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The prospectus book

  1. 1. Russell Kramer<br />Producer<br />127508025400<br />240-426-1108<br /><br />Russell Kramer is a man who is driven by the idea that any individual can have an impact on their surroundings. He is a filmmaker, an artist, a musician, and a potential activist. He is avid about clean energy, organic living and a better future for all of us. Russell sees film as the loudest voice available to speak to society and the most powerful tool of art and information combined. He loves to ride his bike, make new friends everywhere he goes and to create new things. This documentary will be his first in a series of efforts to create a sense of awareness that will help lead the human race towards a more selfless, meaningful existence.<br />Russell want to produce this film because it’s something he thinks needs to be done and he knows there’s no point in waiting for someone else to do it.<br />Katherine Sullivan<br /> Unit Production Manager<br />132588025400<br />248-921-8408<br /><br />Katherine grew up in a small historic Victorian city called Northville, Michigan and was born in Evansville, Indiana. She spent a lot of time watching movies with her family and appreciating how they were made. Making movies, however, was not her first career goal. For a long time she wanted to teach kindergarten, but a couple of years into her major she decided to take a different route and become a filmmaker. She’s always had a passion for Disney movies and is inspired by how they’re hand drawn and how the characters seem so real. She someday would like to work at Walt Disney Studios. She has worked at Walt Disney World for almost three years and really enjoys the atmosphere it has. In film, she is interested in working in the art department, as well as editing and writing. She enjoys preproduction and postproduction more than the production itself. She loves to make movies and looks forward to soon graduating from college and seeing where life takes her.<br />Katie is the unit production manager because she is organized and reliable and knows the importance of good communication and staying on task. She enjoys working alongside others as well as keeping them on task and making sure everything gets done well and on time. <br />Cliff Crumpton<br />Director<br />1605280-4445<br />918-519-0213<br /><br />Cliff grew up in the Chicago area, and learned a lot about film, and history during those days.  He often times walked the city streets of Chicago looking around at all he sites, fascinated by the big city life.  He then moved away from Chicago, to Tulsa Oklahoma and he lived there for about 9 months as he studied film for one semester at Tulsa College.  He then moved to Tampa, Florida and took a break from film, and the entertainment industry, as he became a successful finance manager at a Cadillac Dealership.  He went on to do this for two years but then the recession of 2008 hit, and Cliff decided to go back to school and chase his dream.  That is when he chose Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.  This is where his creativity really took off, as he started out as a Casting Director for many independent Films in the Orlando area and eventually made enough contacts that gave him an internship in New York City, working with the King of All Media, Howard Stern.  While interning he became close friends with fellow big name shock jock, Scott Ferrall. Mr. Ferrall took Cliff in as one of his own, and ended up giving him a job as Associate Producer on his nighttime show that ran weekly every night on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio.  Cliff accepted the job, but went back to school for 8 months to complete his bachelors degree.  Cliff is set to move back to New York City, as the sky’s the limit for what he will tackle next.  He has expressed a huge interest in comedy and actually stand-up comedy on Broadway, as he has attempted one or two shows at the laugh factory there.<br />Cliff is directing this project because he has strong leadership and communication skills as well as experience of the country as he’s lived in the west as well as the east. Cliff also likes to be challenged by challenging others. His vision of shooting schedule, time frames, and shots make him a perfect fit for “Be That Someone.”<br />Gajatri Normatova<br />Director of Photography<br />132588025400<br />239-634-0836<br /><br />Gajatri is her name and being in America it was always mispronounced. The name comes from East India. But when people get most confused when she tells them that she is not from India but actually from Russia, She’s had many interesting conversations. Her family migrated from Russia to Brooklyn, New York in the early 90’s. Both of her parents are musicians so growing up with music was her School of Rock at home. Naturally they began playing music themselves and started out playing in Subways. The NY commute population was their first audience and so they started a relationship with the subway crowd. Her first instruments were the violin, the trombone, and the didgeridoo. Apparently she was the odd man out of the band. But she persisted until her family had broken up and they went their separate ways. The reason she went to film school was to learn how to document her old life, how it has been great to live a lifestyle like that, and how it can continue to be. <br />She believes the most she can learn from Full Sail University is the camera work, gear, and lighting so she emerged as being a DP and is learning how to hone the craft. She enjoys working with people and like her past, she works best in creative environments. Her future goal is that she will join the few women who have successfully entered the American Society of Cinematographers.<br />Chuck Morin<br />Screenwriter<br />1371600179705<br />781-856-8638<br /><br />Chuck Morin was born in Boston, MA August 3, 1984. With a scattered scholastic history, his only asset seemed to be creating interesting, fun-to-read and compelling stories. That skill and occupation has persisted. Has worked in many fields including driving and delivery, freight, unloading trucks, house painting, furniture moving, retail, and a management position at a small movie theatre in Arlington, MA.<br />Chuck wants to be the writer because he is a creative type of person who has written some pretty interesting stuff in the past and enjoys putting across information, which people may be interested in learning.<br />Laine Kelly<br />Editor<br />914400-2540<br />772-919-2178<br /><br />Laine was born and raised in Stuart, FL. He has been interested in the arts his whole life. The things he enjoys the most are going to music festivals, drawing, painting, and filmmaking. Creating is his main passion and he uses many mediums to create. He enjoys shooting and editing his own pieces. He is extremely excited to graduate from Full Sail and start his career as a mixed media artist<br />Laine chose to be the editor of this project because he feels that his ability to create the tempo and timing in this piece will best benefit the whole film.<br />William Bishop<br />Concept Artist and Photographer<br />1143000126365<br /> <br /> <br />860-377-0124<br /><br />William was born in a small Connecticut town, and grew up in that same small town. His passion for the last few years has been photography and the art of finishing photos. When he is not skateboarding, William can be found outside writing down his ideas, weather related to film or not. William has worked on documentary films before, one entitled “2000 Rounds.” This documentary is about a central Florida paintball team, and William worked as a cameraman and cinematographer. He has also worked as a set photographer on, “GAPH,” a campy zombie horror short. <br />Bill decided to be the concept artist because he believes that the project will benefit from his art and that his drawings can portray the producer’s as well as his vision and combines them into a cohesive art style that can be felt throughout the entirety of the film. He also feels that he brings his own unique vision to this particular project as the concept artist.<br />Travis Casey<br />Marketing Director<br />914400126365<br />620-249-0214<br /><br />Travis was born and raised in Pittsburg Kansas.  He played basketball and golf during high school and he was in theatre.  Growing up his mother was an English teacher so she taught him a lot about reading and writing at a young age.  He particularly enjoyed writing stories.  At the age of 6 he made his first movie on a camera recording straight to VHS, he used a very basic stop motion technique to animate his favorite action figures.  Early on in high school Travis switched from writing novels to writing screenplays and he found his goal in life had switched from being a college basketball player to being a successful filmmaker and to eventually use the film medium to help change the world.<br />Travis agreed to head up the marketing department on this documentary because he is really excited to get the product out there once it's done and he hopes we can open some people’s eyes.<br />Taylor Dumont<br />Travel Advisor<br />15068556350<br />813-458-5761<br /><br />Taylor is from Tampa, Florida.  He has had a strong interest in film since the age of 10 and has been filming and writing since around 13. At the age of 20, he decided to make an effort to help his dreams happen by coming to Full Sail University to learn all things that he needed to know to be the best filmmaker possible, and to gain knowledge of things that you can't learn outside of film school. Besides films, he enjoys sports, specifically baseball, football, and basketball.  Aside from wanting to direct, he often writes and has a number of projects in the works. He is a fan of all types of films, from dumb comedy to serious drama, but his favorite films being anything with Robert De Niro in it.  When he graduates he will finally have more time to contribute to making short films, skits and music videos, and eventually to pursue turning his scripts into films.<br />Taylor became the Travel Director because he felt that without places to stop to rest and without places to interview people along their route, that there would be no documentary. These factors will make it much more interesting.<br />CONCEPT AND TREATMENT<br />Concept:<br />A bike ride across America, from Central Florida, northwest through Louisiana, straight through Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and ending in San Francisco, California. Along the way, our purpose will be to document the current state of American cities, the attitudes of its populations and their ideas for success, while exploring, through interviews with professionals and inventors, new energy solutions to benefit mankind in general, and America in particular. Also, it will look at the perspective of the average citizen and where they stand on related issues. The bike ride itself will be a constant, key theme of the story as well.<br />Treatment:<br />Be That Someone will focus on four areas:<br /><ul><li>Promoting a healthy lifestyle through exercise, clean energy, good food, sunlight and positive attitude.
  2. 2. Document the mood of the country; their attitudes toward American leadership, diplomacy, environmental policy, and clean energy solutions.
  3. 3. Interview professors, ecologists, oil-men, and energy industry professionals about the feasibility of a full-scale switchover of national infrastructure.
  4. 4. The areas where human beings are similar, the good-natured, common sense, shared beliefs that make society work in harmony.</li></ul>Be That Someone will start in Destiny, Florida, 40 miles Southeast of Orlando. We will then travel northwest to Tallahassee, then continuing straight West to California. Along the way, separate camera teams will pull ahead of the riders, arriving in town to gather B-Roll footage, including interviews with residents, local attractions, nightlife, essentially advertisement for the city, town, and county. In addition, we will conduct pre-arranged interviews with various experts and business professionals in fields relevant to the subject matter of the project.<br />The four fields already established for interview are: undersea archaeology and marine biology, solar power/electrical generation, oil men knowledgeable about abiotic fuel, and electrical engineers/inventors knowledgeable about the current state and trends of free-energy (alternatively called “zero-point energy”) systems. Be That Someone will go very in depth concerning the feelings and opinions of real people, rather than prepared statements strategically worded by behavioral psychologists and public relations experts.<br />Currently, seven cities are planned for special attention: Destiny, FL, Pensacola, FL, Baton Rouge, LA, Corpus Cristie, TX, San Antonio, TX, San Bernidino, CA, and San Francisco, CA. Preliminary research has been completed for three more locations if necessary.<br />As this is a social advocacy project, the information presented will be focused on the benefits, social, political, and economic, of spending serious resources into developing an affordable, reliable, easy-to-manufacture, and durable alternative energy technology which could go through research, validation, development, and mass-production within a timeframe of 2-5 years. It will likewise focus on the really palpable sense of discontentment with our political system, inequality in our economic system, undemocratic nature of our policy-making institutions, and what people feel the government should and should not be involved in.<br />For Act I, Be That Someone will focus on the biking and painting, the fun of it, the heat, and how far there still is to go. It will be dense in that a lot of the fun of the documentary will be contained in Act I, without getting into the socio-political issues that Be That Someone will be addressing.<br />Act II features two interviews; one interview with a PhD Professor of Underwater Archaeology at University of West Florida. This interview will focus on information pertaining to the nature and potential future repercussions of the golf spill. The other interview will be conducted with another PhD at UWF who is a professor of Marine Biology. She will be speaking about the nature of the sun’s power at stimulating life and vitality, and the honed abilities of biological life on Earth, particularly of marine life, to transfer sunlight into energy.<br />Act III continues through Louisiana. The focus of Act III will rest primarily on the recent history of LA, its having been abandoned, and now exploited and slowly and silently killed. Act III will interview no experts, but instead interview local businesses and residents, attempting to establish an understanding of the American spirit, and its continuous humiliation.<br />Act IV continues into Texas, where the main interview will be with an oilman knowledgeable about abiotic fuel. We will attempt to get his honest opinion on the subjects of big oil’s control over our political bodies, oil’s status as an environmental hazard, the inherent instability of continuously extracting more and more oil to fulfill growing demand, demand destruction, peak oil, and America’s dependence on foreign oil from authoritarian and dictatorial regimes.<br />Finally, Act V will look back over the trip, and reflect on the questions, while contemplating answers. It will address the reasons for undertaking the trip, the people encountered along the way and their views, the freedom on the road, the lack of freedom witnessed (particularly due to disparity in ownership of wealth and property) in American cities and towns, and the feeling of despair and resentment Americans feel toward Washington and the federal government. A case will be presented that alternative energy and certain steps forward in agricultural policy are the sole timely solution to America’s current woes, and authoritarians who believe they can run Americans’ lives better than those Americans can themselves need to back off, take their fangs out of America’s neck, and let us fix our nation.<br />Beat Sheet:<br /><ul><li>Two-camera interviews with professionals:
  5. 5. “What does underwater archaeology have to do with energy solutions?”
  6. 6. “What is the main driving force behind health of marine life?”
  7. 7. “What got you interested in undersea exploration?”
  8. 8. “Could you explain how abiotic oil is changing oil production and extraction?”
  9. 9. “What is your opinion on the viability of geothermal as a replacement for oil?”
  10. 10. “Do you see solar energy as a viable technology vis a vis the energy crisis?”
  11. 11. “How much does it cost in dollars to extract a million barrels of oil?”
  12. 12. “How much does it cost in energy (including transport) to extract, purify, and sell a million barrels of oil?”
  13. 13. “How do you feel about Congress’ repeated reallocation of funding away from solar and geothermal R&D projects?”
  14. 14. “If you had one thing to say to one million people, what would it be?”
  15. 15. Audio journal as narration
  16. 16. Spoken word about companies who financed project, talking about how cool-as-hell they were about helping out, work that in with basic human goodness, which is a strong theme of the project:
  17. 17. “We called up ________, explained what we were trying to accomplish, and they jumped right on board.”
  18. 18. “Y’know, this trip would’ve been impossible if it weren’t for _____. It’s just an awesome thing when people freely give help only because they want to help out.”
  19. 19. “These guys, I’ve been a fan for a long time of their stuff, and getting in contact with their people, I love the hell out of them even more.”
  20. 20. Talk about the economic disparity in the nation, how even the upper middle class has an average $5,000 in retirement savings, and how alternative energy and an overhaul of agricultural policy can reverse this decades-long trend in a very short time frame.
  21. 21. Question citizens about their thoughts and feelings regarding:
  22. 22. Clean energy
  23. 23. Response of politicians and public “servants” to “recession”
  24. 24. Longer hours, shrinking pay
  25. 25. Vanishing pensions
  26. 26. Health and wellness
  27. 27. EPA/FDA pushing of pharmaceuticals
  28. 28. EPA/FDA shutting down farms and vitamin/mineral companies
  29. 29. Where they shop and what they eat
  30. 30. What they consider important in life
  31. 31. What values they think are important to pass on
  32. 32. How they live now compared to how they lived as children
  33. 33. What they consider important in life
  34. 34. What they consider as important to pass on to future generations
  35. 35. Cancer rates, miscarriage, general weakness and illness
  36. 36. Illness due to gulf spill
  37. 37. Economic data on each city visited
  38. 38. Employment data on each city visited
  39. 39. Annual consumption of energy resources of each city visited
  40. 40. Standards of living
  41. 41. Living conditions
  42. 42. Homelessness, solutions for and awareness of
  43. 43. Energy breakthroughs and resources for private research</li></ul>CONCEPT ART<br />Preliminary Sketches:<br />Logo<br />The aesthetic that can be achieved with this doc is a dichotomy between light, and dark. This could be illustrated by keeping the overall feel of the film very warm and colorful along with the cheerier subject matter. But when night falls a darker, more reflective tone can be implemented, on both the participants and color.<br />PHOTOS<br />STORYBOARDS<br />By Cliff Crumpton<br />SHOTLIST<br />SHOT #                                              SCENE #'S               DESCRIPTION<br />1           Leaving Winter Park                1-A                           M- Shot of Full Sail Sign<br />                                                          1-B                           M- Shot of Ed and Russell wearing cap and gown<br />                                                          1-C                           CU- Russell Ripping Gown Off<br />                                                          1-D                           ECU- of bikes with a quick pan to Russell Smiling<br />2           On the Road to Pensacola       2-A                           CU- I10 Sign, biking along the road<br />                                                          2-B                           M- Of Tent<br />                                                          2-C                           OTS-Russell in Pensacola looking at the beach<br />3           Pensacola                              3-A & 3-B                 4           Pleasant Grove                       4-A & 4-B                 CU- Crossing the Florida state line5           Gulf Beach                             5-A & 5-B                 ECU- Oil in the golf, impacts, negatives, dramatic scene6           Vancleave                              6-A & 6-B                 Extreme CU- Of Blueberries proving brain food7           Larue                                     7-A & 7-B8           Poplarville                              8-A & 8-B9           Crestview                               9-A & 9-B10         Tempe                                   10-A & 10-B              The Tempe Bridge11         Phoenix                                 11-A & 11-B               Dessert and Cactus12         Alpine                                    12-A & 12-B13         Salem                                    13-A & 13-B 14         La Mesilla                               14-A & 14-B15         Baton Rouge      /NO                15-A & 15-B             Bourbon Street16         Lake Charles                           16-A & 16-B17         Beaumont                               17-A & 17-B*TBD    Austin (maybe)                        - - - -18         San Antonio                            18-A & 18-B             Wide Angle, M-Shot- The Alamo19         Fork Stockton                         19-A & 19-B20         Pecos                                    20-A & 20-B21         El Paso                                  21-A & 21-B              WIDE- Alamo22         Jacumba                                22-A & 22-B23         San Diego                               23-A & 23-B             M- of San Diego Shoreline Shot24         Los Angeles                            24-A & 24-B             WIDE- --Hollywood Sign25         Monterey                                25-A & 25-B26         Big Sur                                    26-A & 26-B27         San Francisco                          27-A & 27-B             GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE<br />MARKETING AND DISTRIBUTION<br />Production Analysis<br /><ul><li>Challenge - A documentary chronicling a bike trip across the United States from East (Florida) to West (California).
  44. 44. Goal – The San Francisco Bike Film Festival, The Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival, The Environmental Film Festival. Also DVD release and web release.
  45. 45. Focus – The goal of promoting the film is to promote the messages of the film. To potentially raise awareness and concern for the world’s growing economic and environmental issues.
  46. 46. Culture – This film reaches out to people of all denominations as well as to certain niche markets such as: cyclists, travelers, environmentalist, naturalist, etc.
  47. 47. Strengths – The diversity of potential audiences is this films greatest strength. It has the potential to be relevant and appealing to a very wide age and stereotype range.
  48. 48. Weaknesses – The only weakness is financial, based on the films apparent volunteer nature. An investor might see their contribution as more of a donation than a moneymaker.
  49. 49. Market Share – This film is potentially capable of appealing to a wide variety of audiences and if marketed and distributed properly it could reach a lot of people. This film should be considered likely to reach a very large percentage of people who watch documentary films.</li></ul>Competitor Analysis<br /><ul><li>The most direct competitors for this film are all other Indie Documentaries, especially those about cycling or travel.
  50. 50. Strengths – What gives this film potential to beat the rest is it’s most basic description, a bike ride across the country.
  51. 51. Weakness – The weakness is that no one notable is involved with this film given that competitor documentaries have big names attached to them.</li></ul>Promotion <br /><ul><li> advertising targeted towards people interested in cycling, independent films, and travel at rates of $50 dollars a day could potentially reach all 285,000 related potential viewers in 20 days which equals a $1000 investment.
  52. 52. Other potential promotions would consist of posters and print ads in strategically placed locations such as concerts and festivals. These promotions will cost $500.</li></ul>Marketing Budget<br />I.The total marketing budget for this project is $2,000. $1000 for online advertising, $500 for prints and $500 for graphic production and distribution.<br />