction
  24. 24. Dosomething.
  25. 25. Engage on Facebook: on Twitter: @clarkkokich