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Creating Community for Product Unknown


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Slides Cindy Solomon recently used in his discussion w/ mentees of The Product Mentor.

The Product Mentor is a program designed to pair Product Mentors and Mentees from around the World, across all industries, from start-up to enterprise, guided by the fundamental goals…Better Decisions. Better Products. Better Product People.

Throughout the program, each mentor leads a conversation in an area of their expertise that is live streamed and available to both mentee and the broader product community.

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Creating Community for Product Unknown

  1. 1. Creating Community For Product Unknown by Cindy F. Solomon June 18, 2014 © Cindy F. Solomon
  2. 2. Cindy F. Solomon, CPM, CPMM © Cindy F. Solomon •Host, Global Product Management Talk •Founder, Startup Product Movement for Product Excellence •Contributing author: ProdBOK, Product Management And Marketing Body of Knowledge and 42 Rules Product Marketing Chapter #13 Emulate Twitter •20 years software product marketing and management, web development, services, consulting including Apple, Vadem, NetObjects and Startups in Silicon Valley.
  3. 3. © Cindy F. Solomon Why create community before the product is known?
  4. 4. Increase Product Success 4
  5. 5. 70% Of Products Fail • Didn’t meet market needs • Unclear who the customer was • Wasn’t viable • Not competitive • Costs too high to produce • Need not urgent • Customer unwilling to pay • Not enough customers • Incorrect pricing • Not appropriate positioning • Value not communicated • Product not aligned with brand image • Doesn’t meet expectations • Built in obsolescence
  6. 6. 6 Building the wrong product is expensive & disastrous for the product team & company
  7. 7. © Cindy F. Solomon Why focus on “community” rather than “target market”?
  8. 8. © Cindy F. Solomon Aren’t customers more important than “community”?
  9. 9. © Cindy F. Solomon
  10. 10. © Cindy F. Solomon Community is a Two Way Street • Requires less $ (marketing, advertising dollars) • Grows loyalty • Inspires trust • Showcases real humans • Encourages feedback • Enables Deeper interactions
  11. 11. © Cindy F. Solomon Community Marketing Leaders Nike, Starbucks and Google
  12. 12. © Cindy F. Solomon Creating Future Community Apple in education
  13. 13. © Cindy F. Solomon Before building product: First find the market.
  14. 14. © Cindy F. Solomon Before building product: Find the desire.
  15. 15. © Cindy F. Solomon Before building product: Sense the need in the market.
  16. 16. © Cindy F. Solomon Customer Development Process to discover product/market fit
  17. 17. © Cindy F. Solomon • What do they read? Specific magazines, papers • What events do they attend? • Which social platforms? • What devices? If you don’t know, then how can you reach them? Identify Addressable Community
  18. 18. © Cindy F. Solomon Go out to the field • Where are they • What are they doing • What do they care about • What are they reading • What devices do they use • What platforms do they frequent
  19. 19. © Cindy F. Solomon Understand motivations • How do they behave • What drives their choices • How do they solve their pains • What do they pay for • What do they value
  20. 20. © Cindy F. Solomon Walk in their shoes • Observe them • Eat with them • Talk with them • Live with them • Care about them • Find their current community
  21. 21. © Cindy F. Solomon • Ask questions • Feel from their perspective • What is missing • What can be improved • What sucks • What feeds their needs Empathize
  22. 22. © Cindy F. Solomon • Can you communicate what they value? • Can you provide value to the existing community? • Can you reach them in sufficient numbers above the noise? • Why will they care about your product? • Why will they change current behavior? Assess
  23. 23. © Cindy F. Solomon Product marketing managers frame the narrative of the product, idea, and potential market One sentence summary – elevator statement Be consistent across all communications What are you telling them?
  24. 24. © Cindy F. Solomon • It reflects what has been learned from the community • In their words, language and context • Focused on their WIIFM Why Should They Believe
  25. 25. © Cindy F. Solomon Develop key relationships before you build the product for trust, believability and champions Key Relationships
  26. 26. © Cindy F. Solomon Before building product: Establish relationships with current community stars, i.e. Bloggers, thought leaders, authors, innovators, practitioners
  27. 27. © Cindy F. Solomon Before building product: Give them platform to be heard and then Listen to them!
  28. 28. © Cindy F. Solomon Create Future Stars • Create future community stars by showcasing passionate contributors & awarding their contributions • Gamification, stickers, badges, discounts • Even better: Thank you tweets, emails & printed acknowledgement
  29. 29. © Cindy F. Solomon cfsolomon@gmail.comP Find the loudmouths, early adopters, people creating & controlling the conversations, then Get Inside The Conversations
  30. 30. © Cindy F. Solomon cfsolomon@gmail.comP 1. Identify key issues product touches 2. Become part of the conversation 3. Cultivate the influencers via follows & replies 4. Produce (or borrow) compelling content 5. Build a need in the marketplace 6. Launch a product that fills that need 7. Build on the community that contributed to defining the product Get Inside The Conversations
  31. 31. © Cindy F. Solomon • Identify key issues product touches upon • Where is conversation going on? • Don’t create the conversation, join it and forward the action with relevant, appropriate, and generous contributions Create Compelling Content
  32. 32. © Cindy F. Solomon • Talk about things that already have interest and give your personal experience • What excites you? • Headline with something that relates to you – Use to post – Share URL on Be Human
  33. 33. © Cindy F. Solomon 1. Be a nice guy that everyone likes 2. Build a product that everyone likes 3. Market before you build the product KissMetrics, Crazy Egg, Growth Hacking The Hiten Shah Secret
  34. 34. © Cindy F. Solomon “Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” Biz Stone, Twitter, founded 2006 Slowly Build Overnite Success
  35. 35. It Started with a Tweet
  36. 36. The Startup Product Mission • Engage product professionals in regular, real-time discussion; • Showcase experts, speakers, bloggers, thought leaders, practitioners and events that forward product excellence; • Evangelize Product related jobs; • Raise important issues that all product professionals confront; • Extend shared resources across industries and borders; • Facilitate dialogue, networking, mentoring & support; • Enable global community; • Educate & defend the value of the product professional, cross-functional team collaboration and holistic product view.
  37. 37. © Cindy F. Solomon Chris Yeh, PBWorks “Find the market before you build the product.” Sean Moffit, It Takes A Community to Build A Brand Startup Product & Global Product Management Talk contributors, community organizers, speakers and sponsors Thanks to
  38. 38. © Cindy F. Solomon Thank you for sharing your precious time! Please connect! @cindyfsolomon Startup Product, movement for product excellence @startupproduct Startup Product communities Global Product Management Talk, weekly broadcast @prodmgmttalk Webcast Digest, daily curated online events @WebcastDigest