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Why the World Needs Bees


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A factoid presentation about the magnificence that is the honey bee and why humans need bees to survive in this world.
We have tried to include some interesting facts about bees.

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Why the World Needs Bees

  1. 1. 35%
  2. 2. Since December , the European Union has banned the use of of neonicotinoid pesticides
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  5. 5. TheeffectofpesticidesonBees
  6. 6. %
  7. 7. This was close to the highest annual loss rate recorded over the 6 years.
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  9. 9. BBC - Metro - killing-off-all-the-bees-5650907/ Bumblebee ConversationTrust - CNN - Planet Bee Foundation - Modern Farmer EU / UK Neonicotinoid Bans - USDAs Annual Reports on Honeybee Health - Greenpeace - Bee Informed - Photo Credit Umberto Salvagnin Slide 2: Photo Credit Hashoo Foundation USA Slide 5: Photo Credit U.S. Department of Agriculture Slide 14: Photo Credit Luz AdrianaVilla Slide 18: